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LucienaWas the wife Senor PinkGimlet mother.


She was a young 👩 woman with shoulder-length blond wavy hair and freckles on her cheeks. Although she had very simple features, and wore a plain polka dots dress, she was still considered a beautiful girl. In vegetative, her face couldn’t express any emotions beyond a faint smile.


She was a very caring 👩 woman, especially toward her husband and son. She was devastated by the loss of her child and became enraged when she learned about her husband’s real occupation, which had been lying to her. Although she was in a vegetative state, her ability to express her feelings was lost. She still felt joy. Senor PinkPut on the clothes of their son to please her.

Her dislike for pirates was also noted.

Russian One Piece


Señor Pink

Senor Pink was Luciena’s husband and love, which was mutual. However, after she found out that her husband had lied to her about his work, she ran away from him, upset and angry. Presumably, she blamed her husband for the baby’s death because he was not there when she needed him most. Nevertheless, later, when she found herself in a vegetative state, she smiled at him again when he, wanting to please her, began to wear Gimlet’s clothes.

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Gimlet was Luciena’s only son, whom she cared for with all her motherly strength. When he fell ill, she did her best to cure him, but it was not enough, which made her mad with grief after his death.


One day, on a day when it was pouring rain, she met, in consequence of which she met Senor Pink. Afterwards, liking each other, they began to meet. During one of their conversations, Senor Pink decided to ask her what she did not like. She responded by saying that she disliked pirates more than anything else, which is why he later had to tell her that he worked in a 🏦 bank. Soon, they were married and had a son, whom they named Gimlet. Soon after, when Senor Pink left them for a week, Gimlet began to be very ill, causing him to run a fever. Wanting to help her son, Luciena tried to find a husband, but all her attempts were in vain, as thereWas no one at the 🏦 bank with that name. Abandoning her attempts to find her husband, she headed to the hospital, but that didn’t help either, causing Gimlet to die.

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When Senor Pink returned, she was in a state of grief and anger; after telling him everything that had happened during his absence, she berated him for all his lies, after which, declaring that he had no right to be a father, she flees the house in a storm, causing her to subsequently get caught in a landslide. In the end, she is saved, but finds herself in a vegetative state, with a high probability of never expressing any emotion again. Nevertheless, Senor Pink continues to love her and visit her in the hospital, as well as try to please her, so he dresses up as their son, to which she responds with a faint smile. Eventually Luciena passed away.


  • According to the official English translation by Viz Manga, Senor Pink’s wife’s name was not Luciena (as translated by the amateur translation) but 🇷🇺 RUSSIANA. The chapter title sounds like “To Russia With Love”, probably a reference the James Bond film “From Russia With Love”.

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