Ryuko Tatsuma Mha : Everything You Need To Know

Ryuko Tatsuma

In Mha, Ryuko Tatsuma and called Dragoon the Hero “Ryukyu” was the previous number. 9 and currently number. 10-ranked professional actress. She also manages for Nejire Hado Ochaco Uraraka, and Tsuyu Asui while they are in their internships.

Personality Ryuko Tatsuma Mha

Personality Ryuko Tatsuma

In Mha, Ryuko is a gentle and humble person who gives praise where it is due, but not expecting to be rewarded. She is always calm even in the midst of a battle. Ryuko sees talent where it is due and will be willing to delegate the most difficult tasks to people she believes will be able to handle the task.

Her modest side is evident and is evident when she claims herself to be the sole reason for her fall to tenth among the top 10 Japanese heroes, and admits that she could have performed better. In addition when she was asked to make an address as the no. 10 hero, she said she would have resisted this honor, if it was possible and she doesn’t consider herself enough to be worthy of this honor having failed to save one person.

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Personality Ryuko Tatsuma

Ryukyu appears to have an affectionate relationship with children. She was devastated when she learned that Overhaul had used her daughter’s daughter to make the Don Destroying Drugs.

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Appearance Ryuko Tatsuma My Hero Academia

Appearance Ryuko Tatsuma

In My Hero Academia, Ryuko is a female with long, blonde chins that is pulled back by hairbands, and an extended fringe that covers one side, covering her eyes. Her eyes are thin and yellow inward-slanting eyes, with slit pupils as well as sharp teeth. She has these features were deliberately reptilian in reference to her gift.

She Hero Costume consists of a traditional dark red qipao, with an emerald green scale border on shoulders that appears to be removed on one and knee-high boots. There is also a strap around the thigh that is visible. He also wears a green headband that has four claws of pale purple to one side of his face as well as a small set of dragon wings sticking out from the side of his head. with a succession of golden piercings made by spikes on his left ear .

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Appearance Ryuko Tatsuma

If the user activates his Gift and activates it, his body transforms into the large winged dragon, with gray-colored scales even though he has the same complexion hair and eyes and his costume of the hero remains apparent as do his boots.

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Basic Abilities being among the top 10 most popular professional heroes it is possible to say that Ryukyu is among the strongest heroes of the past not just because of his rank but also due to his ability to react when required. In the course of Eri’s rescue mission, Ryukyu was able to subdue and knock down Rikiya Katsukame. He is one of the Expendable Eight, a group of incredible power. Even after the Yakuza infused himself with an enhancer drug the Expendable Eight was capable of taking him down. In the Paranormal Liberation War, in the attack on Jaku’s hospital, Ryukyu and many heroes took on the powerful Nomus and defeated the majority of them. Following Tomura Shigaraki’s emergence, the hero was able to escape the scene, preventing numerous heroes from being destroyed by the enhanced deterioration of Tomura. Then, he was capable of going toe-to-toe with the enhanced Tomura and, with the assistance of Shota Aizawa, was able fight the villain and knock him out of the place the two were.

  • enhanced strength Ryukyu’s dragon shape is extremely strong that she displayed by securing herself against the punch of Rikiya Katsukame, a massive Yakuza who had superhuman strength and then smashing him to the ground. Afterward, even though her stamina been exhausted however, she was able to withstand him for a brief period and also knock him down, causing injury to him along the way. The final feat is important, since Rikiya was able to evade a devastating attack by Nejire. She could hit the newly awakened Tomura with her Deterioration to the max and manage to knock him off the structure and even with Aizawa’s assistance in preventing his body from disintegrating.
  • Extreme durability: Ryukyu is extremely resistant to injury from blunt force when she is in dragon-like form. Although she is weakened by the Rikiya Gift she did not suffer injury in the event that Nejire employed his strongest attack to knock Rikiya herself and Rikiya to her knees. It was a move which knocked him unconscious even when Ryukyu wasn’t the one to be who was hit with the blast directly.
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