KAINA TSUTSUMI : Everything You Need To Know

kaina tsusumi

In Mha, Kaina Tsutsumi or Lady Nagant is A villain. Previously, she was a Pro Heroine. She was liberated from Tartarus by All By One, using Tomura Chigaraki’s body.



Pretty little girl with bicolor hair. She has it pinned to her shoulders (dark blue/pink) or slightly above. She wore a black, knee-length, striped dress with a dotted-tire at her hem, a combat belt, and white boots with a buckle after she fled Tartarus.

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The Past

Lady Nagan was in high school when the Public Safety Commission hired her. The Commission’s president at the time stated that “Your right hand can make this society a better place.” Lady Nagan was to be a “backside” member of a heroic society. She would kill heroes who could shake people’s faith in heroes through their deeds. These tasks hampered Lady Nagan’s mental health. It was evident when she couldn’t shake hands with children, as if it were “blood”.

Lady Nagan visited the Commission president one evening. He explained to Lady Nagan that Lady Nagan’s recent victims had inspired ordinary citizens to commit crimes to get rewards. The rotten heroes are going to be destroyed soon thanks to Lady Nagan. Lady Nagan questions if it will improve society, and if blind faith in “rainbow unicorn” heroes is better than brainwashing. Nagan questions the president about the consequences of all his deeds. The president puts his hand behind his jacket, and tells Lady Nagan that she must understand that this job is not for her. Lady Nagan replies by applying her Quirk, and she says that the President was respected.

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Lady Nagan was convicted of killing the president and chief executive officer of the Public Safety Commission. She was then arrested and taken to Tartarus. It was broadcast that Lady Nagan was convicted of the murder of a fellow hero.

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The Arc of War and the FPV

After All for One attacked Tartarus, and his body in Tartarus’ cell destroyed the prison electronic system, Lady Nagan joined other fugitives. She also freed Chisaki Kai.

After the raid on Tartarus has ended, Lady Nagan meets with All for One. He says that he is happy to see her once again. Lady Nagan smiles, and tells All by One that All by One was once also her target. VZO asks Nagan a favor. He says that Yuei’s student will soon leave the school to take up acting for himself. Lady Nagan has the task of capturing the student and bringing him to VZO. After which, she states that the boy might be followed by high-class heros, so we have to wait until the moment they are separated. Lady Nagan questions why ZZO has assigned this task to her. She says that the villain is trying to bring down a heroic society and that the girl is guilty.

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VZO then turns his attention towards Chisaki, asking if they are friends. Lady Nagan states that Chisaki has fallen prey to trashy hero societies and is now a bit insane. She decides to keep him around for a while just in case he needs her help.

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Rifle is a quirk which allows Lady Nagan’s right hand to be transformed into a rifle. By twisting her hair two-colors, she creates rifle bullets. This allows her to create various ammunition from large bullets to twisted bullets. This rifle has a shot radius of three kilometers. A similar Swipe Whim is limited to a 600-meter range.

It is possible for the rifle to jam if it is fired too often.

Airwalk is an ability to hover above the ground that was previously owned by All for One.

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