Saitama Destroy A Galaxy: Everything You Need To Know

Saitama Destroy A Galaxy

Saitama Destroy A Galaxy. One-Punch Man revolves around Saitama’s amazing feats of strength. The manga takes the concept of “overpowering” and makes it the essence of its protagonist, creating a unique blend of comedy and exciting action. Over the course of the series, Saitama displayed a full range of moves that were both absurd and incredibly destructive. The Serious Squirt Gun sprayed magma at such a high pressure that it countered a beam of energy extracted from the earth’s core. The Serious Table Flip destroyed the entire surface of Jupiter’s moon, Io, in a single blow. Even the relatively simple Serious Punch split an entire ocean in half. However, Saitama’s most powerful technique is actually not even intentional.

Saitama’s strongest punch?

Saitama's strongest punch?

Understand what may not have happened afterwards, as Sainama and Garou’s punches are about to collide, Blast, at the last second, tries to move them away from the earth so that the resulting explosion would not destroy it and he ends up moving them over the earth and he says the energy is too great, the door is not far enough away, I have to at least find a way to divert the destructive energy away from it but suddenly three members of his team arrive and help him close the hyperspace door and we see it close like a pac- man- the condensed energy here is projected in a beam and this beam contains people like 

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Saïtama and Garou and projects them to the moon of Jupiter after the hyperspace door or whatever they did to contain the explosion closes completely we see like this black hole left in its wake and they say and they say that what happened to these two, is that they were blown away by the explosion, the repercussion of that energy, I have no idea how far they traveled, and the fact that we saw the beam hit Io confirms that this is what happened. I don’t think a wormhole or an actual black hole opened up here. It’s possible but I don’t think it’s likely.

All the stars and galaxies were destroyed

All the stars and galaxies were destroyed

Another thing I don’t think is likely is that all the stars and galaxies were destroyed, because first of all it’s a bit too fanciful for this point in the story and given the proximity to the earth. It probably would have been destroyed too, or at least some kind of cosmic cataclysm would have happened and I don’t think we’ll get to see Saitama doing any galactic feats before the end of the series either. But I think she is capable of it. It may be hard to believe that anyone other than Goku could do stuff like that, but I’m sure Saitama could and will eventually do it, but save that stuff for last. What probably happened here, and keep in mind I’m an idiot and don’t know anything about anything, but it’s possible. Since Blast’s abilities and maybe his team’s abilities seem to revolve around gravity manipulation, and they theoretically used a hyperspace gate to contain this explosion, and the basis of the creation of the hyperspace gate involves gravity manipulation, I think we just see the light get twisted. The resulting manipulation of gravity in this area. That’s why you don’t see the stars or the light or anything, because the light is just distorted in that circular area in the sky or in space or at least just from the audience’s perspective

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Is Saitama the One Who Destroyed a Universe in The Manga?

Is Saitama the One Who Destroyed a Universe in The Manga?

Although Saitama has not destroyed any universes in One Punch Man manga and anime series, there is always the possibility. A source has been shared by some fans that Saitama could be half the power of an entire universe. This has caused a lot of discussion.

This hasn’t been proved to be canon as it is believed that no one has ever revealed Saitama’s true limit. There’s plenty of room for interpretation. Saitama’s inexhaustible strength and unlimitable abilities mean that he can destroy an entire universe with one punch.

Saitama Vs Garou: What we know 

Saitama Vs Garou: What we know 

In chapter #168 of One-Punch Man, the fight between Saitama and Cosmic Fear Mode Garou reaches its climax. The hero hunter learns that Saitama has become stronger and stronger during their fight and is no longer able to keep up. Just as Garou realizes this, Saitama lets out a powerful sneeze. Garou is able to dodge, but the planet Jupiter is right behind him. The force of Saitama’s sneeze is so strong that the entire gaseous layer of the planet (more than 1,000 times the volume of the Earth) is blown away, exposing its core. It is such an epic scene that the artist of the series, Yusuke Murata, decided that it deserved no less than three double-page spreads in color.

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Even if readers are used to the ridiculous effects of Saitama’s techniques, blowing about 90% of Jupiter with a sneeze is a new record. This moment was used to emphasize how much Genos’ death has changed Saitama. For the first time since acquiring his powers, the hero experienced a real surge of emotion. It pushed him beyond his already absurd limits, making Saitama stronger and stronger. During this fight, Saitama suffered for the first time (albeit not physically), which made him grow as a character. Fans might have feared that all this drama would take precedence over the show’s comedic roots, but blowing up Jupiter with a sneeze proved otherwise.

Saitama Vs Garou: What we know 

Serious Sneeze perfectly embodies everything that makes One-Punch Man so good. The writers could have used any means to showcase Saitama’s new, even more absurd force, but they chose something as ridiculous as a sneeze. This proves that, even if One-Punch Man and Saitama evolve into something more “serious”, the manga will never abandon its roots and will remain a unique and entertaining mix of comedy and action.

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