Saitama Vs Goku : Who Is The Strongest ?

Two of the most powerful characters in anime are Goku from Dragon Ball and Saitama from One Punch Man. Goku is a Saiyan which grants him extraordinary alien powers. This allowed him to maximize his power and then continue training to increase his power to another level. This training helped Saitama achieve a level of strength unmatched by any other One Punch Man. We’ll see what Saitama vs. Goku has in store for us.

How would they do in a fight against each other? Both fighters could win if they fight each other for the same reasons, including Saitama’s timing and Goku’s out-training.

Saitama vs GoKU – Who is stronger? – 14 Worst Reasons By Fans

By Briggs

Before starting the comparisons we will list the 14 worst reasons given by the fans to justify the victory of their hero

14 Saitama: Good Timing

14 Saitama: Good Timing

Saitama doesn’t go looking to fight. When he’s not busy with his day, a monster appears to him. Garou attempts to fight him while shopping but Saitama turns him around and backhands him into the garbage can. These kinds of situations are easy for Saitama to make work in battle. Saitama can catch Goku by surprise if they don’t meet on a traditional battlefield.

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13 Goku: Dragon Balls

13 Goku: Dragon Balls

Goku was a regular recipient of wishes on the collected Dragon Balls. These wishes can often be used to bring back someone to life. If he is the one collecting them, it’s usually because Goku has died. These wishes can be used to bring Goku back to life. They are a great help to Goku. Goku could wish for the power to defeat Saitama, or, since Goku believes in fairness, hard work, and to an amazing degree, a trainer who can teach his the skills necessary to beat Saitama.

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12. Saitama: Is It for Fun?

12 Saitama: Is It for Fun?

Saitama is a “hero of fun,” meaning he doesn’t have any strong moral compass and reasons to be a hero . However, this does not make him evil. He doesn’t really want to save the world, but he prefers to have a good time. Saitama is fortunate that fighting Goku would be a fun experience, considering Goku’s potential opponent.

Saitama is searching for the right opponent because Goku is difficult to beat. Saitama was able to fight Goku in a fight that no one else could see.

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11. Goku: Don’t Give up

11 Goku: Don't Give up

Goku would not be against his nature to quit a fight. Even if he loses in a battle, he always comes back stronger to win it. Goku has been killed in battle and returned to face his opponent. He sought out new friends to train with and sometimes fought old foes to make himself stronger until he defeated his opponent. This level of determination would be admired by Saitama, but it could also indicate that Goku might defeat him.

10. Saitama: Determination

10 Saitama: Determination

Saitama’s whole attitude is based upon the fact that he wanted to be a hero, so he worked extremely to achieve this. Now that he has become a hero, he is looking for challenges that will challenge his skills. Goku would be up against an opponent that would give Saitama a hard time. This does not mean Saitama will fight harder. It would mean that Saitama would have to put in the extra effort to defeat Goku if he had to fight an actual battle.

9. Goku Can Fly

Goku Can Fly

Although Saitama is skilled in many things, almost all of his skills are related to speed and super strength. He can easily defeat anyone in a fight and, in rare cases, he can survive to land a punch to his opponent.

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Goku also has the same skills and abilities. He also has the ability to fly. This would alter the outcome of a battle between these two strong characters. Goku will win.

8. Saitama: Has Hit His Max

8 Saitama: Has Hit His Max Saitama Vs Goku

Saitama worked incredibly hard. One of the most hilarious moments in the series was when he worked so hard that his hair fell out. To make his hair shiny and smooth, he doesn’t even shave. His training has been so effective that he may have reached his maximum power. The series has only shown him in one fight in which he could not defeat his opponent in one punch. He was back in action with just one punch after that fight, proving that he is capable of staying at the top.

7. Goku: Super Saiyan

Goku: Super Saiyan Saitama Vs Goku

To make himself stronger, Goku trains constantly. Super Saiyan allows him to access higher levels of power. He doesn’t have to be at his full potential, so he can save energy for the times when it gets tough.

Goku can quickly ramp up when others are getting tired or slowing down during long battles.

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6. Saitama: One Punch

6 Saitama Vs Goku

Without mentioning his ability to take out an enemy with one punch, it is hard to talk about how strong Saitama really is. Saitama was able to defeat many monsters and still win. Goku never managed to accomplish this feat, no matter how much he trained. If Saitama beat Goku in one punch it would be difficult for Goku’s to make enough power to take out Saitama. Goku would also need to be able to out-train Saitama.

5. Goku: Trains harder

5 Goku: Trains harder Saitama Vs Goku

Saitama’s training program is very intense. It involves lots of push-ups and crunches as well as squats and running. Goku, however, trained harder than Saitama. He was so intense in his training that he would often leave the planet to find someone who could teach him new skills and make him stronger. He also was open to learning from those who had defeated him in battle, like his former enemies. Goku’s belief that he can always be stronger makes him a difficult opponent, especially when he is Saitama.

4. Saitama: One glance can reveal your fears and real motives

4 Saitama: One glance can reveal your fears and real motives Saitama Vs Goku

Saitama is not only able to knock out people with one punch; hence, the title of the series. However, he can also look at others and read their fears and true motives.

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Given his ability to read Goku’s mind, he can easily see his plans and instantly think of a way for him to win. Saitama’s keen perception and poker skills could make Goku fall if he doesn’t have enough poker to fool Saitama.

3. Goku: Multiple Fusions

3 Goku: Multiple Fusions

Goku can use multiple fusions against Saitama. Gogeta and Vegito are just a few examples of his fusions. These fusions could give him the additional abilities of his allies Vegeta or Dende and help him in battle against someone as tough and determined as Saitama. He can choose to fuse with allies of different abilities. This could surprise Saitama if he fuses with someone he didn’t expect. Goku could win because of the variety of fusions possible and the ability to fuse with allies.

2. Saitama: Extremely Accurate

2 Saitama: Extremely Accurate

Saitama is a fighter who can knock out most of his enemies with one punch. He’s very precise when hitting his foes. Saitama rarely misses, otherwise it would take him several punches to defeat all his foes. This ability allowed him to transform a rock into an object, allowing him to kill Geryuganshoop. Saitama’s incredible accuracy ensures that he will hit Goku with all his punches and get him down quickly.

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1. Goku: There are many variations of Kamehameha

1 Goku: There are many variations of Kamehameha

Goku is known for his signature move, the Kamehameha. He can use and create variations of the same move. These variations would be a great help to him beating Saitama, as they work in different ways. Goku could easily defeat Saitama if he gets too comfortable with Goku using Kamehameha as a standard form. If the attack succeeds, this could surprise Saitama.

Durability and strength Goku Vs Saitama

Goku Durability And Strength

Son Goku is one the most powerful characters of the anime, competing with Vegeta in the title of one of the strongest Z Warrior and Universe 7 warrior. His strength at birth stood at two unit. When he arrives at Planet Earth at the age of three, Grandpa Gohan realizes that the man is extremely strong and it could be risky for him if not a pro in martial art.

Therefore Son Goku decided to mold him and instruct his to master martial art. In addition, compared to the majority of humans as well as those who are trained in the martial arts of ki Son Goku has an impressive amount of strength as well as speed and stamina.

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As an example when he was just a child and could carry an automobile over his head and throw it effortlessly while instruction with Kame-Sennin Goku he was able to push huge rock formations that at a minimum weigh more than 100 tonnes.

At the peak of his power He was able to destroy islands, mountains as well as massively destroy planets by the force of his own. Goku typically employs techniques that are based upon the concept of ki. Using the ki in battle for an attack, defense or support like the Kamehameha and the Kamehameha. These are done by utilizing controlling and mastering ki resulted from the imagination and ability of his character.

Saitama Durability And Strength

Saitama has a disproportionately high physical strength, and is in a position to easily take on formidable villains and monsters with just one strike. One Saitama blow is so powerful that a lot of enemies explode or break apart after being hit. Saitama is also proven that he can effortlessly demolish huge structures.

A good illustration of this power offensive is when Saitama leaps from the highest point of a building head towards his opponent, the Giant Meteor. The “normal” punch from him is fatal to being as tough as Boros. Saitama has also demonstrated that he’s capable of controlling the strength of his punches however, he is prone to overdo things at times which can cause huge destruction.

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It is a matter of debate the extent to which basic-form Goku is more powerful that Saitama (i.e. the extent to which the latter could stand up to his attack) the majority of the advanced transformations Goku has are at a higher level that Saitama’s. Goku was capable of surviving a battle against Beerus in a fight where Beerus would destroy Saitama as a bug. This is the reason Goku gets the most points in this contest.

Endurance and stamina Goku Vs Saitama

Goku’s body is far stronger than human beings, and is basically immune to any weapon made on Earth. While he’s naturally tough due to his Saiyan body, he does have limitations, since other powerful creatures similar to him can harm, and even kill Goku if he fails to defend himself in a proper manner.

Saitama has not been proven to be tired from combating villains. Even when he unleashed a blow that was more powerful than a planetary-destroying blow Saitama was not showing any indications of fatigue. The only time that Saitama was seen to be exhausted and exhausted but he regained his breath after a couple of seconds.

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This is one of the categories where we weren’t able to pinpoint the winner, and that’s why we ultimately decided to divide the points. The two Goku and Saitama seem to be robust and, in this regard appear to be unstoppable. Yes, Goku has died on numerous occasions, while Saitama hasn’t. Goku always comes back stronger and stronger each time. That’s why it’s impossible to dismiss his status in this regard.

Example Fan Animation Saitama Vs Goku

Saitama Vs Goku Part 1 By Etoilec1Animation
Goku Vs Saitama Part 2 By Etoilec1Animation

Goku vs Saitama ( Comparison ) And Verdict

Although Saitama is certainly a strong character, he could not defeat Goku. Although he could defeat a weaker Goku years ago, at this stage in his life, Goku’s power is so great that even the protagonist of One Punch Man can’t do much against him. Goku would not even need to use his most powerful form against Saitama. However, he would still have to exert a lot of effort.

This is an exciting battle that any fan would love to see. If only One Punch Man and Dragon Ball could have a way to make a single shot. We will continue to elaborate on the answer by comparing the characters through multiple categories. You’ll see which character is stronger and why our answer is the way it is.

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Durability and strength Goku Vs Saitama

Durability and strength

Son Goku is the strongest character in the series. He rivals Vegeta for the title of most powerful Z Warrior or Universe 7 warrior. His power was only two units at birth. Grandpa Gohan arrives on Planet Earth at three years old. He realizes that his strength is extraordinary and that he would be dangerous if he weren’t an expert in martial arts.

He took it upon himself, to shape him and teach him martial arts. Son Goku is also stronger than most people, even those who have been trained in ki arts. As a child, he could lift and throw a car above his head, and during his training with Kame Sennin Goku, he could push huge rock formations that weighed at least 100 tons.

He was able to destroy entire planets and islands with his physical strength alone at the peak of his strength. Goku uses techniques that are based on Ki. He uses them in fights as support, defense, and attack, such as the Kamehameha. These are achieved through the mastery and control of ki. This is a result of creativity and skill.

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Durability and strength Saitama

Saitama is a formidable fighter who can easily defeat villains and monsters with one punch. Saitama’s one punch is so powerful that enemies explode or fall apart when he hits them. Also, he is able to destroy large structures effortlessly.

Saitama, who launches himself from the top a building to strike the Giant Meteor is an example of his offensive power. Boros, a durable being, has been killed by a “normal” punch. Saitama has shown that he can control the force of his attacks but is still prone to overdoing it at times, causing huge devastation.

While it is possible to debate whether Goku in basic form is stronger than Saitama (i.e. whether he could resist his punch), Goku’s advanced transformations are much more powerful than Saitama. Goku survived a fight against Beerus where Beerus would destroy Saitama like an insect. This is why Goku won the category.

Points: Goku 1, Saitama 0

Speed Goku Vs Saitama

Speed Goku

Goku was a supersonic speedster when he reached the Saiyan Saga. He had already become a Super Saiyan god and his speed was so high that it exceeded the speed of light. His physical strength allowed him to send shockwaves throughout the universe. These shockwaves caused irreparable damage and even destroyed many stars and planets. Only four hits between Beerus, Goku and the other could have completely destroyed the universe.

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Saitama was able complete a 1,500-meter race in three seconds during his hero trials. Sonic is capable of moving at hypersonic speeds, but Saitama has proven to be capable of keeping up a faster pace than him. Because he moves so fast, even Genos’s computerized locations systems have difficulty tracking him.

Saitama also demonstrated the ability to jump up to a building and run down it to save salmon that he had just eaten for lunch without anyone being aware.

Speed Saitama

Boros, Gouketsu, and Orochi’s fast attacks were easily avoided by him. He also managed to dodge Garou Monster’s attacks and the deadly Golden Sperm. Ironically, despite his amazing reflexes and speed, he still struggles to pick up a simple object such as a helmet or hammer while playing rock-paper scissors.

The argument is the same as the previous one. Although Goku is extremely fast in his base form, it is not clear that he is faster than Saitama. As he transforms, Goku becomes even faster, and in that way, he surpasses Saitama. These points also go to Goku.

Points: Goku 2, Saitama 0

Endurance and stamina Goku Vs Saitama

Endurance and stamina Goku Vs Saitama

Goku’s body, which is basically invulnerable against all Earth-made weaponry, is more durable than that of normal humans. He is naturally resilient due to his Saiyan biology, but he also has limitations. Other powerful beings, like himself, can harm and even kill him if he fails to defend himself properly.

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Saitama is a fighter against villains and has never seemed to tire. Saitama never showed fatigue even when unleashing a punch that was more powerful than a world-destroying strike. Saitama was only briefly panting and out-of-breath the one time he was seen. He recovered quickly.

Endurance and stamina Goku Vs Saitama

We couldn’t decide who the winner was in this category, so we decided to split the points. Both Goku, and Saitama, are very durable and seem invincible. While Goku has been killed on numerous occasions while Saitama has not yet, Goku always comes back stronger every time. This is why it’s hard to ignore him in this category.

Points: Goku 3, Saitama 1

Fighting style Goku Vs Saitama

Fighting style Goku VS Saitama

He is an expert in Martial Arts, and he was taught by the Turtle School. He is also known to be a prodigy, learning techniques and strength that others would struggle to master. He even learned how to read minds, which is a skill that he didn’t even know how to do.

Goku has been shown to be able to use various parts of his body in combat. He can shoot a Kamehameha using his feet or use his eyes to launch a Frieza Saga ki laser beam. Son Goku is an expert in martial arts and a fan. He can read the movements of his opponents and adapt to their attacks and speed.

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Goku is known for his large reserves of strength when fighting. He also seems to be careful to keep his ki levels low to conserve energy. However, he has shown the ability to unleash his full potential just in time. second, he launches an attack.

Fighting style Saitama

Goku can use the Saiyan Power as a Saiyan to overcome his strength when he suffers severe damage or dies. Goku, an alien, has enhanced senses, including smell, taste and sight. This further enhances his combat abilities.

Saitama’s extraordinary physical condition makes him a dangerous and powerful fighter in close combat. He gained unimaginable power through three years of intensive training and combat experience against Kaijin and other evil organizations.

He is often bored and uses inept attacks, lacking flair or finesse. However, once he gets serious, he can become a highly skilled and cunning fighter.

Fighting style Goku Vs Saitama

Saitama employs basic street fighting techniques and fighter moves to grab and knock down his opponents. He also has excellent battlefield awareness and can read the moves of highly skilled warriors like Boros and Garou. The former is a universal emperor with centuries of experience, while the latter is a prodigy in martial arts.

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In all truth, we thought a lot about this topic. Saitama is a master fighter and his opponents were able to force him to put in some effort, but he is still the best. We had to look at Goku’s abilities over time. This is due to the fact that his powers have grown along with his transformations and not through his mastery of martial arts. We were able to split the points because he was able to hold his own against Beerus.

Points: Goku 4, Saitama 2

Conclusion – Goku Vs Saitama: Who would win this battle?

Conclusion - Goku and Saitama: Who would win this battle?

Now, let’s get to the most important section of the article: the analysis. We will use the information we have gathered about these characters to analyze how they would react to each other. Let’s continue.

With all the points, it seems that they confirm what we have already said. We cannot deny that Goku will be able defeat Saitama. He is more experienced, stronger than Saitama, faster that Saitama, and has the same skills in other areas. Goku is also able to master many techniques that Saitama can’t duplicate. It isn’t known how he would cope with them since they are more than any of the battles he has faced up until now.

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Conclusion - Goku Vs Saitama: Who would win this battle?

We can’t ignore Saitama, despite all the points. Saitama, as far as we know, is invincible. Goku would have a difficult time defeating him in battle. We are certain that Saitama will be able defeat Goku both in his base form as well as in some of his weaker versions. Saitama is just that good.

It all boils down to the fact Goku is more powerful with each of these individual transformations. He surpasses Saitama at one point. With each subsequent transformation, Goku continues to increase the gap between Saitama’s and his own power, eventually becoming even more powerful. This is why Goku won this contest. But … it’s just Dragon Ball logic . Saitama was created to be the strongest! So no matter how strong Goku will be, Saitama will always be a step above him because the logic of the character has been decided that way.
Tell you that Saitama’s power is “I am always stronger than you no matter how strong you are”.

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James Raven
James Raven
8 months ago

Unless Goku uses the dragon balls, it’s impossible to beat Saitama, as he’s literally limitless.

Black Wing
Black Wing
7 months ago
Reply to  James Raven

Can you explain me what is Dragon Ball? Then what does it cares, Saitama still limitless. There is no matter what is Son Goku’s power. Saitama will Always be more powerfull than Son Goku