Sand Naruto : Everything You Need To Know

Sand Naruto

In Naruto, Sand is a diverse material that is commonly used by shinobi who hail in Sunagakure for many motives such as concealment and making personal copies . Sand’s use as an weapon was however brought to fame with the help by the Shukaku Jinchurikis who gained the capability of manipulating the sand in order to use it to serve use in offensive ways.

While Gaara is able to control all the sand around him, Gaara keeps a specific amount of it in the gourd he carries on his back and packaged to be used anytime, anywhere. The sand is filled with his chakra which allows him to make him stronger and more powerful.


It was also observed by Gaara as well as his father and uncle that the sand had always protected from harm, because it contained the mother’s love inside. Since the discovery, many of Gaara’s methods have taken form like his mother.
Arena has a broad range of minerals. Gaara can choose the most hard minerals to make powerful defenses, and in the animated series an incredibly powerful weapon. Yet, Gaara also possesses the capability to blend other materials into sand. This increases its versatility further the addition of materials that change it’s properties in a certain degree including hazelnuts and even gold.

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Gaara can crush soil, i.e. nearly any soil, using the sand that he already has, in order to make more. Although it may be harder to manage than his particular sand but it does provide him with the quantity needed to perform massive-scale processes like The Sand Tsunami.

It has been demonstrated that, despite its strength it is able to be neutralized by mixing different materials or objects that can harm it, for instance, explosive Clay which is mixed with it. Other options include incorporating substances which make the sand stronger such as gold or binding it with the use of oil or water this means that it could easily break down.

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Variation Sand Naruto

  • Iron Sand was employed by the third Kazekage Sasori, who was able to access this variation after taking control of his body and transform into an animal puppet.
  • Gold Dust: utilized by the Fourth Kazekage Rasa in the later days by Gaara to fight Gaara, the 2nd Mizukage.

Other Uses

Other Uses
  • Kankuro utilizes sand in order to cover the appearance of his puppets and allows him to disguise his puppets look like somebody else, or himself, in order to fool enemies and then attack them using his puppets.
  • The anime shows Sasori also uses sand in order to create an identical copy of himself as seen in his battle against Kankuro after he was able to escape in Black Ant.
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  • The method Gaara manages her sand in this way is like how Byakuya Kuchiki of Bleach manages the Senbonzakura Kageyoshi bankai.
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