Skyrim Imp Stool: Where To Get, Uses + Farming Tips : Everything You Need To Know

Imp Stools can be found in caves, with the most prominent places being:

  • Chillwind Depths
  • Halldir’s Cairn
  • Tolvald’s Cave in the Rift

This unusual ingredient can be purchased from alchemy dealers in Skyrim.

There are also items of Imp Stool that you could take from alchemy shops that are on display on shelves and counters.

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Let’s explore all of these options to help to build your stock.

Best Imp Stool Locations

Best Imp Stool Locations

Imp Stools can be harvested from the plants that are found in various caves and Dungeons.

The areas with the largest quantity of Imp Stool plants are listed below:

  • Chillwind Depths 51 plants 51 plants
  • Halldir’s Cairn 23 plants
  • Tolvald’s cave 20 plants
  • White River Watch 19 plants
  • Orotheim 17 plants
  • Ikngthand Grand Cavern 14 plants
  • Rebel’s Cairn – 14 plants

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Imp Stool Farming

Imp Stool Farming

If you’re using the Hearthfire add-on that allows you to construct an entire house that has greenhouse and garden for planting and farming Imp Stools easily.

There’s also an area outside of the home where you can grow different plants and other ingredients.

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For Imp Stool, you need to possess an fully equipped greenhouse with the 18 patch of soil that is fertile within. Then, you can plant an Imp Stool in every spot of soil.

You should wait for three days in the house and then Imp Stools will appear in the greenhouse. They are ready for plucking.

When you have harvested, you are able to stay in at home for three days for more growth.

Then repeat the process until you’ve got however many Imp Stool you require.

Don’t forget about those 11 (11) areas of soil that are fertile in your garden, just outside of your home.

They’ll behave in the same way like any other Imp Stool that grows in the greenhouse. They will also respawn after three days.

In contrast to the plants that you’ll find in caves, every plant you plant in the garden or greenhouse can be harvested for at least four sample that contain Imp Stool. This respawning method is a important reason to think about cultivating your own.

What If I Don’t Have The Hearthfire Add-On?

If you do not possess the Hearthfire add-on, but have been to the caves using Imp Stool in order to obtain everything you can, you can try visiting all the alchemy shops in Skyrim.

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A lot of merchants will sell Imp Stool It’s all you have to do is check into.

You could also take Imp Stimp from bins in their shops.

Imp Stool Uses

Imp Stools contain Damage Health, Lingering Damage Health, Restore Health and Paralysis effects.

This makes it an excellent ingredient for a variety powerful poisons.

For instance it is possible to mix Imp Stool along with an additional ingredient (like Mora Tapinella or Orange Dartwing) to create the Long-lasting Health Hazard that will continue to harm the health.

There are also plenty of Restore Health Potions by mixing some Imp Stool with a fairly popular ingredient that is The Blue Mountain Flowers.

This is an excellent way to increase your alchemy quickly.

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