Squid Game All Characters : Our Top 15+

This article will be a list the Squid Game All Characters. These characters will be drawn from various narrative arcs. You will learn some basic information about them that will allow you to understand why they are positioned as we do.

Facinating Squid Game All Characters

17. The Religious Guy

The Religious Guy

Although technically he isn’t THAT bad, he frustrates me more than any other character. I’m sorry.

16. Cho Sang-woo

Cho Sang-woo

He was a selfish person who put himself first. He is not a good man. He really does love his mom. He can’t be forgiven for Ali and Sae-byeok.

15. Oh Il-nam

Oh Il-nam

What a scumbag. It’s even worse that he was charming. He did not care about the feelings of anyone — any LIFE — except his own. Scum.

14. The VIPs

The VIPs

Absolute detestable pigs. The worst acting was also shown. It is painful to watch. Everything is horrible.

13. The Organ-harvesting Staff

The Organ-harvesting Staff

These are rape-y, vultures. *Shudder*

12. Jang Deok-su

Jang Deok-su

He is a brutal bully and will kill anyone and everything that gets in his way. He’s not the worst in Squid Game.

11. Hwang In-ho

Hwang In-ho

In-ho. How did he get from giving his kidney to his brother, to killing him and working for In-Ho? He’s awful…but intriguing.

10. The rest of the staff

The rest of the staff

It is easy to hate faceless drones but not as easy to hate all the others on this list.

9. The Doctor

The Doctor

Although his actions are not as bad as those of others, they are still very offensive. It was not sad to see him go.

8. The Red Light, Green Light Doll

The Red Light, Green Light Doll

She is both terrifying and murderous, but she’s also iconic. She does what she was programmed for.

7. The Recruiter

The Recruiter

Look, he’s hot. He can whip me at any moment — I don’t even have to be sorry.

6. Han Mi-nyeo

Han Mi-nyeo

She was much more complex and interesting than she appeared to be at first. It was also a lot of fun watching, even though she was doing some really bad things.

5. Hwang Jun-ho

Hwang Jun-ho

He is smart, determined and caring. He went to great lengths to save his brother, or to discover what had happened to him, only to be shot by him. Poor Jun-ho. Let’s hope he is given justice in Season 2.

4. Seong Gi-hun

Seong Gi-hun

Gi-hun is quite surprising. In the first episode, it was difficult to sympathize with him. But as the story progresses, we learn more about his past and become more familiar with his humor and enthusiasm. It’s easy to get lost in his sense of humor and his determination to do the right things even in the most horrific circumstances. He should have gotten on that plane.

3. Ji-yeong


She is an angel and deserves so much more than she got. Even with the short screen time, it would have been wonderful to know more about her. We were able to hold her in our hearts for ever.

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2. Kang Sae-byeok

Kang Sae-byeok

Although she’s strong and can do bad things sometimes, it is for very good reasons. She wants to be with her family and visit Jeju Island. She is pure and must be protected at all costs. Damn you, Sang-woo!

1. Ali Abdul

Ali Abdul

Talking of characters who deserved better… Will I ever recover from Sangwoo’s betrayal against Ali? It seems unlikely. He was just too trusting and kind for his own good. It’s something I cannot even discuss.

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