Strongest My Hero Academia Characters : Our Top 50+

My Hero Academia is probably one of the fan favorite manga of the last ten years. During many discussions, a debate rages… Who is the most Strongest characters In My Hero Academia? Here are the top 50+

Top Strongest Characters In My Hero Academia


For those of you who don’t know, my hero academia is made up of about 80% of the population that have superpowers. Among them, some stand out for their superiority, such as:

53. Toru Hagakure

Toru Hagakure

Are you familiar with the faces of every U.A. student? I’m sure you don’t. Toru Hagakure, an Invisible Girl currently attending U.A. Her Quirk is Invisibility. It grants her permanent invisible bodies.

She could be giving sensitive information to League of Villains. She is not known to be in public, and she does not get enough screen time. Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

52. Yuga Aoyama

Yuga Aoyama

Yuga Aoyama is a U.A. student and the “Twinkling Hero”, who can’t stop shining. He is a high school student and hopes to be a Pro Hero. Yuga is a small, flashy guy with a feminine appearance. Yuga is proud of his unique personality and displays dazzling, vibrant mannerisms that delight his classmates. He is a very embarrassing person in front of his classmates, but he doesn’t know it. ).

He is unable to use his legs or fists for strength and has no physical power. He is able to shoot Laser Beams because he knows how to master his quirk. He can shoot powerful laser beams at a distance, and they can crush concrete easily without any problems. He can adjust the size of his laser beams to make them as large or small as he likes. He can still help his friends even if he exceeds his limit. Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

51. Minoru Mineta

Minoru Mineta

Minoru Mineta, our “Fresh-Picked: Grape Juice Hero”, is part of U.A. class 1-A. High School. He is a bit perverted and loves to woo girls. It adds comedy to the anime. He is also timid and can panic when confronted with enemies. He can also be very tactical at times, but his personality is just too bad for that!

He has a unique ability to pop adhesive balls out of his head, which stick to people and objects. These balls are great for trapping people in many situations. These balls allow him to bounce and fly high, which allows him to reach higher places. Minoru can use the pop-off balls to help him in sticky situations. This is a great ability that can be dangerous for those who allow their guard down.

50. Hanta Sero

Hanta Sero

Hanta Sero, our laid-back guy is one of the most friendliest students in 1-A. Because he can use tape to trap or bind his target, we often consider him a great support for his friends.

His tape is able to reach a great distance and can effectively bind his target. This makes him immobile. Although he isn’t as strong as others, he can still fight many enemies. He can wrap tape around large objects in order to trap or use them as weapons. The tape guy is a great help in sticky situations! Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

49. Kiyoka Jiro

 Kiyoka Jiro

Kiyoka Jiro, a U.A class 1-A student, is very practical. She’s also cool! You can’t deny it. High School. She is very playful and teasing. Kaminari, her classmate, is her favorite target because of his lack of cluelessness.

Earphone Jack is her quirk. It allows her to shock her targets by creating and amplifying sound effects which vibrate the surface she’s touching. She can reach several meters with her ears, which have literally many earphone jacks. Although we haven’t seen Kiyoka use a sword much, it shows that she is skilled in combat. Her unique quirk can be a support to her friends.

48. Mashirao Ojido

Mashirao Ojido

Mashirao Ojido, a hardworking student at the U.A., has a noble character. High School. He is calm in all situations, as shown by the anime. Although he doesn’t see much screen time, we still see him as reliable and humble.

Mashirao is the best in class when it comes to physical ability. His strength and physical abilities are unmatched. His Quirk is his large tail, which allows him to attack with power and even aid him in mobility.

He uses his Martial Arts knowledge and his tail to attack his target. His tail allows him to increase his speed and ability to attack opponents in close-range combat. Although he may seem like a boring character, we still love him! (He is a bit shy, which is actually kind of cute. Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

47. Koji Koda

Koji Koda

Koji has an intimidating aura, but he is actually very shy and quiet. His head is a solid rock and he’s tall and muscular. He speaks little and communicates only in sign language with his classmates, which shows his apathetic nature. He is a total anti-violence fanatic and is kind-hearted, even though he looks brutal!

His Quirk Anivoice allows him to speak to animals and even control them. He can control animals to attack anyone he wishes. Koji’s ability to manipulate animals to attack anyone he wants can be of great assistance to heroes. Koji can also communicate with animals to send them to other places in order for him to extract secret information. He can not only control animals but also increase his strength and become stronger than usual.

46. Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido, a bubbly, fun and friendly person, is a breath of fresh air. Because she is all pink, she’s called “Pinky”. She likes to shop and loves to be splurgey. We are also shown that she is not always doing well academically (for obvious reasons).

Her Quirk allows her to produce acid from her body, and she is quite good at controlling it. Her acid can easily burn her target and prove fatal. It is impressive that she can adjust the viscosity and solubility of her acid to be used against different targets. Her flexibility makes it possible to dodge enemies’ attacks. Mina has the most amazing reflexes Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

45. Mezo Shoji

 Mezo Shoji

Mezo Shoju, a tall and intimidating man who looks nothing like he does, is Mezo Shoju. Shoji, despite his large build, is friendly and easy going. Shoji is selfless and extremely compassionate when it comes to his friends.

Mezo Shoji is a highly skilled person and has been a reliable hero. His Quirk, Dupliarms, can be used both for sensory and fighting purposes. His arms are ideal for carrying due to their webbed structure.

He is also an excellent candidate for spying missions, and can be very useful. He’s also able to fight very well. Shoji’s strength, stamina and speed can be increased to make him stronger than he is. He is not only big in body but also has a large brain that allows him to think of strategies that no one else can.

44. Rikido Sato

Rikido Sato

Rikido Sato has a quite offbeat Quirk, Sugar Rush. To increase his strength, the hero must consume high-sugar products. He gains an additional three minutes of strength for every 10g sugar.

Rikido must eat foods that have sugar . Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

43. Denki Kaminari

Denki Kaminari

Because of his quirky personality, Denki Kaminari, our reckless and clueless hero is an excellent support for his classmates. Although he is a more laid-back Mineta, he is still a flirtatious and not perverted. He is a slug at school and needs the help of his classmates. We have also witnessed him panic when he is confronted with dangerous-looking foes. He’s also a sweetheart, and that’s not all.

Denki doesn’t have any superhuman physical abilities, but his electrification Quirk makes up the difference. He can paralyze anyone by electrocuting them. Denki was once unable to control his quirks, but he has improved greatly since training. When he hits his limit, Denki’s brain becomes jaded and he acts like an idiot.

42. Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui, despite her appearance, is a mature and responsible person at the U. A. A. She is straightforward and doesn’t hesitate to voice her opinions. She is calm and doesn’t let fear take her away when faced with adversity. Tsuyu is one of the most powerful students in her class because she maintains calmness and remains level-headed when faced with difficult situations.

She is a great fighter because of her Quirk, which grants her frog-based abilities. Because of her quirk, she can fight both close-range and far away. She can quickly react to any attack and is just like frogs. Her tongue is frog-like and she can stretch it as long as she likes. She whips her enemies, leaving them confused. She can also swim in water quickly and breathe underwater. We know who will be the hero in an underwater fight.

41. Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco Uraraka, an airhead, has feelings for Izuku Midoriya. She tends to exaggerate his reactions. She is also very bubbly, friendly with her friends, and the most laid back student in her class. We see her get excited about her goals, despite her being a bit dumb at times. She is determined and will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals.

Although Uraraka isn’t a strong fighter, her Quirk “Zero Gravity”, however, comes in handy. Her Quirk allows her to make any object float in the air, taking away its gravity. This applies to people too. Uraraka’s targets are unable to move because their gravity has been removed and they are helplessly suspended in the air.

Her Quirk is a great support power for her friends when they need it. When gravity returns, she can make huge objects, such as boulders, float in the air and then throw them at her targets. This is a very useful technique when fighting against lethal enemies. Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

40. Present Mic

Present Mic

Present Mic is an eccentric English teacher from The U.A. High School, and also has the odd personality of a radio host. (He loves hosting events and listens to our commentary). Everyone’s favorite English teacher at school is the cheerful and enthusiastic English teacher!

Although Present Mic is unable to use his physical strength or take part in combat, his Quirk “Voice”, which allows him to increase the volume and frequency his voice, can cause his target’s ears to bleed. His Quirk allows him to distract his targets and stop them from doing what they want. His Quirk is a great tool to fool enemies and buy time.

39. Eijiro Kirishima

Eijiro Kirishima

Eijiro Kirishima, along with Bakugo, is probably the most manly student in his class. Bakugo is his favorite friend. He’s outgoing and loud. He can be very touchy with his friends. He is a loyal friend who can also be a formidable opponent.

His Quirk allows him to harden his body, allowing him to fight offensively instead of defensively. His strong body is tough and can break any object that is placed in front of him. His shield is a formidable defense tool. Even without the Quirk, Kirishima is an exceptional student. His agility and strength are unsurpassed.

Although he didn’t have the strength of will to fight back then, we were able to see a new Kirishima when he fought with Kendo Rappa of Eight Bullets. He didn’t seem to be slowing down and was giving Kendo a lot of trouble. He showed his chivalry by refusing to bend down and taking his lethal punches. Kirishima is a formidable hero. Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

38. Momo Yaoyorozu

 Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo Yaoyorozu is our Vice President. She is an extremely well-rounded candidate to become a pro-hero in the U.A. High School. She is a natural leader and leads her class well with Ida. She is pure innocence and pure purity. Unfortunately, her costume speaks another truth. She was recommended to U.A. She is a high school graduate with excellent combat skills and a unique Quirk. Intelligence, power, beauty… SHE HAS IT ALL!

She can create non-living things from her skin using her quirk. This is done by changing the molecular structure in her fat cells. To be able to use her Quirk effectively, she must eat lots and have a good understanding of the molecular structures of different objects. Momo doesn’t gain weight even though she eats a lot. With her Quirk, she is able to prove herself to be both a formidable opponent and a great help to her friends.

37. Fumikage Tokoyami

Fumikage Tokoyami

Fumikage has a mysterious aura that makes him seem distant and unfriendly. This is why he didn’t make friends with his classmates at first. Fumikage is reserved and serious, which makes him seem intimidating to his classmates. He was able to make many friends and openly communicate with his classmates over time.

Because of his extraordinary power and agility, we see him as a reliable hero. Dark shadow is his Quirk. It allows him to remove a shadow monster from the body of his target.

It has strong powers and can work well when it is in shadow. However, it tends to go haywire in shadow. If there is bright light, the shadow shrinks in size and loses its agility. Fumikage can smash his target with Dark Shadow without even breaking a sweat. Fumikage can also wear Dark Shadow around his body to provide protection when needed.

36. Tenya Ida

Tenya Ida

Tenya Ida demonstrated leadership qualities and proved that he was worthy to be the representative of his class. He is the most intelligent and sophisticated student in his class, and will do whatever it takes to maintain discipline. His classmates don’t listen to him. We often see Ida making hand gestures and jumping to conclusions when he wants to communicate something to his friends.

He is also an outstanding student academically, and is proud of that. His strength is quite impressive. He hopes to be like his older brother, who was a prohero after fighting with Stain.

Tenya’s Quirk allows him to create engine-like engines in his calves, making him super agile and fast. He also gains incredible strength in his legs, which allows him to kick faster and stronger. He can run very fast and cover long distances in a matter of seconds. Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

35. Hitoshi Shinso

Hitoshi Shinso

Hitoshi Shinso emits a menacing aura (literally everyone can see it) but is a straightforward student in class 1-C of General Department. He is a clever guy who can manipulate everyone and everything.

He is a hard worker and can accomplish anything to reach the top. He is a little salty and it is not his fault. His “Brainwashing Quirk” was always viewed as evil and held him back. He grew bitter about Quirks such as Midoriya, and became resentful.

Shinso’s Quirk allows him to control his target. It also gives him the ability to control their brains and make them do whatever he wishes. His Quirk only works if his target responds verbally to him. If we take a moment to think about it, his quirk is quite powerful. Imagine being able control people and make them obey you. That’s his unique Quirk. This is our boy’s Quirk! It’s crazy that he can control multiple targets simultaneously.

34. Tamaki Amajiki

Tamaki Amajiki

Tamaki Amajiki is part of the “Big Three” at U.A. He is currently a student in class 3-A at High School. Although he is a typical introvert, his intimidating aura gives him away. However, he is very shy and cute. He might look intimidating due to his height and reservedness. When he is exposed to large audiences, he becomes extremely nervous and can’t function normally.

Tamaki is not shy or awkward. He has made it to the “Big Three”, which are the three best students in the U.A. High School His Quirk is both fascinating and strange because it allows him to manifest the physical characteristics of any food he has eaten. This could be anything, from an octopus or a bull. To be able to fight effectively, he just needs to have enough food.

He loses his power as soon as the food is finished. He worked hard and was able manifest multiple things at once, making him stronger and more reliable. His Quirk makes him an intimidating opponent and one of the best candidates to become a pro-hero.

33. Laundry Hero: Wash

Laundry Hero: Wash

Wash looks almost like a washing machine with arms and legs. He was the first to enter ” Pro Hero Arc”, where he presented at the biannual Hero Billboard Chart JP. This strange character might be one of the top 10 Pro Heroes. Manga readers are still to learn about his Quirk abilities. We can assume, however, that Wash could manipulate or generate the Water.

32. Yoroi Musha

Yoroi Musha

Yoroi Mushi holds the ninth rank in Pro Heroes. He is an elderly beard man, wearing Japanese armor and a cape. Old Man was one of the top three professional heroes in his prime. He claims that his current ranking has decreased because it is in accordance with modern laws and time systems.

He has not yet made his grand debut in anime. Yoroi did not reveal his Quirk in the manga series. Although his appearance suggests he is more like a samurai, Hero’s Facts suggests that Yoroi may be able to make weapons out of his armor.

31. Shinji Nishiya

Shinji Nishiya

Shinji Nishiya, a Wood Quirk user, is more like First Hokage in the Naruto series. Kamui Woods also calls him the pro hero No. 7 position. His debut was in the first episode of My Hero Academia.

Shinji is able to produce long-range wooden tendrils that can be used to save civilians from danger. To stop villains from doing evil, his Super Move “Lacquered Chains Prison”, which encloses the enemy in a wooden prison. This technique was used by Shinji during “Hideout Raid Arc”, where he resisted the League of Villains quickly.

30. Shield Hero Crust

Shield Hero Crust

Crust is No. 6 according to official rankings by “The Hero Billboard Chart JP”. 6 Pro Hero.

Already, the hero has made his debut on manga’s pages. He cries when he is introduced and regrets not being part of the Kamino incident.

It is possible that Crust might have a Quirk similar in appearance to Kirishima based on his name and only look. He could therefore probably make hard stones from his body to attack. He could also use it as a defensive shield.

29. Rumi Usagiyama

Rumi Usagiyama

Rumi Usagiyama is No. Rumi Usagiyama is the No. 5 female Pro Hero and one of the most highly ranked. This is a completely new hero, introduced in Chapter 184.

Her Quirk grants her brutal leg strength. She can blow up a structure by striking hard on the ground. She may also be able to jump great distances at an incredible speed.

28. Shinya Kamihara

Shinya Kamihara

Shinya Kamihara is the No. The franchise’s 4th Pro-Hero. He is a Ninja-looking character who played an important role in Hideout Raid Ark.

Shinya learned a new technique through rigorous training. It was called “Ninpo: Thousand Sheet Pierce.” Pro Hero used this mode to twist himself into pointed strings to cut through his enemies before he lost their blood flow.

27. Tsunagu Haikamata

Tsunagu Haikamata

Tsunagu Haikamata calls him Best Jeanist. He currently holds the third rank in Pro Heroes’ ranking system. Surprisingly, he won the “Best Jeanist” award in eight consecutive years.

Tsunagu, the fan-favorite hero, doesn’t show his face. Instead, he covered his entire body with denim. Tsunagu was a social icon in the fashion world due to his deep knowledge of textiles and passion for denim.

Apart from all his social activities Tsunagu is a strong and tough fighter of My Hero Academia, who can hold his own against All For One.

His Quirk, Fiber Master allows him to manipulate all types of cloth. He can even untangle a portion of his clothes and make threads to hold multiple enemies in check.

26. Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado, our Beauty Pageant winner is also part of “The Big Three” at the U.A. High School. Because she is so curious and constantly asks silly questions, she’s a real cutie. We love her cheerful, happy personality and her willingness to share her thoughts. She is a kind, caring person who cares deeply about her friends.

Although she is a sweetheart, her personality can be quite different when she faces an enemy. Her fighting style is very strong and fierce. Wave Motion is Nejiro’s Quirk that allows her to produce powerful shockwaves. This happens by converting her vitality and energy into energy. Although the shockwaves can be deadly, they are slow because they take place in the shape of a spiral. You can also fly through the air with those shockwaves created from her feet. She can sometimes surpass pro heroes with her powerful Quirk!

25. Katsugi Bakugo

Katsugi Bakugo

Katsugi Bakugi, one of the strongest students in his class is an arrogant boy who takes too much pride and joy in his Quirk and power. We view him as arrogant, selfish, and a bit too much.

Midoriya is his childhood friend and he’s always competitive with him. At first, we see a little bit of a villainous streak in him but he soon calms down and begins to seriously consider becoming the No. Midoriya is the Hero. We see him become vulnerable at times which suggests that, despite his tough exterior, he is not a complete jerk.

Bakugo’s Quirk Explosion allows him to explode his target with his palms. His Quirk is the most powerful among his classmates, and he is very aware of it. He can adjust the size of his explosion to suit the opponent. Bakugo is known for his powerful explosions and his natural leadership skills, making him one of the most formidable enemies.

24. Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya is the protagonist of the series. He was one of the 3 strongest students in his class and caught All Might’s attention. He was able inherit All Might’s Quirk, “All for One”, which made All Might a legendary hero in the past. When he was quirkless, he had a lack of confidence. However, after inheriting All Might’s Quirk, his goals were clear. He now aspires to be All Might. ).

He persevered and saved his friends numerous times. He will not back down even if his friends are in peril. Because he is so kind and sweet, we often see him helping his friends and strangers.

He is a Quirk expert and has a wealth of knowledge. He is able apply his knowledge to fights and can defeat many deadly opponents. His Quirk “All for One”, which allows him to use raw power to increase his durability, speed and agility, as well as his physical combat skills.

This makes Midoriya a hero who has superhuman powers similar to All Might. He has shown himself to be an extremely strong candidate to replace All Might in the future due to his unimaginable power. Midoriya is a strong leader and has demonstrated a keen intellect to navigate through difficult situations. Midoriya is also very popular and likable among the weebs!

23. Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki is also one of the strongest students in his class. He has a turbulent past with his father and sees his quirks as a burden from his cruel father Endeavor. At first, he seemed cold and difficult to get along with his classmates. He didn’t intend to do so. He became less arrogant over time and began to be more friendly and kind towards his classmates. I’m so glad that we were able to see his sweet side! ).

His Quirk, Half Cold Half Hot, allows him to generate fire from one side and ice from the other. His mother passed him ice and his father fire. He hated his father and preferred ice to fire.

He was able to combine both of these abilities with time and became one of the most powerful students at his school. He also has a few super-moves that almost make him invincible.

22. Mirio Toga

Mirio Toga

Mirio Togata is another admirer of All Might and a big fan. He has everything necessary to be the next No.1 Hero. Mirio is a regular, goofy boy. He is a true ball of sunshine and cheers up everyone. While he does sometimes do stupid things, we can’t deny that he is a smart and courageous individual.

We see him taking his friends’ lives seriously when they were in danger. We also see his empathy towards others. (Midoriya’s spot in danger!)

Mirio is the top student at U. A. A. Mirio’s Quirk allows him to pass through any solid material, and his enemies’ attacks can pass through him without causing any harm.

His Quirk almost sounds invincible! He is a master of his Quirk and knows exactly where to push it to confuse his targets. Miryo is distinguished by his Quirk and Miryo’s unwavering will. He doesn’t back down and continues to work hard to reach the top.

21. Stain


Stain, the “Hero Killer”, had a bad reputation for killing many Pro heroes. He was intimidating and difficult to deal with. Stain was driven by a sense of duty and wanted to eliminate any Pro hero who became a hero in order to make money or fame. (We like this idea! ).

Because he hated the idea of fake heroes, he ended up with extremist ideals. This made him cold and merciless. He is hostile but hates bloodshed even though he appears hostile. Shugaraki is not compatible with him because of their differing views and ideals. He hates fighting without reason and is focused only on his goal of eliminating corrupt heroes.

Stain’s Quirk, “Blood Curdle”, allows him to paralyze his targets simply by tasting a drop their blood. His powerful quirk allowed him to kill many Pro heroes. Stain’s speed and agility are unmatched, which paralyzes his targets. Stain’s strength and stamina is no joke. Because he has an unfailing will, he can continue to work even when he is severely injured.

20. Sir Nighteye

Sir Nighteye

Sir Nighteye, Mirio Toga’s mentor and a pro-hero was well-known for being the brain behind All Mighty and was also his sidekick. His tall, lean frame and intimidating eyes made him stand out. Midoriya was scared of his cold stare when he approached him to do a hero internship. Nighteye was a strange man who acknowledged people. Nighteye valued people who could make him laugh.

He was not a skilled fighter and relied on his intelligence. He was able to see the future of his targets with his quirk “Foresight”. After activation, it remained active for an hour.

To activate Nighteye’s Quirk, he had to make eye contact and touch the target. He was able to read the strategy and moves of his target and avoid them with his foresight. His Quirk, combined with his intellect, proved unbeatable. He was a formidable opponent for his foes.

19. Midnight


The Modern Hero Art History instructor at the U.A. Midnight, a Pro-hero from High School, is a beautiful and playful girl and everyone loves her (including us all!). Her curvy body and long hair make her look like a dominatrix.

We see her being flirty and playful, but she can also be very serious and frightening when someone interrupts her. She is sensitive to her age (literally every woman in the world).

Her Quirk is quite impressive. It allows her to put her targets to bed by emitting a pleasant aroma that induces sleep. For some reason, her Quirk is more effective for men than it is for women. She is also proficient in the use of a whip. Her body is quick to respond and she can avoid enemies’ attacks without breaking a sweat. Our Pro-heroes are not to be messed with!

18. Mt. Lady

Mt. Lady

Mt. Because of her beauty, charm and charisma, Lady has everyone wrapped around their finger. Lady loves to get attention and is a hard worker for it. She is obsessed with the spotlight and doesn’t mind stealing others’ glory.

Her motto is “embrace vanity to maintain your sanity”. We see her selfish side, even though she is vain. She is determined to help her fellow pro heroes and doesn’t back down.

Mt. Lady’s Quirk gives her the ability to grow as tall as a mountain. Her enormous figure gives her an advantage over her targets. Mt. Lady can crush anyone she wishes. She is also able to help in an emergency situation when the city must be evacuated. She isn’t just there to entertain and she certainly isn’t playing around!

17. Kurogiri


Kurogiri, a minion of All for One serves Shigaraki as a protector and was created by Ujiko as a nomu. He is a League of Villains B-ranking villain. He is literally a purple mist, and doesn’t possess any body. (Though he is wearing clothes that make him appear human-like, I don’t know why).

He helps balance out Shigaraki’s inexperience and his intelligence. Without him, Shigaraki would not have been able to strategize anything. He is a man of impeccable manners, and he speaks well to his enemies.

Kurogiri has the Quirk “Warp Gate”, which allows him to create a portal from his mist that leads somewhere else. The League of Villains can travel anywhere with his help. If they are being difficult to take a deep breath, he can transport them to other locations. It is impossible to underestimate his ability. His keen intellect helps him to plan his strategies and gives our heroes a difficult time.

16. Gang Orca

Gang Orca

Gang Orca is currently the No. 12 hero, Gang Orca looks almost like a whale (Literally). It’s frightening to see him so calm and focused. Although he has a menacing appearance, he is actually very friendly and kind. He is a good friend to his fellow pro-heroes, and is always there to help them. Gang Orca was a difficult opponent to the U.A. He was very difficult to beat against and gave a tough time to the U.A. students during their exam. Gang Orca is the type of guy who won’t hesitate to call out anyone who causes trouble or doesn’t work hard.

He has. a Quirk that grants him the characteristics of a whale. Imagine a whale, but with increased speed, strength and senses. Gang Orca is exactly that. A KILLER WALE! By creating hypersonic waves, he can paralyze his targets. Gang Orca has many minions that he can call upon to help him in battle. Gang Orca is their leader, making them a formidable and unbeatable army.

15. Eri


Our little Eri is timid and fearful. She was forced to undergo Kai Chisaki’s Overhaul experiments many times over because of her Quirk. After accidentally making her father disappear, she was left by her mother and treated as a monster. This is how she met Chisaki.

She felt kindness for the first times in her life after she crossed paths with Midoriya. She was able to see a light in her eyes that showed her she could survive and be treated as a normal girl. Unfortunately, Eri was unable to recover from her trauma after rescue. However, Midoriya and his friends helped her smile at the festival.

Eri’s Quirk can alter the body of a person to make them look younger, heal injuries and undo any body changes. Her Quirk isn’t very controllable and she goes crazy. She was able to show tremendous strength while being rescued from Chisaki, and she helped Midoriya defeat Chisaki. The size of her horn determines how strong she is. It can grow too big and cause problems for everyone.

14. Overhaul


Kai Chisaki (also known as Overhaul) is a Yakuza Captain in Shie Hassaikai. He is also a sociopath and shows disgust for people. He is a complete weirdo, and hates dirt getting on his clothes.

Overhaul has a passion and a goal to restore the World to the way it was before the advent of Pro-heroes and Quirks. Overhaul, a Yakuza Captain is very smart and level-headed. He is determined to complete his mission to eliminate the plague of quirks.

The Quirk of Overhaul allows him to quickly disassemble and reassemble any object he touches. He can take complete control of his target’s body, and can even obliterate it without moving a muscle. Because he can reassemble any of his own limbs that have been cut, he is practically invincible. He is a leader and a genius with leadership skills.

13. Eraser Head

Eraser Head

Finally, the Hero and teacher we adore are here! Eraser head is a Pro Hero and a teacher in class 1-A at U.A High School. He is a logic-only student and expects high standards from them. Although he is reserved, we often see him open up to his students and give them advice. His students find him very strange because he is always so sleepy and lazi. They love him, and so do we!

His Quirk is very interesting and reliable. It allows him to see his target’s Quirk and nullify it. He has extraordinary physical combat abilities that few heroes can match. He also carries a type of capture weapon that looks almost like a binding fabric.

It allows him to immobilize and move large objects for his attacking purposes. Eraser’s indomitable will means that Eraser can tolerate severe pain. He fights even when he is severely injured to protect his students. He’s a true man no doubt! Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

12. Ryuku Tatsuma

Ryuku Tatsuma

At the moment, Ryuku is No. Ryuku, a 10 Pro Hero, is a gentle, compassionate, and caring person who always looks out for others. Although her exterior looks intimidating, we are able to see her heart.

She felt so guilty for failing to save a life that she attempted to resign from her position as No. She claimed she was not worthy of being a 10 Pro hero. This is how down-to earth she is.

Her Quirk allows her to transform into a fierce and large dragon. This gives her the characteristics of a Western Dragon. Her dragon form makes her unbeatable and gives her superhuman abilities. She has strong jaw and claws. She can fly easily because of this form. Her physical strength is unbeatable. Her body is strong enough to withstand any kind of attack without getting a sweaty or getting a cut. This is how strong she truly is!

11. Geten


He is a member of the Meta Liberation Army. He is loyal and will not compromise his ideals. Re-Destro is a hero to him and he’s very angry at anyone who causes trouble for Re-Destro.

With his Quirk, Geten can manipulate ie near him and attack his targets. His rage can cover a large area and he can make ice any way he likes. He is a man of extraordinary stamina, and he does not give up easily. His Ice manipulating Quirk and his intelligence give him immense power, which allows him to be a formidable opponent. He is definitely one of the most powerful villains in the Meta Liberation Army. Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

10. Dabi


Dabi is an A-ranking villain and is part of the League of Villains. He is a badass villain in My Hero academia, and the weebs love him. Dabi is the epitome of stoicism and doesn’t let others’ opinions get to him. He is a loner and prefers to be alone. Although he can be violent at times, he is very cautious. Dabi, like Stain is wary of heroes and enjoys taunting them.

Dabi is one of the most powerful villains in the league of villains. He has a strong Quirk and immense power. His Quirk allows Dabi to produce dangerous and destructive blue flames that he can control. Dabi’s blue fire is very hot and can quickly burn anyone to ashes. Dabi is also able to use many super-moves, and is not someone heroes can underestimate. Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

09. ReDestro


Rikiya Yotsubashi (also known as Re-Destro) is the Grand Commander for the Meta Liberation Army. He has two personas. His public persona is quite balanced and normal. His private persona is very different. He believes Quirks should not been controlled or passed, but should be celebrated. To achieve his goal, he will torture innocent people and is passionate about it.

His power is his stress/anger. Rikiya Yotsubashi Quirk allows him to transform his anger, hate, and stress into raw power. His power increases the more intense and strong his emotions. He Has strength and speed are unmatched as a leader in the Meta Liberation Army. Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

08. Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki, a S-ranked villain, is the leader of the League of Villains. He is a disciple of all for One and is obsessed with creating a society that reflects his ideals. Tomura is a selfish man with a wicked personality. He is a man-child and has difficulty expressing his emotions, which can take its toll.

His Quirk “Decay”, which allows him to disintegrate any object he comes into contact with, is his Quirk. This Quirk makes him one of Japan’s most dangerous villains. His decay quickly spreads throughout his target’s body and it is impossible to stop.

Only his victim can save his life by cutting off the area affected. Tomura is a strong, durable, and able-bodied man with impressive stamina, strength, and endurance. His Quirk and his incredible speed can make him very deadly.

07. Gigantomachia


Gigantomachia, a member of the League of Villains and an all-for-one follower, is a fierce villain. He is also the ex-bodyguard of all for one, and is designed to protect Shigaraki. He, despite his intimidating demeanor is actually a polite villain.

If someone is causing him problems or being uncooperative, his moods can quickly change. He can often display a blinding rage which can only be controlled if he listens carefully to All for One (What a faithful bodyguard!).

This Giant is a massive man with a lot of power. He is a formidable fighter and can crush anyone without breaking a sweat. Gigantomachia was created to be a bodyguard for All for One and has extreme endurance, speed, stamina and strength. He can also easily defeat the League of Villains.

His quirks include Gigantification and Pain Blocking. Gigantomachia also has Tough Muscles. He is a robot that doesn’t feel human emotions. He won’t hesitate in brutally killing anyone!Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

06. Hawks

Hawks was a pro-heroes who were laid back and managed to get the No. Right after Endeavor, Hawks was named 2 Hero. Our Wing Hero is friendly and carefree (though he can sometimes be rude). He hates formalities and prefers to do things his way.

He can fly because of his Quirk “Fierce wings”, which gives him enormous red wings. Each of his feathers can be controlled telekinetically. His feathers become hardened and can be used to attack targets. It can also transport heavy and large objects with ease.

One feather can carry a fully-grown human being. Hawks relies on his intelligence for his attacks. Hawks’ intelligence and his ability are unbeatable!

05. Endeavor


Todoroki’s suffering is caused by Endeavor, and Endeavor is No. After the retirement of all Might, Endeavor is now No. 1 hero. He was always averse to All Might taking the first place and had his sights set on his title as No. 1 hero. He was the No. 1 Hero. It wasn’t luck. Endeavor is a highly capable hero who has saved many people in the past. He doesn’t have a good relationship with his family.

Endeavor’s Quirk is Hellfire. It allows him to create intense fire from his body, which can burn everything to ashes. He is immune to other types of flames, and can alter the shape and form of his flames to his will. Endeavor is a muscular, large man with superhuman physical abilities. He also has a Quirk that gives him an edge. He is second only to All Might and definitely the strongest Pro-hero. Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

04. Nine


Nine was the antagonist in My Hero Academia, Heroes: Rising. Nine was a powerful character with a power that was similar to the All For One. He was able to steal Quirks from other people and use them up to nine times, thus his name. His first Quirk was Weather Manipulation. It was powerful enough to demolish cities easily. This power came at a steep price.

03. Cathleen Bate

Cathleen Bate

Cathleen Bate was the Number One Hero of America. Also known as Star and Stripe she was an incredibly strong Hero. The Quirk New Order she possessed allowed her to control the environment and change the outcome of the battle.

Star and Stripe could infuse new abilities on the environment and on herself to make her strong enough for battle. She could not only give herself new abilities but could also manipulate the bodies of her enemies, making her very difficult to defeat. Some have referred to her Quirk as the power that redefines what Quirk can be. Star and Stripe were tragically killed in an encounter with Shigaraki Tomura. Strongest characters In My Hero Academia

02. All for One

 All for One

Japan’s most powerful villain and arch-nemesis for All Might, All For One is a psychopath who wants to take the life of all Might. He is the worst of the worst, with a personality that is rotten to its core. He is a self-absorbed, selfish villain who wants to conquer All Might and take his powers. He’s a pretty bad guy. He’s killed many heroes and taken their Quirks. He believes he is above all people.

His Quirk allows him the ability to steal Quirks from other people and make them his own. This Quirk can combine multiple powers, making it quite dangerous. All for One is a strong and powerful force. He can easily destroy entire towns by himself. To fight with any hero, he doesn’t even need to activate his Quirk. It’s enough that his bare hands can do the job. All for One is a tough villain for our heroes.

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01. All Might

All Might

Who doesn’t know something about All Mighty? If the name of All Might doesn’t ring any bells, then you shouldn’t be called a weeb. Because of his contributions to society, All Might was able win the title of Symbol of Peace. He saved many lives and is trusted by the public blindly. Nana Shimura passed his Quirk to him and he passed it on to Midoriya.

His personality is reminiscent of a superhero from comic books. His smile is infectious and contagious. All Might is positive and optimistic about all things. He always pushes his students forward. He is very happy and has many fans (including Sir Nighteye, Miryo and Midoriya).

All Might has a Quirk that allows him to use raw power to increase his physical abilities and boost his body. He uses only his fists to defeat enemies and is quite skilled at it. All Might defeated his enemies with super moves such as Detroit-smash and California Smash. He is the most powerful My Hero Academia character, and he’s impossible to beat!

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