Summer Time Rendering Characters : All Characters Ranked And Personality Explained

Summer Time Rendering Characters

Summer Time Rendering, a mystery supernatural Shounen series written by Yasuki Takaka, is illustrated by Tanaka. The series is about Shinpei Ajiro’s return to his hometown following a tragedy.

Summer Time Rendering Characters

This series debuted on Disney Plus on April 15th, and it has been one the most overlooked shows of the season. The show’s story is enhanced by the addition of a cast of great characters and stunning animation. The plot is captivating and keeps you on the edge of your seat. We have compiled a list highlighting some of our favourite Summer Time Rendering characters from the series.

Top 10 Summertime Render characters ranked

Summer Time Rendering Characters And Their Voice Actors By AnimeMedia

9. Alan Kofune

Alan Kofune Summer Time Rendering Characters

Alan Kofune is the father to Ushio, and Mio. He is a Frenchman and runs Hitogashima’s restaurant. He is devastated by the loss of his daughter but continues to run the restaurant in an attempt to maintain a sense of normalcy.

8. Masahito Karikiri

Masahito Karikiri Summer Time Rendering Characters

Masahito was the priest who performed Ushio’s funeral rituals. He is also the chief priest at the Nitto shrine and the head of Karikiri.

7. Tokiko Hishigata

Tokiko Hishigata Summer Time Rendering Characters

Tokiko is Sou Hishigata’s younger sister. She is Mio’s best friend from childhood and serves as a supporting role in the series. She is well aware of Mio’s crush on Shinpei, and she tries to be a wingman occasionally.

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6. Tetsu Totsumura

Tetsu Totsumura Summer Time Rendering Characters

Tetsu, a police officer, is killed by Mio’s shadow. Mio gets the gun that Hizuru and Mio need to kill Hizuru. It is vital that Tetsu remains alive. Shinpei manages to keep Tetsu from the spot where he was to die. Tetsu gives Shinpei vital information via a phone Ushio requested.

5. Sou Hishigata

Sou Hishigata

Shinpei is best friends with Sou. He witnessed the tragic death of Ushio and felt immense guilt for not being able save her. He has a crush upon Ushio’s younger sister Mio. Unfortunately, Mio is in a relationship with Shinpei.

4. Ginjiro Nezu

Ginjiro Nezu

Ginjiro Nazu plays the role as the hardboiled, wise old man who knows all about the evil creature haunting the town. He is a lot like Quint in Jaws. Shinpei hears him talk about Shadows and what they can do. As he shares important information with the main characters, he is crucial to the story.

3. Hizuru Minamikata

Hizuru Minamikata

Hizuru Minamikata, a young woman who is mysterious, arrives on the island after being away for a while due to a specific reason. Her role is crucial in the story as she is shot in her head by Mio’s shadow, before Shinpei can reveal key information. He can still keep Hizuru alive by slipping into a time loop similar to Groundhog Day and get the information he needs.

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2. Mio Kofune

Mio Kofune

Mio is Ushio’s younger sister. Shinpei is helped by her bright, bubbly sister Mio. She is also a major character in the story. Shinpei appears to be her crush.

1. Shinpei Ajiro

Shinpei Ajiro

Shinpei is the main character in the Summer Time Rendering series. For the funeral of Ushio Kofune, his childhood friend, Shinpei returned to Hitogashima for the first time since two years. Since he lost his parents as a child, he has felt close to the Kofune sisters like they were his family. He grew up in the Kofune home. 

He becomes engrossed in the bizarre time loop events in the story. He perseveres until he solves the mystery surrounding Ushio’s murder.

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