The 10 Secrets of The 9 Red Scabbards In One Piece

The 9 Red Scabbards, a group made up of some of Wano’s most powerful samurai from One Piece anime who once served Oden Kozuki in his role as his loyal vassals, are the Nine Red Scabbards. Oden put everything he knew into their lives and shaped their entire lives. They decided to give their lives and swords to Oden.

The Saga of the Four Emperors of One Piece’s arc of wano Kuni is dominated by the nine red sheaths. Fans should be aware of the following facts:

10. They can face the Yonko Commanders

10. They can face the Yonko Commanders

The 9 Red Scabbards is a group of powerful samurai that makes all the powerful One Piece organizations think twice about trying to enter Wano. This group includes characters who are strong enough to take on the Commanders of Yonko with no difficulty. They aren’t as strong as the Yonko and admirals, but they can injure them in battle. This is very impressive. It is difficult to stand up against characters this powerful.

9. Kinemon is the leader for the Red Sheaths

Kinemon  The 9 Red Scabbards

All the members of Oden’s disciple group, the nine red sheaths, wanted to be Oden’s best subordinates during his lifetime. Kinemon is the only leader of the group. Kinemon and Denjiro were the first to meet Oden. Denjiro was his right-hand person, but he was the leader of the group.

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8. After Oden Kozuki’s passing, they changed their names

 Oden Kozuki's  The 9 Red Scabbards

After the death of Kozuki Oden, the Shogun of Wano, several members of the 9 Red Sheaths assumed pseudonyms. Denjiro was the first to adopt this identity, taking the identity of Kyoshiro The Sleepy.

7. Kanjuro Was The Traitor Among Them

7. Kanjuro Was The Traitor Among Them  The 9 Red Scabbards

One of the 9 red Scabbards included a traitor who Inuarashi first teased during the Zou episode of One Piece. The Wano Kuni arc’s third act ends with the reveal that the traitor is Kanjuro. Kanjuro, like Orochi was a Kurozumi family member and had been spying on Oden and Red Scabbards for many years. The traitor Kanjuro was ultimately killed by Kikunojo after a fierce battle against Onigashima.

6. Shinobu and Izou are Oden’s other supporters

 The 9 Red Scabbards

Oden is not part of the Nine Red Scabbards but other characters have followed him, including Kiku’s older brother Izo. Like all the others, he was Oden’s servant. However, he remained on Whitebeard’s ship and became commander of the 16th Division. Izou, who had been left empty by Kanjuro, returned later to fill the void and was the last Oden servant to complete the “Nine”. Shinobu, a Kunoichi native of Wano and a self-declared servant to Kozuki Oden.

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5. Their shadows at sunset are their name

6. Shinobu and Izou are Oden's other supporters

Twenty years ago, the samurai from Oden were baptized “The Nine Red Sheaths”, which is the current history for One Piece. Orochi, Kaido and Hyogoro had broken an agreement with Oden. Kaido then massacred Hyogoro’s men and put him in prison. Oden assembled his men to put an end all of this. The shadow these samurai cast at dusk gave them their famous name, the Nine Red Sheaths.

4. After Oden’s passing, they split

The nine red sheaths split after the death Shogun Kozuki Oden. Inuarashi, Nekomamushi and Nekomomuke ran towards Kuri to defend Momonosuke. Denjiro & Ashura were running while they were fighting and one of them returned to Kuri to become “Kyoshiro” later.

Kawamatsu brought Kozuki Hiyori safely to safety, while Kinemon and Kanjuro, Raizo, Kikunojo were sent 20-years into the future by Momonosuke of Kozuki Toki.

3. Each member is a great Haki user

 The 9 Red Scabbards 3. Each member is a great Haki user

As you can see during the third act, each of the nine red sheaths are extremely powerful Haki users. They were strong enough to destroy the Yonko commanders. However, they also managed Kaido head on and inflicted injuries. Kaido is known for his ability to fight without injury, which makes this feat even more impressive. Kaido has compared their mastery of Haki to Oden’s, giving us an idea of how strong they are in battle.

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2. They also studied Oden’s two sword style

2. They also studied Oden's two sword style The 9 Red Scabbards

The love between the Sheaths and Kozuki Oden is unwavering. Toki says that they each developed their own fighting styles so they didn’t have to fight over Oden’s best disciple. This could have been possible if they had learned how to use Oden’s sword from the beginning. All scabbards were taught to use Oden’s two-sword style at one point. They used their most potent technique against Kaido to inflict great damage on him.

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1. Their favorite food is Oden

1. Their favorite food is Oden The 9 Red Scabbards

Kozuki Oden loves sheaths again. Every member of the sheaths has their favorite food, which is used to prepare Oden, a Japanese classic. Oden was, interestingly, Kozuki Oden’s favorite dish. He even boiled the weapon himself to pass the weapon on to the left, just as the ingredients in a hot bowl Oden.

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