The Boys Characters : All Characters Ranked And Powers Explained

The Boys Characters

Amazon’s original series The Boys challenges the traditional superhero story and flips it upside down. This tale was adapted from the comic of same name by Garth Ennis, and Darick Robertson. It’s not pretty or heroic. These heroes are corrupted and influenced by their desire for fame and glory. This is a far cry than the Captain America characters we love. So All Informations About The Boys Characters.

Which Are The Most Powerful IN tHE bOYS ?

Which Are The Most Powerful IN tHE bOYS ?

This show is proof that heroes should not be met. The Boys have their own powers, which they don’t always use to benefit the greater good. These are the most powerful characters from the show, ranked in order of least to greatest power.

18. Mesmer (Haley Joel Osment).

Mesmer (Haley Joel Osment).

Although reading minds is a powerful skill, it doesn’t necessarily work well in hand-to-hand combat. If you want to manipulate someone, however, you have the advantage. When you want to predict the next move of someone, reading their minds via surface contact can be extremely useful.

However, this is only possible if you are able to take the time to look at all the information before they take you down. We’ve seen that Mesmer is not easily destroyed, especially when he faces off against Homelander.

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17. Popclaw (Brittany Allen).

Popclaw (Brittany Allen).

Popclaw was a very dangerous and powerful cat-like creature. We didn’t get to see her much before her death. Popclaw’s sharp, retractable claws are cat-like and could easily rip through flesh. She also has extreme super strength.

She is essentially a mix of Wolverine, Catwoman, and has a drug addiction and bad reputation. To crush a man’s head between your legs until it explodes takes a lot. Popclaw’s love affair with A-Train is her greatest weakness.

16. The Deep (Chace Crawford).

The Deep (Chace Crawford).

The Deep, an alter-Aquaman who is basically the alter-Aquaman has underwater-based powers that enable him to communicate underwater with sea life and breath underwater. Like the other heroes in this series, he seems to be stronger and more durable.

Although manipulating water is an amazing skill, it’s not the best when it comes down to fighting off villains on land. The Deep is often left out of big missions due to his ineffectiveness. The Deep is better at being a nice face on the ground than he does being a major threat.

15. Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore).

Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore).

Lamplighter, a former member, was teased on the first season The Boys. He had a dark past with Butcher’s team of Supe hunters. However, he made his debut in full in the second season, played in part by Shawn Ashmore.

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Lamplighter was forced by Voght to torch a house full of children with his ability to control fire. He then began to work for Voght at Sage Grove Center, where he tested the effects on Compound V.

14. Translucent (Alex Hassell).

Translucent (Alex Hassell).

Translucent died before we were able to fully appreciate his powers. Translucent’s ability to become invisible is extremely helpful, especially if you have to sneak attack. We were able to see how difficult it is to kill this man because of his carbon skin.

He can only be killed by the Boys if they insert an explosive device in his rear end. Hughie had to blow it after Translucent managed to escape from his cell.

13. A-Train (Jessie T. Usher)

A-Train (Jessie T. Usher)

It can be very beneficial to have super speed and extreme stamina. As we have seen, it can also be deadly. To win in close-up fights, he just needs to move back a bit and then ram into someone.

He is beginning to see his flaws as he realizes that he might not be the greatest speedster in the world. We also know that he isn’t indestructible after Kimiko broke his leg and continues to have heart problems from his use of Compound V.

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12. Kenji Miyashiro (Abraham Lim)

Kenji Miyashiro (Abraham Lim)

The Supe Terrorist concept was first introduced in the first season. It was expanded on in the second season. This included the introduction of Kimiko’s brother Kenji Miyashiro who had been tested by the Shining Light Liberation Army terrorist group.

Kenji was exposed to Compound V and was able to telekinesis. However, his control over the powerful ability was based through his hands. This led to his defeat, when his wrists were smashed and his neck was taken by Stormfront.

11. Naqib (Samer Salesm)

Naqib (Samer Salesm)

Homelander tried to strengthen society’s need to have the Seven in the Military by releasing Compound V to terrorist organization Naqib.

Naqib’s explosive detonation ability, which released large amounts of energy and took out a whole military base, saw him take down the first season. In the second season, he was eventually beheaded by Black Noir.

10. Hughie Campbell – Supe Mode

Hughie Campbell – Supe Mode

Hughie was able increase his power during The Boys by taking the temporary Compound V, known as V24. The V24 enabled him to become powerful enough to help the other Boys at the Russian army compound. Episode 4. \

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9. Starlight (Erin Moriarty)

Starlight (Erin Moriarty)

Starlight is arguably the only truly good person on the show. She has amazing light-based abilities. Starlight can manipulate light energy which can make her extremely dangerous. She can channel light energy to gain super strength and make people blind or kill.

She can also channel light energy to protect herself and her friends, which is a major plus. She can be naive sometimes, which makes it easy for people to manipulate and take advantage of her. She seems to be coming into her own, and she is beginning to build a strong backbone that will only get stronger as she uses her powers.

8. Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara)

Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara)

Kimiko, the female’s name, turns out to be Kimiko. She was trained as terrorist fighter and is now one of the most powerful and dangerous. We’ve witnessed her kill entire rooms of people larger than her.

Compound V was used to experiment on her, which left her mute and infused with incredible power and strength. She can also heal herself, making her practically indestructible. Kimiko is the Boys’ solution to their superhero problem. Kimiko is the ultimate killer machine. She was born and raised to tear apart bodies and souls. She seems to leave behind a trail of blood wherever she goes.

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7. Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott)

Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott)
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios Copyright: Amazon Studios Description: Pictured: Dominique McElligott (Queen Maeve) Air Date: October 09, 2020

Although she is very similar to Wonder Woman, and even has the same powers as her, Queen Maeve looks far different from DC’s Amazonian princess. She did once have a strong sense morality at one point. But, the Vought industry has slowly made her more jaded.

She is not always in agreement with the Seven’s decisions. Her super-strength and incredible stamina make her extremely powerful. She also has invulnerability, great combat skills, and intense strength. Maeve can be very difficult to defeat in combat and is a real threat to anyone.

6. Supe Mode – Billy Butcher

Supe Mode - Billy Butcher

The third season The Boys sees William “Billy” Butcher finally using Compound V and accepting his power, suggesting that he may be strong enough to defeat Homelander.

He seems to have the same abilities as Homelander in Super Strenght and X Ray Vision.

5. Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell)

Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell)

Black Noir was not a popular character, but he did learn a lot about Homelander in the first season. He made a comeback in season two when he focused on Billy Butcher and other Boys.

Black Noir is a master martial artist and has a great deal of strength and durability. He also has mediocre stealth skills and is a powerful powerhouse despite his never-ending silence. Black Noir survived a lot of explosions but was still able to be taken out by his nut allergy.

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4. Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit)

Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit)

For the live-action series, Victor Neuman’s character was also reimagined as Victoria Neuman (played here by Claudia Doumit), a congresswoman who campaigned against Voght & the Seven and helped launch a congressional hearing on Compound V.

The hearing was interrupted by the explosions of several important heads in the room. This led to the discovery that Neuman was the Supe who had been killing witnesses with her powerful ability, whose limits are still unknown in the series.

3. Stormfront (Aya cash) – The Strongest Female Among The Boys Characters

Stormfront (Aya cash)

Stormfront, the character, was reimagined as a female member of Seven with amazing lightning-based abilities. She could use these incredible abilities to launch offensive blasts, telekinesis and even flight.

She is almost as strong as Homelander and nearly as indestructible. However, one of her most remarkable abilities is her healing factor. This has allowed her to age quickly and keep her alive for many decades. It makes her one of Seven’s oldest and most powerful members.

2. Soldier Boy ( Jensen Ackles )

Soldier Boy ( Jensen Ackles )

Soldier Boy features prominently in Season Three of Amazon’s The Boys.

He was America’s greatest superhero, before Homelander. He was a hero who helped the good prevail over the evil during World War II. He fought for justice and liberty with his superhero team Payback until his disappearance in Nicaragua during a botched operation. The cover story was that he bravely gave his life to save America in 1984 from a nuclear reactor meltdown.

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1. Homelander (Antony Starr) – The Strongest Among The Boys Characters

Homelander (Antony Starr)

Homelander, arrogant and filled with a supremacy complex is the show’s version of a twisted Captain America. His dangerous abilities include X-ray vision and super strength. He also has invulnerability and, most importantly, heat radiations that can burn everything in his path to a crisp.

He can also fly and sense when people are nervous or scared, thanks to his enhanced perceptions. He is the most dangerous of the Seven, as there is nothing that can stop him in a physical confrontation.

20 Top The Boys Characters (Ranked)

The comic book The Boys may not be the most well-known, but its premise is very interesting. It is the characters and their individual struggles that are the best part. Amazon’s live-action series has helped to make the story more popular. There are so many characters to choose, it is hard to decide which characters you like best in The Boys comic series or television show.

You can read the entire article to learn more about our ranking. It gives you a quick overview of the 20 most memorable characters from the Boys series.

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20. The Deep

The Deep

The Deep is one of the main characters in The Boys series. He is also known by his real name Kevin Moskowitz as The Lord of the Seven Seas.

He is a superhero, and was a member of the Church of the Collective as well as The Seven. The Deep can interact and breathe underwater with aquatic animals, making it easy to identify which superhero he is based upon.

The Deep was nine years old when he discovered he had aquatic Telepathy. He began to hear the thoughts of all aquatic species he encountered, be they at an aquarium, beach or Red Lobster.

At first, he thought he was crazy, but his mother tricked and told him that it was a gift, and that he was simply born that way.

In comic books, The Deep wears a diving mask in which he cannot remove an old curse. The hero also separates from The Seven to join The Truth Squad in comics.

While the concept of the character is interesting, he is often left behind. Amazon tried to correct it, but they didn’t succeed. However, his character arc was very entertaining.

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19. Translucent

19. Translucent The Boys Characters

He is a member of the Seven and has a skin made of a carbon-based metamaterial that can reflect and refract light. This makes him virtually invisible. It can be weakened by high-intensity electric, gas, and suffocation, but not enough to cause its death. He is the member most interested in the financial side of the superjob, and the one who makes comments about the earnings earned by the group during the meetings.

Starlight says that he is attached to a son. He hides a less than admirable character, as he uses his powers of observation to peer into the ladies’ bathrooms. After discovering that Hugie had planted a bug at Vought headquarters, he attempts to kill him but is defeated by Butcher and the boy.

The electrified cage is placed around him. Frenchie and Butcher then try to locate him. Butcher and Frenchie eventually come up with the idea of inserting plastic explosives into his rectum. Hughie then kills him as soon as the supes escape from the cell.

The pieces of the invisible Man are then collected and placed in a zinc container before being thrown into open water. Abyss finally finds the chest in which the Boys had written their declaration against the Seven. A funeral is held for him in the second season. It claims that he was killed fighting the El Diablo drug cartel.

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18. Jack from Jupiter

Jack from Jupiter The Boys Characters

Vought-American describes him as an extraterrestrial because of his appearance. He must say Carpo, the secret word of a satellite orbiting Jupiter, to activate his powers. He can fly and transport non-flying legs on missions. After leaking photos showing him having sex with transvestites at Dr. Peculiar

17. Dr. Jonah Vogelbaum

The Boys Characters

Vogelbaum was a German scientist, who received asylum in the United States during the 1930s. Vought American Consolidated brought him in, then Vought American. He is the inventor of Compound V, which gives people superpowers. To stop the Nazis creating supermen, he fled to the United States. Vogelbaum is frequently quoted in stories by The Boys magazine. He does not act like other characters.

16. The Lamplighter

The Lamplighter The Boys Characters

He was a former member of The Seven and was given to the Boys by the leaders of Vought to keep the peace after Mallory’s murders. The Boys then killed him in retaliation. Vought America later resurrected him and he now lives in secret in a Seven HQ spaceship cell as a decerebrated Zombie.

According to public history, he took a leave from the team and was broadcast on national television after his resuscitation. He was placed in the spot where he “lives”, and Patriot broadcast him to the rest of his team as an “example” to them, and as a warning to anyone who underestimates the Boys.

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Starlight, A-Train and Starlight are now responsible for periodically cleaning Lamplighter’s excrement cell. Lamplighter’s abilities seem to be primarily due to his torch-like device. He can fly, emit blinding light, or destructive energy.

The Lamplighter

His physical stamina has improved greatly after he survived the impact of a flying plane’s wing during the 9/11 attacks. He suffered broken ribs and almost punctured his lungs. After the accident, he took multiple pain relievers. In Stillwell’s conversation, it is revealed that Lamplighter was discovered by the CIA following a search warrant being executed on the former headquarters for the Seven.

His powers are not like the comic. However, he is pyrokinetic and requires fire. He always has a lighter in hand. In the pilot episode of the first season, it is revealed that he has been laid off from Seven. He has been assigned to the Sage Grove psychiatric Hospital, which is used underground as a test site for Compound VI: his job it to burn failed experiments so that he can avoid losses.

Kimiko, Mother’s Milk, and Frenchie infiltrate the facility to find Stormfront’s connection. They accidentally encounter Lamplighter. Stormfront is prevented from finding them by the Boys when Lamplighter arrives later.

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The Lamplighter

He admits to having killed Colonel Mallory’s nephews in an attempt to stop him blackmailing him. Frenchie was furious that Frenchie didn’t stop him because he was supposed to follow him. Lamplighter gives the Boys permission to hold him hostage and drive him from the facility. Lamplighter later decides to testify in favor of Vought at the Supreme Court.

Watching pornographic movies together with Hughie, Starlight is captured by Vought. They decide to save her. Lamplighter gives his life to free her from her cell and Super-proof her.

15. A-Train

A-Train The Boys Characters

A-Train (or Reggie Franklin as some call him) is one of the main characters in the comic books. He is a speedster, who was once part of the Teenage Kix Squad and is now part of The Seven. It is easy to see who this character was based upon when you consider his superpowers.

He accidentally killed Robin Ward, Hughie Campbell’s girlfriend, while high on Compound V. This led to Hughie joining The Boys.

A-Train was fired by The Seven but was later asked to return and is now the fastest man in the world.


Behind the celebrity facade, the soul of a mortal athlete hides behind the superficial façade of a superhero with genuine concern about his place at the top. Because he knows that it will only take a few years before a younger, faster rival takes his place, he’ll do anything to keep in The Seven. That’s a problem no one can solve, even the fastest man in the world.

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14. Mesmerizer

Mesmerizer The Boys Characters

He is a super-soldier with telepathic abilities and is parody of Professor X. In addition to sharing his name he is also a superhero with mental powers, but no fighting skills. He was a young protagonist in a series about a child detective who solved crimes using his own powers. But now, Charles, just like other supers who have worked for Vought from childhood, is no longer a good man. It was revealed that he had used his powers for insider trading. Now, he is reduced to appearing at conventions.

Cleo, his only child, seems to be gone. He has had custody of her for many years. If he is willing to read Kimiko’s thoughts, the Boys will contact him.


He is, however, also a man who is interested in fame. Just as his reunion with Cleo looks imminent, Charles decides to stop seeing her again. In fact, he tells the Seven about the identity of the Boys. This leads to Charles’ death. Vought doesn’t give him any protection or reward for this information. Butcher, upon discovering his betrayal and tracking him down, brutally murders him.

13. Ryan Butcher

Ryan Butcher The Boys Characters

Becca Butcher and Homelander’s unborn son, and stepson of Billy Butcher in the TV series. He is 8 years old and still the first super confirmed to have powers from birth. His birth was following Homelander’s rape.

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Ryan, his biological father’s son, has shown that he inherited his super strength, calorific vision. However, Ryan is very different from Homelander. Ryan was born to a loving mother who showed Ryan affection in a calm and peaceful environment. He was protected from the psychological damage that caused him to become the man he is today.

Ryan Butcher

He has reservations about saving him when he learns about his existence. However, Ryan decides to save him and Becca is buried. Ryan then chooses Ryan over Homelander. However, before separating, Billy gives Becca some final advice and presents him with the Saint Christopher medallion.

12. Stan Edgar

Stan Edgar The Boys Characters

Although he was a minor character in the comic, he is believed to have been one the most important executives at the company. Stillwell was his personal protege. Giancarlo Emposito plays him in the TV adaptation. He is still part the company, but he is in fact the head of it. He is the amalgamation of Edgar, Brewster, and Stillwell.

He briefly appears at the end the first season, where he offers Stillwell (a female in the series) an promotion. Then, he takes over the main cast for the second season.

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11. Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy The Boys Characters

Captain America inspires his character. He is the leader of his group, even though Stormfront threatens to undermine him. Stormfront is a charismatic leader. He has an almost indestructible shield and super strength. He is a weak-tempered, very naive character who is often involved in homoerotic activities of The Patriot. His leadership is not well tolerated by his friends. It

It is believed that he was killed by Butcher, who captured him to get information. Soldier Boy’s prototype was part of the Vengeful Squad in the 1940s, but was killed during World War II. Soldier Boy’s first costume was more serious and military-like and was Captain America-like. However, Soldier Boy’s modern costume featured a tight costume and shorts that reached the knees. This may have been in reference to DC Stargirl.

10. Black Noir

Black Noir The Boys Characters

Black Noir, The Seven’s superpowered Ninja, is quiet, secretive and very secretive. His martial arts mastery matches his extraordinary strength and enhanced senses.

Criminals run in terror at the mention of his name. This merciless fighter is unknown, except that he was trained with a master sensei.

Black Noir is hiding something under his mask, and it is still a mystery. This only adds to his terror.

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Black Noir

Perhaps Whoever BlackNoir is the most powerful comics character, partly because he is Homelander’s clone

Noir, despite his violence and surprising compassion, cares deeply for innocent people.

All of these characteristics can be used to determine the character’s inspiration. The DC caped crusader is the main character, but you will see hints of other characters like G. I. Joe’s Snake Eyes.

9. Stormfront

The Boys Characters

Stormfront joined the Seven after Translucent’s passing was made public. She became a temporary competitor to Homelander, before they fell in love. She is an expert in social media and has a large internet following.

Stormfront was a secret Nazi who used her position as a Seven member to further her white nationalist agenda despite her public denials.

Stormfront is acutely aware of the disapproval of racism in today’s society. She does a great job masking her racist feelings when she finds herself in situations where she might be subject to political retaliation.


Stormfront, when confronted by racial comments she made to Seven-member A-Train members, pretended she was unaware and argued that she meant something else.

Her public image as an ethical, fashionable, and fashionable hero is a facade for her recklessness and bigotry.

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Stormfront seems bored by the machinations of becoming a great hero. Stormfront is gifted with a variety of talents including the ability manipulate charged particles (lightning), fly, amazing durability, rapid recovery, and great strength. This is enough to grab Homelander’s attention, and Stormfront proves it.

8. Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve The Boys Characters

Queen Maeve, the second most powerful member in The Seven, is the ideal role model for young girls around the globe. She is a fighter, feminist, humanitarian, and a great role model.

She has made sacrifices in her quest to reach such amazing heights. Accepting Vought’s image required her to let go of reality and some of the people she loved.

She is no longer the determined idealist she used to be, but she is disillusioned, cynical and has begun to recover some of her former self when she joined The Boys’ support against Stormfront and Homelander.

Queen Maeve

Maeve has extraordinary strength, endurance and reflexes. She can also jump up to 12ft and is immune to almost all types of injury. We even see evidence that she is bulletproof. It is difficult not to think about Wonder Woman, the character she inspired.

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Although Queen Maeve initially appears to be a cynical heroine, who has been tortured by Homelander for years, she becomes a world-weary hero that can be looked up too.

Queen Maeve, one of The Seven’s most formidable superpowered members, is undoubtedly one of The Boys’ most powerful characters. Although she is a major suspect in the crimes of Homelander, Maeve cares more about Starlight than any of The Seven’s other members. She also shows disdain for Vought International’s horrible secrets.

7. Mother’s Milk

Mother's Milk The Boys Characters

M.M. (Marvin T. “Mother” Milk is a prominent character in comic books and was a founder member of The Boys, a black operations group.

Milk was motivated to leave Butcher and The Boys. He has wonderful work that he can do to help troubled children and has a beautiful home with Monique, who is the joy in his life.

Butcher stated that without Milk’s detailed, systematic intellect, he cannot win the battle against Supes. If Milk is honest, he doesn’t notice the activity.

Butcher’s quest for Homelander at all costs would put lives at risk, especially those of Milk’s family members.

Mother's Milk

He is the only member of the Boys with avengeance to have kept his compassion the longest. Milk is supportive and kind to his friends and family, even though his father tried to kill him to sue Vought. Milk would like to vengeance him.

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Mother’s Milk is perhaps more important than any other member of The Boys. However, it does not grow much in the series.

It is a relief that he doesn’t have to worry about his wife finding out about his work with The Boys. Once the truth is out, it doesn’t really matter.

6. Kimiko Miyashiro

Kimiko Miyashiro The Boys Characters

Kimiko, also known by the Female, is one of the most interesting characters in this series.

The Boys discover The Female locked in a basement cage under high security. They mistake her for a desperate victim.

The Boys discover the truth about The Female through a trail full of blood and gore. They might be able to save their lives by learning that she is a badass.

They’ll soon discover that the puzzle of The Females’ origins is only one piece of a larger, more frightening puzzle than they could have imagined.

The years of trauma and imprisonment she endured made the Female a silent, harsh, and unpredictable person.

Kimiko Miyashiro

The Boys saw The Female first as a threat. They mistrusted her. Frenchie is the only one who treats her kindly and she starts to form a relationship with him.

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Kimiko intervenes after she leaves and Frenchie is attacked in an alleyway by Black Noir. This indicates that their friendship has developed into mutual trust.

5. Frenchie

Frenchie The Boys Characters

Frenchie, also known as Serge, is one of the main characters in the comic book series. He is also a member the vigilante group The Boys. He is half French, half Algerian and his nickname is Frenchie.

Frenchie’s skills as a gun-running, drug-dealing jack-of all-trades jack-of–all-trades jack-of–all-trades benefactor to The Boys and Butcher greatly, while Mother’s Milk is continually frustrated by his rash judgements.

Frenchie is a former hired killer. His past tasks, as well the people he killed, are still etched in his mind. He discovers that a woman in a basement cage is part of a larger mystery and he reclaims his humanity.


Frenchie is The Boys’ only person who can relate to her. This makes him an interesting character. The Amazon adaptation explores this story in more detail.

Frenchie, despite his past struggles, is a caring guy who cares deeply about the well-being of his fellow members. Frenchie was also the group’s smartest member with the widest range of skills.

He is multi-talented and has experience in many illegal activities including drug production, firearms smuggling and breaking and entering.

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4. Starlight

Starlight The Boys Characters

Starlight is part of The Seven, a superhero team. She was exposed as a mole, and an ally to The Boys, and was temporarily banished from The Seven.

Annie January is the girl next to you with superpowers. She’s as honest and down-to-earth as it gets. Starlight, the Defender of Des Moines is all that she has ever wanted to do. Although it sounds like a cliché, it’s something she believes in. She’s fulfilled every wish she ever had when she joined The Seven.

This young Midwesterner finds out that her idols are not the best people to meet when she arrives in New York.


Vought International hired her as a super-abled figure after The Lamplighter left The Seven.

Starlight, a small-town hero, was raised by a single mom and has strong faith. Starlight has the ability to absorb and manipulate electric current, and she is also extremely strong and durable.

Annie could have been one-dimensional, but she is one of the highlights of the show. Although her relationship with Hughie was a bit lackluster in Season 2, it’s clear that she is an interesting character and will play a major role in future seasons.

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3. Hughie Campbell

Hughie Campbell The Boys Characters

Hughie lives a normal life. Hughie is a young man of good character, who works in a boring profession but still lives at home with the father in the room where he was born.

Robin, his love, is his only source of light in his life. That is until A-Train (a fast superhero) slams into Robin and instantly kills her.

Hughie is recruited to fight the “Supe” vigilante Billy Butcher, out of desperation. His life is turned upside-down when he finds himself at the center of a battle against super-heroes, who, it turns out, are neither heroic nor superhuman.

Hughie Campbell

The transformation of an once-naive teenager into an anti-superhero character should have been catastrophic, but Hughie’s story was one of the highlights of the show, thanks to The Boys’ brilliant writing.

Hughie has been repeatedly pushed to the breaking point, including killing a member from The Seven and being shoved into a whale’s stomach. His reaction is normal and natural.

This transformation is what makes him one of the most fascinating characters. The producers of Amazon’s show also picked it up and explored more.

2. Homelander

Homelander  The Boys Characters

Homelander is The Seven’s commander and Billy Butcher is The Boys’ leader.

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Homelander is the greatest superhero and commander of The Seven. He has the face of a star and the power of a god. He can fly and has exceptional strength and hearing. His x-ray vision allows him to see through almost anything before using his laser eyes to destroy it.

He appears to be the ideal Boy Scout. A treasure of America and a God-fearing patriot, amiable and modest, he is also honest. Like ordinary people, superheroes have their secrets.


Homelander is revered and feared by all seven members of The Seven, but most people fear him.

Homelander is undoubtedly the most intriguing character on the show. His image is enhanced by a compelling character arc that dives into the mind and reasons for his actions.

1. Billy Butcher

Billy Butcher

Billy Butcher is charming and smart, an ex-member of British Special Forces who is now a vigilante. A natural-born salesman, he can convince anyone with just a smile or by using brutal force.

His only goal is to get rid of superheroes. His personal animosity stems from his hatred of a particular Supe: the Homelander.

Butcher will not stop at anything to take revenge on Homelander. He won’t let anyone or anything stop him.

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Hancock Vs Homelander: Who Would Win ?
Billy Butcher The Boys Characters

Butcher must decide between hunting Becca or protecting the Boys’ security in case it becomes known that she is still alive. Butcher refuses to accept Becca’s son when he is finally reunited with her because of his connections to Homelander and his status in Super.

He makes a deal to separate the two, so that Billy can have Becca back.

He was initially a fairly average character, but the Amazon-produced show made him a fan favorite due to his deeper explored personality and unique and badass character story.

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