The Man From Toronto Ending Explained : What’s Happened ?

The man From Toronto Ending Explained

The Man from Toronto follows the misadventures and adventures of a New York bum, and an international assassin, after they cross paths as a result an AirBnB mix up.

After a dramatic showdown that stops the assassination attempt on Venezuela’s President, Teddy and Toronto leave for their respective destinations. Teddy goes home to save his marriage to his wife.

Teddy, who is trying to stop her from getting on a train out of town from the station, is pursued by The Man From Miami – a rival of Toronto’s whom they both crossed during their intervention in Venezuelan assassination attempts. Miami beats him on the streets, and then runs over him. Toronto miraculously intervenes. It turns out, Miami is not the only problem. Toronto’s former handler, disgruntled over a few failed assignments as well as his decision to steal the payment from her organization, has issued a kill command on him.

The Man from Toronto Ending Explained By Movies Vibes

Explanation of The Man From Toronto’s ending:

Explanation of The Man From Toronto's ending

Thumb wars

Toronto prepares Teddy to go into the extraction room and gives him an earpiece. Teddy is taken to a conference room in a hotel, where he meets his captor. He has four hostages.

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Teddy pretends to be Toronto and is asked to use his techniques to figure out Green’s identity. Toronto then instructs him in his ear. The people are a bit aggressive when they see the earpiece and Toronto enters and shoots them all.

The pair then speak to Green, who tells them that their partner was captured in Onancock and that he worked for DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency), which develops untraceable seismic explosives.

Their former boss, General Hanson, recruited them to work again for a top-secret project for a client, Marin, two years earlier. They planned to bomb the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington. Green and his partner installed fail-safes for detonators — a coded sequence, and Green’s thumbprint.

Green is not killed by Toronto after hearing this, but Toronto chops off his thumb. Teddy is stunned but they are stopped by the Man From Miami, an assassin sent by the handler in order to complete the job.

After a long shootout, they are able to secure the thumb and fly back home to Washington to meet Marin. Teddy senses from his many years of sales experience that she has lied to him and calls Toronto to inquire about the job. However, his warning falls on deaf ears.

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Toronto calls Teddy on the plane and tells him that Teddy is a coward for not following through on his plans. He warns Teddy that his wife, whom he so desperately wants to see back, may abandon him if he continues to do this.


The Man From Toronto Ending Explained By Media Breakdown

The duo meets Lori (Kaley Cuoco) in DC for dinner. He is a bit calm and shows interest in Toronto. He says he has always wanted to become a chef, and to open a top-notch restaurant. However, he is afraid it won’t be enough.

Teddy spots Miami and follows Toronto to the back as they dance. Teddy is confirmed by Miami that Teddy was worried that Toronto had done another Minnesota.

Miami takes the thumb in the fight that ensues. The Feds have been watching Teddy from the moment he arrived at the restaurant and finally allow him to move in. But, Teddy and Toronto manage to steal a police vehicle and drive to Marin.

Toronto, who is driving the car, says that he was hired in Minnesota to kill a gambler who owed large sums of money to the wrong people. Toronto was about to pull the trigger when he saw a child in the car.

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He thought about the way he felt watching his grandfather die at the hands a bear and decided to let it go. Toronto says that he will not let anyone die tonight. He wants to make enough money to open a restaurant, and get out of this dangerous lifestyle.

Teddy agrees with him to change identities one more time. Miami and the handler meet Marin at the Monarch Hotel and give him the thumb. Opening ceremony for the Venezuelan Embassy begins. But before Marin can blow it up and get started, Teddy arrives as Toronto. He claims that Miami is a fraud along with the handler.

The FBI enters the room and puts an end to the plot while Teddy continues to blabber. Toronto evades the FBI and takes the money in the midst of the chaos. Teddy is taken home by the Feds, but Lori discovers the truth and sends him a message.

Teddy discovers that the thumb belonged not to Green but to one of Toronto’s captors, which proves that the bomb would have never gone off.

Rogue assassins

Rogue assassins

Toronto is called by the handler, who warns him to return the money. She refuses to give the money back and sends several assassins after Teddy. Lori sends Teddy a text the next day letting him know that she is catching a train to her mother’s. He runs to the station and stops her.

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Miami confronts him and attacks him about Toronto’s whereabouts. Toronto arrives to save Teddy and knocks Miami off his feet. As more assassins appear, their day only gets worse.

Toronto and Teddy rush into Marty’s gym, and an all-out fight ensues. After a spectacular one-shot fight sequence, the pair defeats all assassins. However, the handler shows up with a gun and demands her money.

They race for their lives, and they enter a factory. There they find a dead end on a ramp that passes over steaming boilers. Toronto closes the door with a gun, and Toronto gives Debora the keys to his car Debora. He states that the money is in the trunk.

He tells Teddy to quietly pull the lever near him, which causes the floor below the handler’s to retract, dropping Teddy into a boiler, and killing her. Due to multiple gunshots, a gas leak in the factory explodes. The duo are thrown out.

Teddy reveals that, despite all the murders, his experience has made him a better man. The Man from Tokyo appears and asks for Toronto before he can rush to stop Lori. He is not there, but he drives into Debora’s car to kill the Japanese assassin.

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As the police close in, he hands Teddy the car and tells him to stop Lori. He rushes to park the car at a railway crossing.

The train arrives, crushes Debora and leaves behind crumpled metal. The police arrest Teddy as Lori and Teddy stare on in horror. The plot experiences a time jump, which is one year later.

Lori is pregnant and Anne is seeing Toronto. They all dine at his high-end restaurant. Teddy gives him the first down payment on his car, and Toronto, still bitter over Debora’s death, tries choke him.

The film ends with Teddy leading a successful, no-contact boxing class called Teddybox. Toronto calls him during a live session. He expresses his regret about Debora’s death once more.

FAQ about The Man from Toronto

FAQ about The Man from Toronto

How Teddy and Randy stopped the Colonel’s Plan

Two pieces of information are needed to detonate an undetractable seismic explosive. This is the Colonel’s plan to kill the new Venezuelan president in The Men From Toronto. He was able to learn about the weapon many years ago and has planned to use it at the new Venezuelan Embassy in Washington. To prevent an assassination, members of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency created two fail-safes. These included a thumbprint for Mr. Green and a special access code from Mr. Coughlin. Teddy managed to get Mr. Coughlin to surrender the access code in Onancock Virginia. The Handler needed only to deliver Mr. Green’s thumbprint in The Man From Toronto’s end for a successful mission. Teddy and Randy found the real Mr. Green in Puerto Rico, and placed his severed thumb into a snack bag so it could be preserved until they meet the Colonel.

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The Man From Miami is the Handler’s assassin and Teddy seems to have a leg up on them after taking the thumb. But they have another trick up their sleeves to stop the bomb going off. Teddy promises to be the Man From Toronto when he goes to the location where the Colonel and Handler meet. The Colonel has a photo of Teddy and someone identifying him to be the assassin. This causes a lot of confusion between Handler and the Colonel. Teddy concocts a false backstory in which Randy is the driver. This leads to a standoff between all parties. The stalling tactics of Teddy were a waste of time as he waited for the FBI to come in with windows to detain the Colonel and his men, the Handler and the Man from Miami. Although the FBI captures the Colonel with his men, The Man from Toronto’s ending allows the Handler and Man Of Miami to escape while Randy gets the money and escapes.

The Man from Toronto’s Wrong Finger Twist Explained

The Man from Toronto’s end has another part, and Katestar Woody Harrelson stops the assassination attempt on the Venezuelan president. The Colonel never had the chance to access all the information he needed because Teddy and Randy crashed the first meeting before he can use the untraceable bomb at Washington’s Venezuelan Embassy. Although he did enter the correct code to arm his bomb, Mr. Green was unable to use the thumb in time. The FBI was able to retrieve the finger from Mr. Green’s hand in the wake of the events. After testing the finger, it was confirmed that it wasn’t Mr. Green’s. The Man from Toronto revealed that Randy had cut off another person’s thumb in Puerto Rico. This would have meant that Randy’s good nature would have prevented the assassination.

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What happens after the death of the handler?

After defeating Colonel, Teddy and Randy split up. However, the Netflix action movie ends with the Handler being portrayed as a vengeful threat. Her assassins send multiple assassins to chase Teddy and Randy. When Teddy returns home, he discovers Lori is about train to leave town. The assassin’s concern for Teddy leads to Randy going to Yorktown to rescue his friend. They then team up to defeat all those who stand in their way. They have a run-in at the Handler who chases them and seems to trap them in a building. The Man from Toronto’s ends then allows Teddy to break Randy’s rule of never pulling levers, so that the Handler descends to a boiling pot below.

This victory has a lot of good consequences for Teddy and Randy. The Man from Toronto leaps forward one-year to show how their lives have changed. Teddy and Lori are now in the process of having their first child. Kevin Hart’s character’s online non-contact boxing suddenly takes off. Randy keeps his promise to leave the assassin community and pursue his dream of becoming a chef and opening a restaurant. He also starts a new relationship with Lori’s friend Kaley Cuoco who he had briefly met in the movie. The Man from Toronto’s finale reminds viewers that Randy doesn’t regret Teddy destroying his beloved car Debora in the finale.

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Is There A Sequel to The Man from Toronto’s Ending?

The Men From Toronto looks like a possible franchise for Netflix and Sony. Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart are well-known actors that could carry a new franchise. The streaming service is constantly looking for IP opportunities. The Man from Toronto’s end does not necessarily set up a sequel. Their stories are in good shape with Teddy’s success and Randy leaving the assassin life. Although Teddy Jackson’s video credits include a call from Randy reminding him that he does not forget Debora, Randy would go after Teddy in a The Man From Toronto sequel. Although there are many opportunities for writers to be creative and bring them together down the road – The Men From Toronto’s ending doesn’t pigeonhole that story.

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