The Woman King Explained: What’s Happened?

The Woman King Explained

The Woman King Explained: The extraordinary story of Agojie, a group of women warriors who defended the kingdom of Dahomey during 19th-century West Africa, is told in The Woman King. They are unmatched in their skills and fury.

The Woman King is based on true stories and follows General Nanisca’s epic journey as she prepares a new generation for battle against an enemy determined destroy their way of living. Some causes are worth fighting for…

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Viola Davis: All you need to know

Viola Davis: All you need to know

Viola Davis is an American actress. She has been active in the entertainment business since the late 1990s, particularly in theater. In 2001, she was awarded the Tony Award for Best Supporting Actress for Tonya in King Hedley II. The second Tony Award for Best Actress for Rose Maxson in Fences in 2010.
In 2011, she was critically acclaimed for her portrayal of Aibileen Clark, the maid, in The Color of Feelings.

Then, in 2014, she was acclaimed for her lead role in How to Get Away with Murder. It was the part of Annalise Keating the lawyer, making her the first black actress to be crowned with the Primetime Emmy Award.

Viola Davis from The Woman King

She was awarded a Golden Globe in 2016 and an Oscar in 2017. In 2017, she won an Oscar for her second role as Rose Maxson. Her first interpretation of Rose Maxson was already recognized and awarded in theaters.

The film Fences was directed by Denzel Washington, with whom she shared the poster. Custody and Suicide Squad were also films she starred in.
Viola Davis is the first African-American actress to win an Emmy, a Tony, and an Oscar. These awards recognize outstanding performances in film, theatre, and television.

The Woman King Review

The Woman King Explained

General Nanisca (Viola Davis), leads fierce female warriors as they fight for their kingdom. Also stars John Boyega, Lashana Lynch. Viola Davis is a powerful and moving portrait of courage. The Woman King is unlike any other film I have ever seen. Hollywood presents a historic epic about the struggles of black female warriors for the first time. A stellar supporting cast and Davis grace this epic tale that addresses many difficult issues.

Their journey isn’t just about suffering and pain. They experience love, joy, and purpose while protecting their sacred way of living. You will be engulfed by The Woman King. Davis is a contender for every lead actor award. The kingdom of Dahomey, which was established in 1823 West Africa faces a serious threat. The Oyo Empire, their larger and more powerful tribal rivals, has attacked Dahomey’s villages. They kill, rape and take prisoners for the shameful slave trade.

Portuguese slavers waited at a port to receive their human cargo. Under the command of General Oba Ade (Jimmy Odukoya), the Oyo amassed horses and guns. General Nanisca Davis leads the Agojie (an elite class of female “virgin soldier” women) in a raid to retake Dahomey’s village. With a warning, she returns to King Ghezo (“John Boyega”) with her message. They are not afraid that the Oyo will intrude on their territory. They must respond now to send a clear signal. Ghezo is more educated than his foolish brother and has learned to trust Nanisca for wise counsel.

The Woman King Explained

Meanwhile, her stubborn Nawi (Thuso Mabedu) has left her behind. As a gift, he left her at the palace gates. The Agojie was not permitted to be viewed by commoners. Nawi accepts to join them and decides her fate. Izogie (Lashana Lynn) notices her and realizes she has a very important promise.

Nanisca is not impressed by Nawi’s prideful arrogance. Dahomey prepares his tribute to the Oyo contingent. They also brought Malik (Jordan Bolger), who is a biracial Portuguese seaman whose mother was taken as a slave from Dahomey. Nanisca is shaken by Oba Ade’s sneer. This man is not the first time she has encountered him.

The Woman King Explained

The Woman King takes you into the world of Dahomey. Gina Prince-Bythewood, Director (Love & Basketball, The Old Guard), beautifully explains the nuances and culture of their African tribes. King Ghezo is surrounded with his wives, eunuchs, and Agojie as loyal guards. His section of the palace is not open to men.

Nanisca must deal with Ghezo’s troubled favorite wife Shante (Jayme lawson) and the competitive infantry chief Sivuyile Negesi. A palace plot adds political elements to an intricate and multilayered plot. Nanisca must convince Ghezo Dahomey has to change if they want to survive. The Oyo and Europeans want to extract their land, their plentiful resources, and their bodies.

The Woman King Explained

You will be moved by the brutal scenes. The film depicts war and slavery in a realistic way. The film shows the most horrific examples of torture, rape and other cruel conditions. Prisoners were treated worse than animals. I was disgusted at the sexual assaults and slave auctions. The King Woman is not a softie. It is important for the audience to understand how wealth and stability in Western countries have been built upon the blood of Africa. Nanisca’s fight to save her people is a painful exercise in reflection. Although she is a formidable fighter and tactician, she struggles with regret and trauma.

Many twists and turns explode into narrative grenades. We see the greatness and horror of Nanisca’s rise as a commander at the Agojie. Davis can do anything and everything to be a great actor. Her acting is spectacular and she evokes the inner turmoil as well as the battlefield prowess. It is one of the most important films of the year, and The Woman King stands proudly on its strong shoulders.
The Woman King is a TriStar Pictures, Welle Entertainment production, JuVee Productions. Jack Blue Productions, Entertainment One and Entertainment One production. Sony Pictures released it in theaters on September 16.

IMBd: 10/10
The movie is recommended at!

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