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Trebol One Piece

Trebol is a high officer of the 🏴 ☠️ Pirates of Donquijote. He occupies the throne of flowers and is the leader of the army that bears his name, which constitutes the team with special πŸ”₯ powers.


TrebolHe is very inky. His black hair looks inverted and has a scar at his right eyebrow. He also has a broad, flat nose. His lips are thick and his teeth have some space. He always wears sunglasses.

Although he is quite thin, he conceals his weight with the substance that makes it look more fat than he really is. He is taller and has a longer, lighter blue coat. Some patterns have been added to it over time. He moves almost as if his body is composed of thick substance that he secretes. His body type, posture, and clothing make him look like an enormous snail. He doesn’t wear shoes, but he does have chains around his ankles.

He met him when he wasFlamingoHe also wore a dark jacket, white shirt, and a red tie. As a child, he wore a tanktop and a bowlerhat.


Trebol is prone to getting too close to the person that he’s talking to. Trebol is cruel to the point that he will ask questions Do Flamingo for Baby 5 had πŸ”ͺ killed another one of her boyfriends and asking him to marry him as a joke, knowing that she would feel compelled to accept.

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He is also reckless and violent, in fact as soon as he realized that the Straw Hat 🏴 ☠️ Pirates were attackingSugarWithout thinking about the possibility of it hitting, he immediately hurled his ship at the tower.Sugar. He also set fire to the captured dwarfs.

He is insensitive despite his insensitivity. He gets angry at crew members who laugh at him. Pica’s high pitch voice and he also got angry when he was insulted directly by πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈ Law to the point of jumping on him even thoughFlamingoIt was a trap, he warned.

Trebol One Piece



Trebol was designated to act as Sugar’sAs one of the most prominent members of the crew, he serves as his personal bodyguard. However, their relationship is far from amiable. SugarTrebol treats Trebol like a child, but she is disapproving of Trebol’s appearance.

Strength and Skill

Trebol is the throne of the flowers in the Donquijote 🏴 ☠️ PiratesThis makes it one of the three strongest. Do Flamingo men. He is the highest ranking member of his family and commands two thousand. Dressrosa soldiers. He was also Sugar’s bodyguardHis captain trusted him and he was strong. A bounty of 99,000,000 was hung on his head, a sign of his danger.

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TrebolAs you can see, he is a skilled sniper. Nico Robin, who praised his strength, said how attacking he is. SugarIt was too risky to have him near. He defeated Usop in combat and remained completely unharmed.

He was capable, together with Pica and DiamanteTo take down the entire Dressrosa Army. At eighteen, he was also able to, with Vergo and the latter, to bring down an entire city.

Physical abilities

He is incredibly fast. In a matter of seconds, he covered all the distance between him and the men at the port to copy of the ship. Nico Robin.

He also possesses superhuman strength, to the point of lifting even through his πŸ”₯powers an entire ship and launching it a great distance destroying the dome of the tower of officers.

He also survived πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈ Law’s sword strike and his own suicide explosion in an attempt to πŸ”ͺ kill the latter and RufyGreat stamina.

Both of them are recalled by FlamingoThe royal palace is located on Pica’s sunflower fields. After that, the officers of crew disperse themselves to defend the castle. However, Trebol remains at his Captain’s side. When Rufy and lawThey launch a combined attack from the top floor. RufyHits and lands Flamingo, while Trebol is torn to pieces by πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈ Law. The 🏴 ☠️ pirate then tries to finish him off, but is stopped by Do Flamingo. Rufy, on the other hand, is busy with his own battle against Law. Bellamy and Do Flamingo clone.

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Law was defeated shortly thereafter. Rufy returns to the top of the royal palace, so Trebol assists his captain as he confronts the 🏴 ☠️ pirate. πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈLaw is able to hit the mark thanks to a strategic plan. Do Flamingo and TrebolRufy kicks him out of the room when he tries to intervene. Trebol intervenes again, blocking Rufy to allow his captain to πŸ”ͺ kill Law. Law is insulted by the latter to get him out of his mind. At that point Law uses his πŸ”₯ powers to move his own amputated arm that holds the Spectral Lament and so he wounds Trebol, who explodes himself in an attempt to πŸ”ͺ kill Law, but the latter is saved at the last moment by Rufy.

The defeat of Do Flamingo, TrebolThe Navy deports him along with the rest crew members to the prison of Impel Down.

Trebol One Piece

Manga and anime have different styles


Scenes in which he VergoDo Flamingo loyalty are elongated.

Trebol was the only one who shot the person who hurt. FlamingoHe shot three people in the anime, He,Pica, Diamante, VergoWe stormed the hideouts of other criminals. Trebol, Pica and VergoAlso, another group of criminals was attacked at their hideout.

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Bellamy was threatened by Trebol and Diamante when he showed up at the bar where they were staying together with his crew. Flamingo.

Trebol fired explosive glue bullets at Rosinante in Minion.

Ten years ago, the story began. FlamingoThe auction was attended by the top officers of his crew. He did not want to sell the Gold Fruit but Gild Tesoro sent assassins.

Dressrosa Saga

Through a flashback CavendishHe is seen grabbing the latter.

Sugar tells Trebol about the name of the dwarves ally, “Usoland”, and she tells him to forget it three times. Each time, the high official interrupts her mid-sentence with loud laughter until she can’t say it. Sugar only tells Trebol once in the manga.

Also, Trebol recomposes himself after Usop’s attackHe attacks him. The fight between them is shown.

After Sugarunconscious. TrebolShe is unsuccessfully tried to wake her up, and she then runs away.

The fight for him and DiamondAlso, it is shown how toys were made against children.

Do Flamingo commands him and Diamante return to the palace. He has also a glass in his hand.

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He is later shown when he recomposes himself after being torn apart by πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈ Law’s πŸ”₯ power.

Do Flamingo repairs his internal organs while Do Flamingo watches. Trebol grabs RufyHe then throws him off the roof. The boy then pretends that he is injured by his fists.

Trebol One Piece


  • Spanish for “trebol”, which refers to one the four suits of Trebol Frenchplaying cards. This is a reference to his role in the crew.
  • His most common laugh is “well, eh?eh!””.
  • It is shown in a SBS how he would look if he was subject to the same procedure as by SanjiTo change the features of Wanze or Duval

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