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Yeti Cool Brothers

The Yeti Cool Brother (イエティCOOL BROTHERS Ieti Kūru Burazāzu?, lit. “Temperate Yeti Brothers”) also known as Snowy Mountain Assassins (雪山の殺し屋 Yukiyama no Koroshiya?) Caesar Clown employs two assassins. Punk Hazard. They were sent to take care of the G-5 Marines and the Straw Hat 🏴 ☠️ Pirates. Their names are Rock (ロック Rokku?) and Scotch (スコッッチ Sukotch?). They belong to an unknown tribe of 🗿 giants.


The Yeti Cool Brother are two 🗿 giant humanoid-looking giants with long limbs and are covered with white hair all over their bodies except on their fingers. They are not yet known, but several people believe they are.

Their height is much greater than that of ordinary 🗿 giants, measuring just over 42 meters each. They are still shorter than Oars Jr. and Little Oars Jr. However, one brother’s track is wider than Brook. Franky is captured by the pair on Caesar Clown’s orders. ScotchHe takes control of everything.

They are wearing blue shorts and bowler caps that have been frozen to the top. Rock seems to be wearing a yellow scarf or bow. They have been seen only in shadow, from their shoulders to their heads, so far in the series. Their faces were revealed in a mini book. RockIt is defined by features that resemble a rigid, straight moai. ScotchWears a gas mask that has lenses and canisters visible from his silhouette.

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They are fearsome assassins that will kill anyone provided they receive a large reward. Caesar has shown them loyalty and he seems like he values them. He said they are efficient and that it wasn’t too far to send them assassins. Straw Hats.

In their fight againstLuffy and FrankyThey were proud to fight each other in Chopper’s body and didn’t pay attention. They behave in a 🏙 modern way as every thing they see they usually label it as “cool” if they like it or “not cool” if they don’t like it ,this is noticeable when Luffy attacks them these say that ” that’s not cool”.

Yeti Cool Brothers

Abilities and powers

Caesar thought they were too strong to send them to deal with the Straw Hat 🏴 ☠️ Pirates, so their strength is probably quite high. They were fast, despite their size, managed to hide themselves in snow to escape detection, and created elaborate traps to defeat their foes (such as KYP to induce sleep).

They are skilled marksmen, which makes them excellent snipers. They are able to identify the frozen parts of Punk HazardPerfectionism, using it in their fight against Luffy.

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Their large size makes it difficult for them to leave footprints in the snow. This is something their enemies can follow to find their footprints. They are also not immune to the cold and extreme temperatures of the island’s icy parts.


Each one carries a rifle and is an expert in its use. Because the bullets they fire are about the same size as a cannonball, their shots are extremely powerful. These bullets are known as KYP and contain a gas which makes the shooters dizzy or drunk. They are also equipped with bullets that disperse poisonous gas. However, they don’t feel any effects because they wear gas masks.

When Law attacked Rock, the latter was seen using a huge knife to attack the Sea ⚔️ Warrior.


Punk Hazard’s Bow

They were sent to Caesar ClownTo kill the Straw Hat Pirates 🏴 ☠️ and Squawkbeard, and retrieve the children. They encounter Brook, Zoro and Sanji in Nami’s body and they fire powerful gas bullets at them. This causes them to collapse. They fell off the ravine intolerably after the brothers shot at them when they tried to fight back. Sector F-16The spike trap was not present in this area. ZoroThe spike trap was a temptation for a great drinker, but the couple managed to resist it and get out of the way. They fell asleep in the snow.

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The Yeti BrothersThey believed they were dead. CaesarThey were informed that they had been exterminated and asked to send them for their “bodies”. They headed for the shelter of LuffyHis companions. They then appear in the shelter, aiming for Squawkbeard, and are ready to kill him. Barbamarron thought they were coming to rescue him, to which one of them made him hear through a den den mushi the order to kill the Straw Hats and the latter for having been captured by the 🏴 ☠️ pirates. After an argument with Strawbeard, he “murders” him and takes Nami in Franky’s body to take to the Master for investigation. Lasers from VegapunkHis body.
Yeti Cool Brothers
When Franky and Luffy (in Chopper’s Monster Pointform) pursue the brothers. The brothers ambush them and they both fall. Luffy uses his gomu gatling gun and busoshoku-haki to defeat the spikes. RockScotch fires several shots at Luffy. Luffy fires back using the gomu-gomu no thanks fire. This causes great damage to Rock. Scotch fires at the mountain’s top, causing a chunk of ice that threatens to crumble. Luffy and Franky. Rock is ready to attack again. But Franky (in Chopper’s Monster Point body), jumps up and grabs the chunk ice and throws it at Rock.

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Scotch grabs Nami as he heads towards the research center. Luffy knocks Franky out using a gomugomu no-elephant gun (maddened that he isn’t able to control it). Monster Point). Scotch arrives at the center and meets Law. Law asks Scotch for help defeating Luffy. But Scotch cuts Law in half. Scotch pulls out the knife, but Law uses a powerful electric punch to knock him unconscious.

Both eventually are captured by both Marine.

Major Battles

Punk Hazard Arc

  • Brook vs. Yeti Cool Bros.
  • Rock vs. Luffy & Franky
  • Trafalgar law vs. Scotch
  • Law is shown cutting Scotch in half in manga, while he is cut between his hips in anime.


  • The yeti or abominable snowman is a legendary 🙈 monkey-like beast said to inhabit the HimalayanThe region is located between Nepalese and Tibetan.
  • Usopp was scared of meeting a snowman at Drum Island.

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