Vertical Maneuvering Apparatus Equipment Aot : Everything You Need To Know

Aot equipment

In Aot, The 3D Maneuvering Apparatus (3DMA) , This equipment is human-designed and allows for great maneuverability in battle against the Titans. The apparatus’s structure is symmetrical.

COMPONENTS Vertical Maneuvring Apparatus Equipment Aot

Vertical Maneuvering Apparatus aot

Equipment consists of:

  • 3D maneuvering drive.
  • Control element (with hip pad).
  • Iron wire with an anchor
  • Gas bottles
  • Belt
  • Optional hand guard
  • Halb-blade sword
  • Belts made of leather
  • Pads
  • Sword scabbard

Additional utensils, such as a helmet or protective mask, were not required as the equipment is meant to be lightweight. The iron wire and gas cylinder are made from iron Bamboo which is very strong.

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ATTACHMENT Equipment Aot

equipment aot

The drive is attached to the hip (belt) and is the heart of the equipment. Protective pads are placed between the drive and the body to prevent back pain.

The equipment is also fastened to the body in an arcing fashion using leather straps. The hips and thighs are where most belts are located. These are the areas where the weight load will be greatest . To balance the weight, the remaining leather straps are placed on the body to allow the soldier to maintain his balance while fighting.

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It is possible to use it with great agility by an experienced user, but there is a risk that the device could overstrain the user’s muscles . Therefore, special physical conditioning is necessary before using the apparatus.

MOVEMENT TECHNIQUES Vertical Maneuvering Apparatus Aot

Vertical Maneuvering Apparatus

Simply aim for an object and shoot the anchor-iron wire at it. Then use the apparatus to pull you toward the object. Once the ironwires are released, the carrier can continue.

Soldiers must be able move freely to move forward. They use their momentum to move around their targets. Advanced techniques include changing direction while still attempting to approach an object, as demonstrated previously by Jean Kirschstein.

A difference in balance is created when one pulls towards an object using the iron wire. The weight shifts to the soles of the feet. To accomplish this , one must tighten the muscles. To reduce wind resistance, stretch your arms and upper body in the opposite direction. The leather straps and pads protect your muscles from possible tears.

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The 3DMA has become a more important part of the Titans’ victory over Shiganshina. Episode 3 features Keith Shadis calling the recruits who are unable to handle the equipment and claiming that they aren’t suitable for bait. Three years of training is required to become a 3DMA employee. Training can lead to fatalities.

This equipment allows wearers to move vertically and horizontally as well as in height and depth. The equipment allows for almost unlimited movement in space. These skills are essential: spatial awareness, strong legs, and the ability to maintain your equilibrium even when you panic. Basic training is all about balance. Those who can’t hold their own upright are disqualified from the 3DMA.

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Another important characteristic is also the centrifugal force that occurs in the turns, the Gforces. This force should be countered with muscle tension and pressure breathing. This exercise is more effective for women than it is for men.

Spatial awareness is vital as one cannot lose one’s flight orientation and must be able react quickly. To test this, instructors cut the ropes abruptly during surprise attack training to determine how recruits respond in a moment surprise.

Many soldiers feel more skilled than others because of their rigorous training. They are full of fighting spirit and confidence.

MECHANICS Vertical Equipment

You will find the controls in the hip pad, or on the side for the upper body holster. The blackbox connects them with the gas cylinder, and the 3D maneuver driver. There are three levers. These two levers can be used to retract and extend the iron wire with an anchor. The long lever attaches or disattaches the half-blade blade sword to the element. The belt and drive contain the iron wires.

The thigh is where the sword scabbard rests. The attached gas cylinder is found on its base. These are the only parts of the equipment not attached to the belt. The sword storage scabbard can hold up to six blades. It is possible to quickly replace a broken blade if it breaks.

The 3D maneuver driver is the heart of equipment. This component, unlike the other components, is only included in a small number of pieces. The drive includes a spool for the iron wire. The wires and controls can be operated independently by two axes. For the fans to work, the gas in the gas bottle is required. These allow the axles of the drive to turn. You can also adjust the distance of the iron wires by using it. This can be controlled at the gas faucet.

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Vertical Maneuvering Apparatus  Attack On Titans

It is a unique weapon against titans because it has blades that have predetermined breaking points. It is the only weapon capable of cutting through Titan flesh. This sword is made using a unique forging technique.

The sword is made from highly hardened steel and other rare metals. Only blast furnaces in industrial cities can make it. It is highly classified as to the forging process and the exact recipe for each metal composition. Highly-Hardened Steel has more information.


The frozen iron explosion rocks are used to extract the gas. These gaseous minerals are found in caves that contain volcanic magma. The rock becomes gaseous when the temperature is raised in the gas cylinder. Regulating the temperature is a difficult task for a titan. An explosion can occur in the worst possible scenario.


Angel Aaltonen Aot Attack On Titan

According to Carlo’s expedition report, Kyukuro munsell “rediscovers the 3DMA.” The equipment will now be worn by Kyukuro. He uses the equipment to move around in the industrial city.

Angel Aaltonen is the first to wear the equipment. He is also the second person to kill a Titan. Jorge Pikale, however, is a hero. Later, he is made an instructor in the training unit that trains the recruits to use the equipment.

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Angel Aaltonen was unable to save Corina from the greedy Titan. He vows to defeat the Titans. He embarks with the reconnaissance team and uses his iron bamboo net invention to go on the expedition. The objective was to locate the weak spot of the Titans.

Solm Hume defeats the greedy Titan by placing a handgrenade in his stomach. The neck or throat was Titan’s weak spot. Angel creates the prototype that will overcome the difference in size. Angel discovered that the neck was the weakest point on the next expedition.

Angel discovered the strength and flexibility of iron Bamboo and was able to make weapons and other tools. Xenophon designed the iron bamboo sword.


Angel is the inventor of this equipment. Angel is an expedition leader in the reconnaissance team, and helps to develop a weapon against the Titans. The 3DMA prototype was built before 788.

The equipment was not mass produced despite its success in killing Titans. To overcome the size differences with the titans, the equipment could not be moved horizontally or vertically. It was therefore impossible to change the direction of flight, and could only be used to target Titans isolated. The reason is that the equipment only has one iron wire and an anchor.

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Angel vanished without a trace. Xenophon continues the development of the equipment in Harkimo workshops. Cardina Baumeister and Kyukuro Munsell have tested the equipment.

For greater mobility, two iron wires were used. Gas cylinders are much heavier and larger than current equipment. A straightening blade was used to remove titanium flesh. This prototype was able to stop the death of titans.

  • The equipment is too heavy.
  • The iron wire is not able to bore deeply enough.
  • Although the executioner’s blade could slice titanium flesh, it must penetrate the flesh deeper to deliver the fatal blow.

The prototype was tested first in the pit of an industrial city, and then outside in the dark. Maria Carlstedt’s Department helped the reconnaissance team by keeping silent about the tests and allowing test carriers to test it on titans outside the city.


The anti-personnel 3D maneuver device was created to combat domestic rebellion. This special 3DMA is available to members of the first branch military police. It has a slightly different propulsion system, and can be used for special pistols rather than swords. The propulsion unit does not attach to the belt. It is located at the top of your back, just below the shoulder blade. The drive is smaller.

Thunder spears were chosen because swords could not penetrate the skin of Armored Titan. This variant was later further developed by the reconnaissance team to be used in combat on the mainland.

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