Victoria Neuman Vs Homelander : Who Would Win?

Season 2 of The Boys allowed us to see a mysterious supe who was popping heads out from nowhere. The final episode revealed that it was Congresswoman Victoria Neuman, who had been killing people just by looking at them. Hughie Campbell discovered that Neuman was the head popper in season 3. She now has one the most powerful abilities in The Boys. Who is the more powerful of Neuman or Homelander?

Because Homelander is stronger and more durable than Victoria Neuman, he is still more powerful. We don’t know Neuman’s powers limits or if she can kill Homelander. However, Neuman is still extremely powerful and doesn’t have any chance against Homelander.

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We have not seen what Neuman can do against Homelander, so the limits of Congresswoman Neuman’s power are still unknown. Because he has more power and abilities and the experience and training to defeat Neuman, Homelander is the most powerful supremacy right now.

Physical Capabilities

Victoria Neuman is just like any other supe, in that her physical abilities have been enhanced by Compound V. This means she is more powerful and durable than an average human. Tony was even able to keep up with Victoria in their short fight. She is no fool when it comes to her physical abilities, even though she may not be as strong or as durable as other supes.

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Homelander is the strongest character when it comes to his physical abilities. Stormfront and Soldier Boy have not been able show that they can keep up with him strength and endurance. His physical prowess is unquestionable. Only Stormfront and possibly Soldier Boy can match his abilities. There could be a significant gap between them all and Homelander, but he is so strong and durable.

Her physical prowess, despite the fact that Neuman has only augmented capabilities due to his status as a supra, isn’t very impressive. Homelander, on the other hand could be much stronger and more resilient than Neuman.

Neuman 0, Homelander 1

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Powers and Abilities

Victoria Neuman’s unique ability to increase the pressure on molecules in a person’s bodies to the point that they explode is the one thing that stands out. She can cause body parts to explode by simply looking at them. This is similar to how she was able kill Shockwave (a supe) and Tony (as well as other supes. Although it is not known how she would perform against Homelander’s durability she is certain she is powerful enough to take out regular supes with just a glance.

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Homelander, a parody of Superman from DC, has all of the Man of Steel’s powers. He has heat vision, flight, and Xray vision. This is in addition to all of Superman’s augmented physical abilities. He is an immutable weapon that can destroy and kill in a flash, making him the ultimate killing machine. Only difference is that he can’t use his super strength when he’s in the air.

Victoria Neuman is a unique power because she can kill with a glance. You can look at any of the Seven and kill Homelander. Homelander is an amazing man in terms of his abilities and powers. They are thus tied in this round.

Neuman 0, Homelander 1

Combat Skills

Victoria Neuman, a civilian politician, was trained by Stan Edgar to become a congresswoman, and not a fighter. Because her career path was always in politics, she wasn’t trained as a fighter. She doesn’t possess the fighting skills to be able to fight hand-to-hand against anyone. She even lost to Tony, who is not a fighter.

Homelander has yet to learn his fighting skills, but he can kill anyone with one punch or laser them to death using his eyes. It is possible that Homelander could also be a fighter who could take on other trained fighters in close combat. Although he may not have the same level of training as Queen Maeve or Black Noir, it is possible that he has received some combat training. img alt=”Victoria Neuman Vs. Homelander? Who is More Powerful?”

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Homelander may not be a fighter but the fact that he is stronger than anyone in the world makes it more than enough to win this round. Neuman, on the other hand, has not shown any fighting ability, which could prove to be her downfall.

Neuman 0, Homelander 2


Victoria Neuman was selected to head Vought’s political arm because Stan Edgar likely saw her intelligence. It takes an intelligent person in order to be a congressman. Neuman may have had a lot of education during her youth. It is possible that she attended a prestigious school as well, but it is evident that she is intelligent.

While Homelander may not have the same education as other smart people, he said during his birthday special that he was smarter than anyone else. Vought may have also enhanced his intelligence by creating and engineering him to be the ultimate supe. This is straight from Superman’s playbook, as the Man of Steel and the other Kryptonians are smarter than normal human beings. Homelander’s intelligence is evident when he can manipulate others emotionally and mentally.

Both Victoria Neuman, and Homelander are both intelligent. Neuman has the education, training and genetic makeup to be smarter than the average person. Homelander is the opposite. We cannot afford to give this opportunity to anyone.

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Neuman 0, Homelander 2


Victoria Neuman’s most memorable experience as a supe comes when she uses her powers to kill people and not be noticed. She probably has not been involved in any real fights that require her to use her fighting skills. She might be an experienced politician, but she’s still not able to fight in real combat. She is capable of taking on any skilled fighter in battle, it goes without saying.

Homelander is not the most experienced member The Seven. This is because, as The Boys Presents: Diabolical revealed, he’s relatively new to superhero business. He is nevertheless very experienced, having been on many missions since joining The Seven. Although he may not have the same level of experience as Black Noir or other older characters, he has certainly been through enough battles during his time as a supe. img

Neuman isn’t a fighter, and she doesn’t have the experience to beat Homelander. Homelander has had plenty of experience as a supe.

Neuman 0, Homelander 3

Victoria Neuman vs. Homelander – Who is More Powerful?

All things considered, Homelander will beat Victoria Neuman in a fight. Although Neuman does have powers that we do not know about, we can assume that she could not kill Homelander. Even if Neuman were still strong enough to kill Homelander, her physical strength, combat prowess and experience are all below her.

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