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Who Can Beat Homelander Of The Boys ?

We know one thing about The Boys: The entire series revolves around Billy Butcher, and The Boys trying to find a way out of corrupt supes. Homelander, the most powerful supe in The Boys’ universe, is unbeatable. However, there are fictional characters who are so powerful they could easily defeat Homelander. So Who Can Beat Homelander ? That’s why we are here.

The Boys: 10 Superman Experiments Who Could Beat Homelander

Who Can Beat Homelander ? By SL Made

10. Underdog

Underdog Who Can Beat Homelander

Yes, Underdog. Although the movie’s quality is not the best, the main dog hero pulls off some amazing feats. A science experiment goes wrong and a normal beagle suddenly gains Superman-like abilities like flight and strength. This makes him more powerful than many of the DCEU and MCU superheroes.

In terms of strength and speed, Underdog is surprisingly comparable to Homelander. Both can reach Mach speeds exceeding the sound barrier and their strength allows them through thick concrete without any damage. Homelander’s only feat is Underdog’s ability to survive reentry from outer space. This feat was not achieved by Homelander.

9. The Utopian

The Utopian

The Jupiter’s Legacy’s Expy is for Superman. It’s a more mature and jaded version. Many comic book readers noticed the similarities between the Utopian world and Kingdom Come Superman. This age comes with years and years of experience.

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Although The Utopian’s show version is much weaker than the comic book counterpart, it’s still strong enough for him to fight Homelanders. Homelander has never had to face anyone near his level of power. This is why he’s been fighting Homelander for years. The Utopian’s one loss in this fight would be to Homelander not choosing the side of goodness.

8. Shazam


Two “Supermans” are now in the DCEU, and Shazam is happy to be compared with the legendary hero. His powers are quite impressive for a rookie hero, and he has more than earned his spot in one of the most important films of the DCEU. Shazam, like Homelander is immature and simplistic in his use of his powers.

Shazam, unlike Homelander has actually been able to fight villains with his strength. He’s also much faster than Homelander, reaching hypersonic speeds and taking Sivana into the stratosphere. The shock Zeus’ lightning has also been a surprise to Homelander. Although they might both be “manchildren”, Shazam is the winner due to his superior speed and experience.

7. Superian


The Boys before Invincible deconstructed superheroes, The Tick had already been mocking them mercilessly. Expect the same powers when your series is based upon a ridiculous cartoon. The Tick‘s Experiment for Superman Here is the name, lazily, of “Superian”, whose disguise might even be thinner than Clark Kent’s.

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Superian is almost Superman, more so than any other hero. Superian has super strength, flight, laser vision and freeze breath. He is also said to be practically immortal, and is believed to be hundreds of year old despite appearing to be only thirty. Superian, like Homelander is vain and petty. But, unlike Homelander Superian can be a big fish in an absurdly large pond.

6. All Might

All Might

All Might may not possess laser vision, ice breathing, x-ray vision or Superman’s famous flight. He does possess the essentials of what make the Man of Tomorrow so iconic: extraordinary strength and an upbeat smile. Homelander’s tantrums can be defeated by All Might’s strong strength alone.

Even in his weakest state, All Might can punch heavy hitters into space and clear out the clouds. Although he does not have flight, All Might can jump across entire cities in one leap and land without any injuries. Homelander is opposed to all that All Might stands for. He won’t stand for too long against the Symbol Of Peace, thankfully.

5. Hancock


Hancock has been similarly placed in a “grounded universe” just like The Boys. When Hancock decides that he wants to “save” people, the world crumbles. Hancock demonstrates just how out of touch humanity is against Superman-like beings, no matter how drunk or homeless.

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Hancock, however, is on a whole new level of power, unlike Homelander. Hancock’s takeoffs send shockwaves that shatter the streets below, which is unlike Homelander. Hancock also casually flew to the moon and kicked so hard that it left a new crater. Hancock would likely just punch Homelander into the next continent in a fight.

4. Hyperion


Hyperion in Avengers Assemble is a clear parody on Superman. Hyperion even makes up part of his own version, the “Squadron Supreme” Justice League. Hyperion is a dictator and tyrant, which the Avengers quickly learn.

Homelander would be handled by Hyperion without second thoughts. Homelander is unable to handle heavy hitters such as Thor and Hulk. These heroes could take on the entire universe of ” the Boys“. Hyperion is a larger fish than Homelander, and he’s a shark to Homelander.

3. The Ghost

The Ghost Who Can Beat Homelander

Doctor Who isn’t one to get involved in cape stuff. However, Grant Gordon is an exception. The episode “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” shows Grant, a young child being given a cosmic power gemstone by Santa Claus. Grant mistakenly believes it to be medicine and eats it. The gem was able to bond with Grant’s DNA, giving him reality-altering superpowers. Grant was able to manifest the superpowers that he had read about in comics.

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Grant Gordon, who took on the nickname “The Ghost”, was able to lift the Eiffel tower while flying, snap his fingers hard enough that it broke glass intended to withstand nuclear blasts and reach France in just seconds. Homelander’s pathetic complaints about lifting a plane is in contrast.

2. Omni-Man

Omni-Man Who Can Beat Homelander

Invincible on Amazon Prime is The Boyssister program, but their evil Superman show is far, far better. Viltrumites have a unique design that allows them to withstand all kinds of missiles, buildings, and even mountainous terrain without fear. Omni-Man is a member of the most powerful and absurdly strong races.

Omni-Man defeats his Justice League counterpart and decimates an entire planet just by flying very fast. This allows him to produce massive explosions. If you want to see how a fight between Homelander & Omni-Man might look, then watch the last episode of invincible .

1. Metro Man Can Beat Easily Homelander

Metro Man Who Can Beat Homelander

Metro Man is as close to Superman as you can get without calling him Superman. Metro Man is sent to Earth from a dying planet. The only difference is that he lands in the home of a wealthy couple and not a simple farmhouse. However, the change in setting didn’t stop him from being motivated to do superhero work.

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Metro Man is a flying brick master, but his most remarkable feat is the speed at which he moves. This feat is faster than any hero we have seen. Metro Man is better than Homelander because he realized that he doesn’t need anyone to validate him. A lot of strength comes from self-esteem.

The Boys: 5 Avengers that Homelander Can Beat (& 5 He’d Lose to)

The Boys: 5 Avengers that Homelander Can Beat (& 5 He'd Lose to) Who Can Beat Homelander

It would be more than a battle for who is the greatest if the Avengers fought Homelander. Homelander is a dangerous and cruel supe with little compassion for civilians. Some Avengers may want to eliminate him to protect the people from his evil acts. Although some Avengers might not be strong enough to defeat Homelander, others are an actual threat to Homelander.

10. Captain America will lose against Homelander

Captain America is the best

While both Captain America and Homelander are well-known for their red, blue, and white suits, they have different power, abilities, morality, and morality. Although Captain America is a beloved Marvel superhero, his skills and abilities may not suffice to take on the powerful Homelander.

Although Homelander may be able use his vibranium shield to block Homelander from heat vision, Homelander may have other powers that could give him the advantage to easily defeat Cap. Homelander’s invulnerability will not be stopped by hand-to-hand combat, even though Captain America is skilled at acrobatics.

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9. Captain Marvel: Will You Lose Against Homelander ?

Captain Marvel: Will You Lose?

Homelander might have little chance against Captain Marvel, the Avenger with the most powerful superpowers. Captain Marvel, like Homelander, is a powerful superhero, so it will be a challenge to defeat her.

Both have similar abilities like flight and strength. Captain Marvel’s durability is even stronger than Homelander’s invulnerability. Homelander may have his heat vision but Captain Marvel’s cosmic abilities are enough to defeat Homelander. Her combat skills, in addition to her abilities, allow her to be more technical and strategic when fighting Homelander.

8. Hawkeye Can’t be beat Homelander

Hawkeye: Can't be beat

Hawkeye is a great marksman but Homelander can’t match him. He is among the most vulnerable Avengers against Homelander.

Hawkeye is a skilled archer and acrobat, but he does not possess any superpowers. His bow and arrow won’t harm Homelander. While Hawkeye would love to win against Homelander, he lacks the power to do so.

7. Thor will lose against Homelander

Thor will lose

Like Captain Marvel, Thor is a powerful Marvel character and one of the most powerful Avengers. Homelander is unlikely to be able to stop Thor because Thor has had more combat experience on Earth and in the cosmic universe.

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Both Homelander as Thor have the ability to fly, and both can summon their respective powers of heat vision or electricity. Homelander, on the other hand, is a superhuman who has been injected with Compound V. Thor, however, is literally a god and Homelander, a mere human. However, Thor will not spare Homelander, and will defeat him with the aid of Mjolnir.

6. Black Widow Can Beat Homelander ?

Black Widow
RELEASE DATE: July 9, 2021 TITLE: Black Widow STUDIO: Marvel Studios DIRECTOR Cate Shortland. PLOT: Natasha Romanoff confronts the darker parts of her ledger when a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past arises. STARRING: SCARLETT JOHANSSON as Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff. (Credit Image: © Marvel Studios/Entertainment Pictures/ZUMAPRESS.com

Black Widow, unlike Hawkeye and Captain America, does not possess the skills or powers to harm Homelander. This leaves her vulnerable against Homelander.

Black Widow might have the combat skills to edge out other Marvel heroes, but these skills will not stop Homelander. Homelander would not be able to withstand even the most powerful gadgets or guns.

5. Scarlet Witch: What will you lose?

Scarlet Witch: What will you lose?

Scarlet Witch is the superhero Homelander should consider fighting. Scarlet Witch may not be able to defend him. She is a powerful superhero who can use energy projectiles and telekinesis to make her a threat to Homelander. She is able to manipulate and hex objects which allows her to physically destroy Homelander.

Homelander is too strong for Scarlet Witch, and her power alone should convince Homelander not to fight her.

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4. Can Beat: Iron Man

Iron Man Who Can Beat Homelander

Iron Man is a popular superhero, especially after the MCU. However, there are obvious reasons why he would lose against Homelander. Although his suit can blast lasers and bombs that could prove effective against Homelander, the Iron Man suit has its limits.

His suit will eventually become obsolete. Tony Stark doesn’t have any biological abilities, making him vulnerable to Homelander attacks. Even though Tony’s tactical genius allows him to be more strategic, it won’t be enough to take out Homelander.

3. Vision is the only thing you will ever lose

Vision is the only thing you will ever lose Who Can Beat Homelander

Vision, an android, has many skills and powers that can defeat Homelander. Vision’s ability to manipulate density is one of his greatest strengths. If Homelander were to transfer his heat vision onto Vision’s eyes, the heat vision would easily pass through the android and cause no harm.

Vision is a flying and super strong pilot, making him an excellent challenge for Homelander. Vision is smart and can spot weaknesses in Homelander to help him win.

2. Ant-Man beat Homelander

Ant-Man Who Can Beat Homelander

Homelander can squash Ant-Man like a bug, regardless of his size. Homelander’s X-Ray vision, superhuman hearing and X-Ray vision can detect Ant-Man even if he is small. Homelander can target Ant-Man if he is large with his heat vision.

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Even if Ant Man summoned the most dangerous creepers to attack Homelander’s home, his invulnerability would not be able to stop them. Homelander will defeat Ant-Man no matter what he does.

1. Hulk is the one to lose

Hulk is the one to lose Who Can Beat Homelander

Hulk is able to easily scare someone as powerful and powerful as Loki. Homelander will not be fazed. Hulk, like Homelander, is indestructible so Homelander cannot easily harm him. Homelander’s counterattacks will only make the Hulk more angry and stronger, especially considering his anger issues.

Homelander should not be involved in fighting if he wants to return home with no injuries. He should pick on another person.

Fictional Characters That Can Beat The Boys’ Homelander

10. Superman


Homelander is essentially an expy (exported personality) of Superman. He was intended to be a parody of the Man of Steel. All of Homelander’s abilities and powers are very similar to Superman’s. There are however some differences. For example, Homelander can’t use his super strength when he is flying through the air.

Superman, on the other hand can use his super strength anywhere he goes and can also freeze people with his breath. Superman has also defeated godlike entities and beings stronger than Homelander, proving that he is able to fight off any threat. Homelander cannot even come close to Superman.

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9. Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

People know that Marvel’s characters aren’t as powerful as DC’s, especially when it is about the heroes. Although they aren’t part of the mainline heroes, those who aren’t are quite godlike in terms their abilities and powers. However, they are not necessarily gods. Silver Surfer, a Marvel character that can destroy entire planets but isn’t necessarily a God, is one such example.

Galactus gave the Silver Surfer his surfboard, which gives him powers. We all know Galactus is a galactic-level cosmic entity capable of eating entire solar systems and planets. The Silver Surfer is his herald and he gave him powers that make him rival a god. It is impossible for Homelander to match the speed and raw power of Silver Surfer.

8. The Hulk

The Hulk

This is a great choice, as we’ve seen many different versions of the Hulk both in comics and movies. The Hulk is a creature that is almost immortal and grows stronger with age. This is something that the movies fail to show. The comics show that the Hulk defeated many different enemies because they made him angry, even though he was originally stronger.

Homelander may have an initial speed and strength advantage over the Hulk, but Homelander will have trouble killing him right away because the Hulk is extremely durable. He doesn’t respond to conventional weapons, and the only way we’ve ever seen him get hurt was with blunt force. Homelander can get the Hulk mad enough to make him lose his cool.

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7. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the most powerful Avenger in the MCU at this point. His powers are so interesting and powerful that Carol Danvers was even able to handle Thanos by himself in Avengers: Endgame. While we all know Thanos is a powerful entity that can hold his own against Iron Man and Captain America simultaneously, Captain Marvel was able to defeat him.

Captain Marvel should have no problems dealing with Homelander in this regard. She is strong and fast enough to defeat Homelander with relative ease. Her powers are of a cosmic nature, and likely more powerful than Homelander can handle. We don’t believe Homelander would be able to stop Thanos using his own strength.

6. Darkseid


Darkseid is one the most powerful DC villains and can easily overpower Superman many times. He has the power to match extradimensional beings such as Trigon. He is also a god in DC Universe, which means that few characters can match his power and strength.

Darkseid is a superhuman strength, capable of surpassing Superman’s strength and destroying Homelander. His Omega Beam is his most powerful weapon, capable of changing direction and can even overpower Superman’s heat vision. It’s clear that Homelander’s heat vision is ineffective against one of the most powerful weapons within the DC universe.

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5. Wonder Woman Can Beat Easily Homelander

Wonder Woman Who Can Beat Homelander

Queen Maeve is the Wonder Woman parody for the Boys series. She is often considered to be the second-strongest character in the show. Homelander’s strength, however, isn’t equal to Maeve’s. Wonder Woman, however, is stronger than Queen Maeve. She is also strong enough to take on Superman because she is a superior fighter.

Wonder Woman’s ability fly and defeat gods in DC makes her stronger than Queen Maeve. She is also a formidable fighter who can use her superior combat skills against Homelander. She is a combination of strength, fighting skill, and experience that will defeat Homelander.

4. Hancock

Hancock Who Can Beat Homelander

Hancock is one the most mysterious superheroes ever because he doesn’t belong to any fictional universe. He is the strongest being of his universe, and he is part of it. Because of their power and invulnerability, he and his kind were worshiped as gods by ancient planet people. Hancock’s weakness is only when he is near his destined love. This is the only time that he can be vulnerable.

Hancock is far more powerful than Homelander, as you can see in the movie. He is so powerful, in fact, that he could travel to the moon and create a large heart symbol there. He is also immune to all kinds of damage, except when he’s near Mary, his other half. This means that Homelander cannot do any damage to him.

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3. Omni-Man Can Beat Easily Homelander

Omni-Man Who Can Beat Homelander

Amazon Prime offers a different superhero universe than The Boys. This is the Invincible world, an animated series in which a Superman exy named Omni Man is the main antagonist. Omni Man, the Justice League counterpart, was defeated by him in the series so that he could weaken Earth’s defenses just in time for his people. He defeated them all almost instantly.

Omni Man is a Superman exy and has all his powers, except his heat vision. He is as strong, fast and durable as Superman. Omni Man is so powerful that he can even level entire cities in a matter of seconds. We have yet to see Homelander do anything even remotely similar to Omni Man’s feats, so he won’t be able to compete against the superhero from another universe.

2. Saitama Can Beat Easily Homelander

Saitama Who Can Beat Homelander

Saitama is the biggest parody superhero. He stars in One Punch Man manga, anime and manga. The character is so powerful that logic can’t explain how he could be so powerful. Only one thing that could be explained was the fact that Saitama, a regular human being, was able, through hard training, to become stronger than all others in his universe. His signature attack is his punch. It is powerful enough to defeat anyone.

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Saitama is so powerful that he’s become bored by the fact that no one has ever been strong enough to fight him in a long battle. Because of his incredible strength, he can kill anyone and everything with one punch. It is amazing to think that Homelander can’t defeat a parody character who was designed to defeat anyone with one punch.

1. Son Goku Can Beat Easily Homelander

Son Goku Who Can Beat Homelander

Son Goku is the top-ranked fictional character because he has been the standard for powerful characters. He has the power to destroy entire planets in a matter of seconds. He can actually do this in his base form, and even before he taps into his more powerful forms which are exponentially more powerful than his base form. He can even reach the level of a god when he enters his Super Saiyan Blue or Ultra Instinct states.

Base Son Goku would defeat Homelander without a doubt. Homelander would be defeated by even the Son Goku from the Frieza saga. The current base Goku is far more powerful than Homelander. He can transform into any of his Super Saiyan form and kill Homelander with just one pinky finger.

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