What Episode Does Naruto Become Friends With Nine Tails ?

What Episode Does Naruto Become Friends With Nine Tails ?

Naruto and Nine Tails. Asking Naruto fans what their favorite scene from the series is will result in one answer: When Naruto finally meets Kurama and opens the gate. Although Naruto is not the first jinchuriki ever to befriend the beast within, it is an impressive feat to befriend the Nine-Tails Fox Kurama.

The reason is obvious: the Kyuubi, which was the strongest of all the tailed beasts and also the most difficult to deal with, was also the most unfriendly. Naruto, with his “talk-noJutsu” infamous speech, managed to accomplish what no other nine-tailed Japanese jinchuriki had ever done. How did Naruto make friends with the Nine Tailed Fox Kurama? Continue reading Nntheblog article to learn more.

In which Episode does Naruto become friends with the Nine-Tails

Episode does Naruto become friends with the Nine-Tails

Since the very beginning of the series, Naruto Uzumaki (the title) has managed to win the hearts of both his fans and some of his foes. Naruto, who on occasion convinced his enemies to give their lives for his cause, also managed friendship with Kurama, the Nine Tails Fox.

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Naruto and Kurama make friends in the episode “Two-Man Team”, 329 of Naruto Shippuden. Although Naruto and Kurama were at odds since their first meeting, Kurama never stopped moving him with his compassion. Naruto helps the Four-Tailed beast by removing the rods Madara had placed in Son Goku’s body during the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Goku gives him a small amount of his chakra to help Naruto fight the Uchiha.

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Kurama observes this and realizes that Naruto sees him as reincarnation. He also has the same compassion for Rikudo Sennin (also known as the Sage on Six Paths). The two exchange fist bumps and he lends Naruto the chakra. Naruto then breaks the seal on the nine tails and announces that he is now a friend.

Episode does Naruto become friends with the Nine-Tails

The Kyuubi was, even with all the other beasts in the group, the most difficult and dangerous of all the tailed creatures. Naruto’s fabled “talk no-Jutsu”, however, enabled him to achieve what no other nine-tailed Japanese jinchuriki has ever been able.

He was constantly surrounded by people who tried to exploit him or claimed that he was a danger to humanity and should not be allowed to leave. As a result, his hatred of people grew. His conscience was also affected by the transformation into a child. As Naruto grew up, he began to realize how different he was than everyone else.

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Naruto was the only one who was able to acquire Kurama’s ability at the crucial moment of survival. Kurama was also furious that Naruto had used his own power to take Kurama’s ability. The power was later used for Tailed Beast and human improvement.

Episode does Naruto become friends with the Nine-Tails

Kurama complimented Naruto for giving him power during a stressful battle against Madara. Naruto teamed up with Kurama and said, “Starting now you’re Konoha’s Citizen.” The two became best friends from that point on. Naruto saves Madara’s Tailed Beasts and also releases them from the restraint rods Madara placed on them.

This is one of the most moving scenes in the series.

The Reasons They Become Friends

Naruto The Reasons They Become Friends

Kurama met with many people who tried to limit his abilities or claimed that he was a danger to humanity. Kurama should therefore rest in a jinchuriki. His contempt for people developed over time. He was also harmed by the fact that he was forced to be a child.

As Naruto grew, he realized that Naruto was different from all other people. Naruto mastered Kurama’s abilities just as it was a do or die situation. Furthermore, Naruto had managed his strength and took Kurama’s power forcefully. Kurama became furious at Kurama for wanting Kurama’s power.

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Later, however, the power was used for the enhancement of both humans and the Tailed Beasts.

The Reasons They Become Friends

Madara (Tobi), while fighting with, was an extremely stressful circumstance. Kurama was stating that Naruto had landed him power. Out of alternative Naruto teamed with Kurama and stated that Konoha was Konoha’s Citizen. From that point, two of them became the best of friends.

Naruto rescues Tailed Beasts of Madara from Madara, and frees them from the rods Madara placed on them to control. Kurama assists Naruto in saving other Tailed Beasts. They then become Friends for good. Naruto’s Kind Acts remove Kurama’s hatred. They form a Great Bond and share all their memories.


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