Most Powerful Female Anime Character

Most powerful female character

Most powerful female character. Although anime is full of incredible fighters, most are male. This imbalance can be a problem for some viewers. This list highlights some of the most powerful female characters in anime.

Although strong anime women may not look like it, many aren’t completely jacked. They make up for the lack of big, beefy muscles with incredible supernatural abilities. These include being able to transform their blood into a deadly force and moving at sound speed. These ladies are not for you.

list of the most powerful female characters

list of the most powerful female characters

In anime, particularly shonen, female characters saw little character development and very little writing effort. Because of the shonen audience, which is dominated by young men, authors tended not to pay much attention to female characters. In recent years, anime has seen an incredible rise in the popularity and power of female characters.

Kaguya Otsutsuki – ‘Naruto’

Kaguya Otsutsuki - 'Naruto'

Kaguya Otsutsuki. She is the creator of chakra and a formidable foe from another dimension, which explains her incredible techniques during her time in the series.

Although she was initially kind and compassionate, her desire to own all the chakra in the universe eventually led to her becoming a vicious, hungry enemy to humanity. She is one of the strongest fighters in the series and her fight against Team 7 will be one of their most difficult.

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She holds the title of strongest female character in anime.

Tatsumaki – ‘One Punch Man’

Tatsumaki - 'One Punch Man'

The Tornado of Terror is not something anyone would dare to cross. She makes up for what she lacks in height with her ability and strength. Tatsumaki is a S-class Rank 2, psychic hero. She is considered one of the Hero Association’s most powerful heroes and the strongest esper in One Punch Man. Fubuki is her younger sister and they are known as the Psychic sisters. She is not only incredibly talented and capable but she has no tolerance for arrogant men who treat her like a little girl. It is best to think twice about interacting with her.

Erza Scarlet – ‘Fairy Tail’

Erza Scarlet - 'Fairy Tail'

Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail, has so many incredible abilities that even a D&D character would be frustrated to see her flip the board. This powerful woman is an S Class Mage in the Fairy Tail Guild. This woman is not only a formidable mage, but she also has incredible magical abilities, including telekinesis and sword magic. She can also “requip” to swap out armor and offensive weapons at lightning speed.

She is also extremely strong and fast and a master of archery, hand combat and swordsmanship.

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Tanya Degurechaff: Saga of Tanya the Evil

Tanya Degurechaff: Saga of Tanya the Evil

It is open to debate whether someone who was isekai’d previously should count. Anyone who is a part of the Saga Of Tanya The Evil show deserves to be mentioned.

Tanya is small, especially when she’s on war-torn fields. She uses magic to increase her fighting abilities. She is also one of the most cold and psychopathic characters on the list. She leads her battalion with uncompromising efficiency.

Nazuna Nanakusa – Call of the Night

Nazuna Nanakusa - Call of the Night

Nazuna, a female vampire, is from a world in which vampires operate a little differently to the rest of the world. She is laid-back and enjoys the evening.

She owns a Night-Time Massage Parlor in Town and an Overnight Hostel in Town. This allows her to make connections and feed others without risking becoming a vampire. She does not drink from strangers like many vampires.

Tsunade – ‘Naruto’

Tsunade - 'Naruto'

Tsunade is the strongest of all the Naruto women. She has super strength, so much that she could split the ground with a single hand. He also has excellent chakra control (energy), which he can use for Lightning, Fire and Water as well as Yin-Yang based jutsu techniques. She has total control over all the elements as well as her own spiritual energy. Her attacks are so potent that they can penetrate Susano_o which is supposed be an indestructible defense.

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Tsunade can heal almost any type of disease or injury. She can even alter her appearance to make her appear younger forever. You don’t want Tsunade to be messed with.

Biscuit Krueger – ‘Hunter x Hunter’

Biscuit Krueger - 'Hunter x Hunter'

You shouldn’t judge a book based on its cover. Biscuit might look innocent and cute but she is actually a 57 year-old Double Star Stone Hunter who can easily kill. Biscuit can also transform into a huge, buff woman that is several times her size. This makes her even more frightening. Gon and Killua can benefit from her knowledge and skills in Nen, as she is their mentor on Greed Island.

Big Mom – ‘One Piece’

Big Mom - 'One Piece'

Big Mom is one of four Yonko considered the most powerful pirates on Grand Line. Even though she is old, her power does not diminish and she remains one of the most powerful, tankiest characters in this series, even for women.

She can use her Soul-Soul Fruit abilities to shorten her lifespan, making her more dangerous than she would with her incredible strength alone. She is without doubt one of the strongest female characters in anime.

Yor Forger – ‘Spy x Family’

Yor Forger - 'Spy x Family'

Yor Forger, also known as the Thorn Princess is one of the most skilled assassins in Spy x Family. Not only does she have superhuman strength but also extreme speed and dexterity. She can pierce a skull with her stiletto-style weaponry. With her naked fists she can rip apart a pumpkin or carry an adult around in her arms. She can’t drink her liquor, which is one of her weaknesses.

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Nezuko Kamado – ‘Demon Slayer’

Nezuko Kamado - 'Demon Slayer'

Nezuko quickly gained considerable power after being made into a demon. Nezuko is one of few demons that can live without eating humans. Instead, she relies on sleep for her energy. She can also handle sunlight in places most demons cannot. She is also extremely strong, resilient and quick. She has the ability to regenerate and reattach body parts quickly. Her Burning Blood technique is capable of roasting her enemies.

Shiro – ‘Deadman Wonderland’

Shiro - 'Deadman Wonderland'

Deadman Wonderland is home to a little girl called Shiro. She’s been endlessly tested on and has become a formidable opponent, much like Lucy in Elfen Lied. Shiro is able to quickly regenerate her body after being wounded. She can also use the branch of sin which allows her control over her blood and can be used as a weapon. You can turn the branch of sin into a deadly whip.

Shiro’s abilities are greatly enhanced when her body is controlled by the Wretched Egg. This alternate personality is her Shiro.

Mikasa Ackerman – ‘Attack On Titan’

Mikasa Ackerman - 'Attack On Titan'

Mikasa, unlike Captain Levi is the only Corps member to make Titan-slaying seem so simple. Mikasa, a woman of extraordinary strength and killer instincts, graduated at the top in her class from the 104th Training Corp. She is a formidable force against the Titans, and is considered “as valuable” as a hundred soldiers.

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Mereoleona Vermillion – ‘Black Clover’

Mereoleona Vermillion - 'Black Clover'

It is hard to argue that Mereoleona doesn’t have the strongest personality. What should you expect from a woman who trains under a hot volcano? Her Fire Magic is explosive and deadly as she is the Captain of the Royal Knights. Mereoleona is considered the strongest person in Clover Kingdom by many. You can find her out hunting wild animals, or relaxing in hot springs.

Nana Shimura – ‘My Hero Academia’

Nana Shimura - 'My Hero Academia'

It is hard to believe that All Might of My Hero Academia ever had mentors – he seems to have made it all on his own. All Might was able to get his heroic attitude and powers from Nana Shimura (7th inheritor of One For All).

The power allows users to store their power. This allows them to have super strength, speed, and other amazing abilities. However, if the user is not strong enough to withstand the strain, it can cause severe injury. Nana has the same strength as All Might, her protege.

Izumi Curtis – ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’

Izumi Curtis - 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Izumi Cutis may be called an ordinary housewife. However, ordinary housewives aren’t usually strong enough to fight off a bear. Izumi, despite her physical prowess is also an alchemist. She taught the Elric brothers almost everything they know.

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These abilities are even more remarkable because Izumi suffered severe organ damage when she tried to bring her child back from death through alchemy. She’s still formidable even when she’s coughing blood.

Akame – ‘Akame Ga Kill!’

Akame - 'Akame Ga Kill!'

Akame of Akame ga Kill! is the strongest member of the Night Raid, a group focused on reconnaissance and assassination. Akame not only boasts superior swordsmanship, she also has some fascinating special abilities. She’s immune to most poisons, allowing her to handle the poisonous blade Teigu.

She can move at Mach 1 – the velocity of sound. When Akame wants to kill someone, she can completely disguise her intentions and surprise her enemies. Defeating her is a challenge few people are equipped to meet. 

Android 18 – ‘Dragon Ball Z’

Android 18 - 'Dragon Ball Z'

Android 18 of Dragon Ball Z  has so many incredible special abilities that describing them all would take longer than it takes Goku to finish a fight. She can fly, create explosions, shoot high energy beams, teleport, and generally beat the living snot out of anyone who dares to mess with her. What’s more, her powerful personality demands obedience from even the strongest fighters in the Dragon Ball universe. 

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Ryuko Matoi – ‘Kill La Kill’

Ryuko Matoi - 'Kill La Kill'

Ryuko Matoi does not know that she has special powers at the beginning of Kill la Kill. She discovers her incredible ability to kickbutt when she teams up with Senketsu (a sentient school uniform that is made of life fibers). It turns out that Ryuko doesn’t need Senketsu in order to defeat her enemies. She is actually partially composed of life fibres.

These fibers give her an incredible strength and allow her to heal the most severe of wounds.

Kanade Tachibana – ‘Angel Beats’

Kanade Tachibana - 'Angel Beats'

The last thing that anyone in the world of Angel Beats wants to hear is Kanade Tachibana’s sweet little voice saying “hand sonic.” When they hear that, they know they’re going down. Kanade’s job is to help smooth over the personal issues of the denizens of the afterlife, but after they declare war on her, she has to defend herself. To do so, she develops an array of superhuman abilities.

Hand Sonic actually includes several techniques, all of which involve fighting with handheld blades. She can also distort images, create painful high-frequency sound waves, create clones of herself, absorb those clones, sprout angel wings, create a drill-like blue light that destroys everything in its path, and more. 

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Revy – ‘Black Lagoon’

Revy - 'Black Lagoon'

Revy is a certified baddie. Because she expertly wields two guns, her nickname is “Two Hands.”  She’s a lethal fighter with incredible marksmanship skills, often defeating entire platoons by herself. Even among the deadly gangs and assassins at Roanapur, Revy is considered to be a dangerous opponent. You wouldn’t want to get on her bad side. 

Kagura – ‘Gintama’

Kagura - 'Gintama'

Kagura isn’t your average shonen heroine. Despite her preference to eat sukonbu and eat most of her day, she has superhuman strength. She is part of the “Yato”, the most dangerous race in the world. They possess extreme strength and deadly instincts. Her father Umibozu is the strongest man in the universe, while Kamui is second. It runs in her family. Despite her cute, childlike appearance, she is a force to reckon with.

Yoruichi Shihouin – Bleach

Yoruichi Shihouin - Bleach

Yoruichi, before she began working at Kisuke’s shop was the captain for the Gotei 2nd Division 13. You must be quite strong to hold this position. Yoruichi doesn’t disappoint. Shunpo is her main fighting style. This fast-moving form allows her to appear like she’s in many places at once. Hakuda is a form hand-to-hand combat. These are sometimes combined with Kido, which is a type of spell used by Shinigami. Combining Hakuda with Kido unleashes an amazing lightning-like attack. She is also an excellent swordswoman, and once held a Zanpakuto blade with which she had achieved Bankai. She can also transform into a cat. That is so cool!

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Tier Harribel – ‘Bleach’

Tier Harribel - 'Bleach'

Tier Harribel from Bleach is ranked as the Third Espada in Sosuke Aizen’s army, making her the third strongest of the group overall. Her Spiritual Power is incredibly immense, dwarfing that of many other characters, both male and female, in the series. Her skills in hand-to-hand combat and with a sword solidify her rank amongst the strongest female characters in anime.

 Kale – ‘Dragon Ball Z’

 Kale - 'Dragon Ball Z'

Dragon Ball Super’s Kale serves as the Broly of Universe 7’s twin universe, Universe 6. She possesses the same Legendary Super Saiyan power as he does and is proven to be just as vital during her bout with Goku. While her timid personality may have some questioning her inclusion, there’s little doubt she’s one of the 15 strongest female characters in anime.

Merlin – ‘Seven Deadly Sins’

Merlin - 'Seven Deadly Sins'

The Seven Deadly Sins series has a respectable number of strong female characters within its story, but Merlin is undoubtedly the highlight. Her skills and strength in magic are categorized as being omniscient and omnipotent, with her being the sole survivor of a mighty city of mages.

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While she is a somewhat dainty figure, her true strength and power lie in her magic abilities, which allow her to do nearly anything imaginable. Although physically weaker than many other entrants here, her magic powers skyrocket her into one of the strongest female characters in anime.

Neferupito – ‘Hunter x Hunter’

Neferupito - 'Hunter x Hunter'

Neferupito was born to the Queen of Chimera Ants. She was born to serve and protect the future king, Meruem. She was the first royal guard to be born. Unlike other ants of the time, Neferupito was born already possessing Nen. She managed to detect that Pokkle, who had been previously captive, was still alive, and used her medical Nen to probe Pokkle’s brain to get more information about Nen. She then ran into Gon, Killua, and Kaito. Neferupito immediately ripped off Kaito’s arm, then killed him soon after. Neferupito used his puppeteer abilities to control Kaito and turn him into a training dummy for the other ants.


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