When Will A Small Light Release Date?

When Will A small light Release Date?

A Small Light, a miniseries of biographical dramas, was created for Disney+. The show was written by Joan Rater, Tony Phelan and will be distributed by Disney Platform Distribution. The show’s basic concept follows Miep Gies who is asked by Otto Frank to protect his family during World War II. Executive producers of the show include Avi Nir and Susanna Fogel. Joan Rater, Alon Shrizman, Tony Phelan, Joan Rater and Peter Traugott. The production companies that produced the show are National Geographic, Keshet Studios and ABC Signature.

When is the next show coming out? What’s the storyline? Who have been chosen to play the leading roles? Are there any trailers for the new series? Continue reading to find out more.

A small light release date

A small light

A Small Light, a series of eight episodes, will be launched in the UK by Disney Plus on Tuesday May 2, 2023 under the National Geographic section. We’ll update this page as soon as we know when the US release date is.

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Preview of A Small Light

A small light

This documentary tells the incredible story of Miep Gies (a Dutch woman who risked everything to protect Anne Frank’s family against the Nazis for two years during World War II).

This eight-part limited series, which consists of eight episodes, tells the story of Miep Gies (20 years old), a secretary who refused to hesitate when Otto Frank (Liev Shreiber), asked her to protect him and his family against the Nazis during World War II. Miep, Jan (Joe Cole), and other everyday heroes looked after the eight people hiding in the secret Annex for the next two decades. Miep was the one who discovered Anne’s diary, and kept it safe so Otto and she could share it later with the rest of the world. Gies later said that she didn’t like being called “a hero” because it implies that you don’t have to be a hero to help others. Even a normal secretary, a housewife, or teenager can light a small lamp in a darkened room.

Powley will portray Miep Gies. She is Otto Frank’s loyal, outspoken, and funny secretary. Anne Frank was writing her wonderful coming-of age story in the Annex. Miep was living it on the other side. Miep kept her heroism secret from her family and friends. She also struggled with everyday pressures, such as work, daily life under Nazi occupation and a new husband. Gies, who passed away in 2010, was an unlikely hero whose inspiring story is both timeless and deeply humanistic.

A small light

Schreiber will portray Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father. He fled Germany in the 1930s, when the Nazis’ rise was making life difficult for Jews. Otto was the rock, father figure and boss of the hiding men. He was always optimistic. He maintained his optimism after the war and waited for his girls to return from Auschwitz. He learned that they had both been killed and it was Miep, who gave Anne Anne’s diary, which she had kept from the Nazis.

Cole will play Jan Gies, Miep’s brave and loving husband. Jan, a social worker in war-torn Amsterdam was uniquely placed to help those most affected by the Nazi occupation, including Jews. He helped Miep care for the Franks and four other people hiding in Otto’s attic. He was Miep’s only confidante, both in her private life and in secret.

Review of A Small Light

A small light

The series reveals how Miep’s life was once full of parties and pints. It also shows how her life changed from a life filled with food runs to scrounging to get ration coupons to selling family heirlooms. It was Miep, who discovered Anne Frank’s diary in her suitcase and kept it for Otto so they could share it with the rest of the world.

“A Small Light,” filmed on location in Prague and Amsterdam, also shows that the couple, in addition to hiding eight people in the annex, was also hiding many others around Amsterdam with help from the Dutch Resistance. Powley’s powerful performance shakes history. It makes Miep feel current and relevant. Audiences are forced to consider what they would do in Miep’s shoes, and in modern times, if they would be able to stand up against hatred. Miep once said that she didn’t like being called “a hero” because it implies that you don’t have to be a hero to help others. Even a normal secretary, a housewife, or teenager can light a small lamp in a darkened room.

In A Small Light, Miep is a party girl with no clear direction in her life. Her adoptive parents, originally from Austria, force her to quit being shiftless. She eventually gets a job with Otto Frank. Frank is a German immigrant who moved to Amsterdam with his family to open an Opekta office. Of course, he was fleeing the Nazis’ rise, and Frank asked Miep to help him hide his family.

The two episodes, which were directed by Susanna Vogel, Booksmart cowriter, are a great example of Powley’s “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” portraying Miep as a young, relatable woman who enjoys life but is not super-responsible. The amazing Liev Scheiber plays Otto Frank. In the episodes, Miep is forced to leave the Frank family and hide in the Opekta attic with Anne (played newcomer Billie Boullet), and Dr. Pfeffer, (Noah Taylor).

The creators of the show were questioned about their inspiration during the Q&A. Joan Rater said that she was a tour guide at the Anne Frank House with her husband Tony Phelan and that she noticed that their son was exactly the same age as Miep when she adopted the Franks. She considered her son, who is intelligent but doesn’t seem to have much common sense. They decided to share her story.

A small light

The tragic ending of the story is well-known to all. We don’t know the extent to which Miep, Jan Gies (Jole Colley), her husband and her coworkers went to protect the Franks from the Nazis. They didn’t want to “play the ending”, which means that everyone knows the outcome of the Franks’ fate, but they are telling the story of the events leading up to it. The creators responded to a question about the balance of the show’s tone (although there are moments of humor), that the Annex incident has been “frozen” in history. They wanted to show the story so that it showed that all involved were not living a religious life.

A small light plot

A small light

The story of 20-year-old Miep Gies, a Dutch secretary, is told in A Small Light. She was asked by Anne’s father Otto to hide Otto and his family from Nazis who were transporting Jews into concentration camps. Miep, along with Otto’s other employees took care of the eight people who were living in the secret annex rooms located above Otto’s Amsterdam business premises. After 25 months of hiding, the families were betrayed by the Nazis and found out on August 4, 1944. Miep discovered Anne’s diary, and she kept it safe. Miep learned of Anne’s death during the holocaust and gave the papers to Otto, who had been liberated at Auschwitz. The diary was published worldwide.

The Hanukkah holiday’s themes of resilience, resistance and courage are reflected in the first look photo from A Small Light (see main image above). It shows Miep, Jan Gies and Fritz Pfeffer in a scene of the show, in which they celebrate the Jewish Festival of Lights, while hiding in the secret annexe.

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Is there a trailer available for A Small Light

A small light

A trailer for A Small Light has not been released yet. We’ll be watching for it and posting when we find it.

Is Netflix offering “A Small Light”?

A small light
Iran – Sand Cat, the smallest cat in Iran. (Mani Film Inc./Mani Mirsadeghi)

This series was created by ABC and National Geographic for Disney+ and National Geographic channels only. It will not be available on Amazon, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon.

Is there anyone else who stars in A Small Light?

A small light
Iran – Sand Cat, the smallest cat in Iran. (Mani Film Inc./Mani Mirsadeghi)

A Small Light features a huge all-star cast. Billie Boullet, The Worst Witch’s teenager Anne Frank, is played by Amira Casar (Call Me By Your Name), and Ashley Brooke is Margot Brooke (New Amsterdam). Eleanor Tomlinson, Poldark’s star, is Miep’s best friend, while Andy Nyman (The Capture), is Hermann van Pels. Caroline Catz (Doc Martin), is Auguste van Pels. Noah Taylor (Game of Thrones), is Dr Fritz Pfeffer. Sally Messham (Doc Martin), is secretary Bep Voskuijl.

Ian McElhinney is Johannes Kleiman and Nicholas Burns (Benidorm), Victor Kugler are Miep’s coworkers. Liza Sadovy plays Mrs Stoppelman, Laurie Kynaston plays Casmir, Sebastian Armesto is Max Stoppelman.

A Small Light Cast — Bel Powley and Miep Gies

A small light

Bel Powley portrays Miep, a reluctant hero who helped to hide food and provide shelter for eight Jews fleeing the Nazis.

Bel has starred previously as Claire Conway in The Morning Show, and Birdy In Everything I Know About Love. Bel also appears in The King of Staten Island and Informer. Little My voices High in animated series Moominvalley.

Jan Gies is played by Joe Cole

Joe Cole stars in A Small Light as Jan, Miep’s husband.

Joe was previously John Shelby in Peaky Blinders and Harry Palmer in The Ipcress File. He also played Sean Wallace in Gangs of London. He has also starred in Netflix movies Against the Ice, Pure, as well as Black Mirror.

Otto Frank is played by Liev Schreiber

In A Small Light, Liev Scheiber plays Otto Frank, the father to Anne Frank, a Dutch teenager.

Liev is best known for his role as Ray Donovan on the TV series of the same title. He also starred in The Manchurian Candidate and The Omen. He is the host of the TV series Hard Knocks: Training Camp With the Detroit Lions as well as Inside the Manson Cult: The Lost Tapes.

When will Disney+ release new episodes of “A Small Light”?

A small light

Disney+ updates Tuesdays at the following times

* Pacific Time: 00:00 AM/ Midnight

* Eastern Time: 03.00 AM

* UK – 08:00 AM

* Sydney, Australia – 19.00 PM

Sometimes, episodes arrive just a few minutes after the server updates. The Disney+ front page updates approximately an hour later.

Learn more about A Small Light

A small light
Iran – Sand Cat, the smallest cat in Iran. (Mani Film Inc./Mani Mirsadeghi)

ABC Signature produces A Small Light in partnership with Keshet Studios, National Geographic. Showrunners are Joan Rater (Grey’s Anatomy), Tony Phelan, (Council of Dads), and Susanna Fogel (The Flight Attendant and Cat Person), a DGA winner and Emmy-nominated executive producers, directs many episodes, including the first. Peter Traugott for Keshet Studios and Lisa Roos (Keshet International, Council of Dads) serve as executive producers. Avi Nir for Keshet Media Group is the executive producer.

When will Disney+ release new episodes of “A Small Light”?

A small light
Iran – Sand Cat, the smallest cat in Iran. (Mani Film Inc./Mani Mirsadeghi)

The first episode of “A Small Light”, will air on Tuesday, May 2, 2023. Here’s a list of when the episodes will be available:

Note: These are subject to change.

* Episode 1 – Tuesday, 2 May 2023

* Episode 2 – Tuesday, 2nd May 2023

* Episode 3 – Tuesday, 9 May 2023

* Episode 4 – Tuesday 16th of May 2023

* Episode 5 – Tuesday, 23 May 2023 

* Episode 6 – Tuesday, 30 May 2023 

* Episode 7 – Tuesday 6th June 2023

* Episode 8 – Tuesday 13th June 2023

The National Geographic channel in America will release new episodes one day prior to their arrival on Disney+.

Production of A Small Light

A small light
Jan and Miep Gies, played by Joe Cole and Bel Powley, are visited by Mr. Van Pels, played by Andy Nyman. (Photo credit: National Geographic for Disney/Dusan Martincek)

In February 2022, Disney+ announced that it had approved the Disney+ miniseries from National Geographic. Joan Rater and Tony Phelan will write the scripts and Susanna Fogel will direct multiple episodes. Bel Powley was chosen to play Gies. Joe Cole and Otto Frank were played by Liev Schreiber. Amira Casar and Billie Boullet would join Ashley Brooke in June. Boullet was cast as Anne Frank.

Filming began in July 2022. The filming took place between Hradec Kralove and Prague, with the final shoot taking place in summer 2022.

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