When Will Agent Carter Season 3 Release Date ?

American television series Agent Carter is based on Marvel Comics. It’s a combination of action-adventure and spy-fi. ABC Studios, Marvel Television, F and B Fazekas and Butters produced the show. The first season featured 8 episodes. It aired from January 6 through February 24, 2015. The second season featured 10 episodes. It aired from January 19 through March 1. 2016. The series is based on Peggy Carter, a Marvel character who reprises her role from Captain America: The First Avenger (2011). There are 18 episodes total, divided into two seasons. We know what the Agent Carter Season 3 release date is.

It has received amazing ratings across multiple platforms. It is rated 7.9% on IMDB, out of 10, and 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. According to Google, 79% liked the show. It received positive reactions from both the audience and critics.

Agent Carter Season 3 Release Date

Agent Carter Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 of the show has been cancelled. Fans will be shocked to learn that there are still many questions unanswered. Atwell stated that while it was a shame that the network cancelled the third season, Marvel did not intend to end the series. There are already many online campaigns to bring the show back. Fans loved her. Fans still long for the third season. The writers could have come up with some amazing ideas for a third season. They will look at Carter’s childhood, and the impact her brother had on her life. They would also have shared their relationship with Jarvis’ family.

Agent Carter Season 3 will not be released.

Agent Carter Season 1 Release Date6 January 2015
Agent Carter Season 2 Release DateJanuary 19, 2016
Agent Carter Season 3 Release DateOfficially Cancelled

The network has officially cancelled the show, meaning that you won’t see season 3 of Agent Carter. Although there were many fan groups that tried to bring back the show, the network has already made a decision.

This could be because the makers have new business to handle or are looking for something completely new. Marvel doesn’t usually cancel shows that have a large fan base, but they did cancel this one.

We don’t know the secret reason. We will never know the end of this show.

Where to Watch Agent Carter Online?

Where to Watch Agent Carter Online?

All episodes and the first two seasons are available on Disney Hotstar. You will need to subscribe to the platform to view the episodes.

Get your Disney Hotstar ID and you can start watching your favorite shows.

Agent Carter Season 3 Story

Agent Carter Season 3 Story

Stark reached out to Carter in the first season to help him clear his name. The second episode shows Stark’s weapon in enemy hands. Carter is the only one who can bring it back. Carter is closer to Stark’s stolen technology in the third episode. In the next episode, he appears out of nowhere, creating problems for Peggy.

In the fifth episode, Peggy Carter is finally given a mission by SSR agents. Peggy discovers that her enemies are closer than she believed in the sixth episode. Peggy moved to another city in the second season to help Chief. She ended up needing Stark to eradicate Zero matter.

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Agent Carter Season 3 Cast

Agent Carter Season 3 Cast

Hayley Atwell was portrayed as Peggy Carter, an SSR agent who works in administrative work. She is a superhuman because people underestimate her, but she uses it to her advantage. She was greatly affected by the sudden death of Steve Rogers. Atwell responded, “Steve was the greatest person that Peggy ever knew.” He was Captain America before she knew him. So. So, she is trying to make sure his work does not go in vain. She is also grieving her loss. James D’Arcy, Edwin Jarvis and Tony Stark will be the tutors.

Chad Michael Murray played the role of Jack Thompson, an agent with SSR. He is determined to become the head of SSR, and is working hard towards this goal. He wants to do his best at his job. Enver Gjokaj was portrayed as Daniel Sousa, who is also an agent for SSR. However, he is often discriminated against because of his injured leg. He is romantically attracted to Carter and may ask her out, even if she wasn’t with Captain America. Shea Whigham played Roger Dooley, the SSR chief who oversees Carter Thompson & Sousa. Season 1 sees him die to save his colleagues. Dooley would die in season 1, and Whigham was only hired for seven episodes.

Agent Carter Season 3 Trailer


The official trailer for the third season is not available on YouTube because the show has been canceled. The trailer will only be available on YouTube if the makers decide to continue with the new season. To our surprise, however, we couldn’t find the trailer for the first two seasons on YouTube. For subscribers, you can access the show on Disney plus Hotstar.

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