King of Stonks Review & Ending Explained : What’s Happened ?

King of Stonks, a German series from 2022, does not take its name from the scandal it is based upon, but it gives an indication that it is about one of the most scandalous financial incidents in the country’s history. Philipp Kasbohrer, Matthias Murmann and others took inspiration from the Wirecard scandal which rocked the country.

Netflix’s “King of Stonks,” takes some creative liberties to create a compelling story that will keep you on the edge of all your seats. Let’s examine how a company, which was set to be listed on DAX, had built the trust of its shareholders, and was slowly becoming a source for pride for the country. But then, it did something so bizarre that even regulators were puzzled.

King Of Stonks Season 1 Episode 6 Review

King Of Stonks Season 1, Episode 6 Review

Episode 6 begins with Magnus declaring that they will never sell to Deutsche Bank. Jutta Katz is furious. This isn’t the first time they’ve turned down a sale.

It flies to Felix, appalled at Sheila’s short-term betting against his company while she sleeps with him. Sheila is upset and has little to offer. Sheila looks guilty. Felix sets out on a mission in order to prevent the stock market from collapsing. He confronts the journalist who is covering the company. He sends someone to threaten him and his family. He tells them to concentrate on another story. They even manage to get his laptop.

Sheila persists in her short selling plans despite the setback. She expects the stock market to crash. She meets with an investor in order to obtain the funds she needs to complete her mission.

Felix then receives an email asking Tom Wieland questions about the economic conspiracy surrounding his company and its connections to the mafia, among other criminal organizations. The threat against Felix did not work.

King Of Stonks Season 1, Episode 6 Review

Felix meets Sheila, and admits defeat. She offers to show Felix the evidence, before submitting it the District Attorney’s Office. She says she will be a key witness in reducing her jail sentence, but Felix gives her a fake passport that allows her to leave the country. He offers to take her along, but she declines, saying that their relationship was always based on a “shitty premise”.

Felix receives a Plan B suggestion from a friend later that night. Sheila then goes to the office of the District Attorney. Sheila discovers that everyone had short-sold the company at the opening of the market. Sheila must urgently sell her stock. She realizes something is wrong when she does. Because everyone trusts her to short-sell overnight, she knows something is wrong. She isn’t sure why. Sheila calls Tom to find out what is going on. She ends the conversation because Tom denies any knowledge of the article.

Sheila hesitates at this point, but her friend encourages and supports her to do it. Sheila does just that, short selling her stock in the company. This makes her instantly a multi-millionaire. Tom calls his publisher to tell him to stop publishing the article, as it smells of market manipulation. It goes out anyway. Magnus hears about the company’s collapse and sees it. Felix rings but he is unable to reach him. However, Magnus sees a letter from Felix on his desk.

Felix calls Sheila via video and says he doesn’t regret anything. He sings to her, recalling their manipulative relationship. Magnus then discusses in media the coincidence of “shortselling” just a few hours prior to the revealing article. This plan to manipulate markets was orchestrated by Sheila, Hedge Fund Manager, and Tom, the journalist. He says they have been friends since university. Magnus requests that the government deal with both of them. Sheila observes the whole thing and asks her friend to stop short selling. She was effectively manipulated.

The company is then banned from short selling due to market manipulation. Sheila, Tom and others are taken into custody. The media apologizes to the company for falsely reporting the accusations. Magnus and his colleagues are having another great time at work. Sheila has lost all.

Summary of King Of Stonks Plot What Is The German Series About ?

Summary of King Of Stonks' Plot What Is The German Series About?

CableCash was expected to go public within a day. Experts called it one the most exciting IPOs of German history. Magnus A. Cramer was the CEO of CableCash, but he wasn’t always this outrageous. He was once a subdued employee at a consulting company. His colleagues mocked him for his dull outlook and boring personality. A woman named Jutta Katz started NetWorth 12 years ago. It was her dream to provide an online payment option for economic pioneers, something that was still a new concept. Deutsche Bank wanted to purchase the company at the time.

They were not interested in it but they recognized that it was the best digital payment technology available at the time. Two consultants were hired by Deutsche Bank from the prestigious firm Steeler Consulting. Magnus Cramer was one of the two consultants. He clearly was unhappy with his career and knew he was meant to do great things. Felix Armand was once a NetWorth employee and was a tech genius who helped create that software. Magnus Cramer had an idea. They planned to undermine the deal between Networth Bank and Deutsche Bank. He only had to speak to Felix and get Felix on his side.

The computer with the software disappeared overnight from the office. This meant that the deal between the parties could not be made. NetWorth’s sales plummeted and the company was purchased for one euro by Dr. Magnus A. Cramer (female) and Felix Armand (male). CableCash was born from the rebranding of Networth. Dr. Cramer wanted his name to be included among the great players such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk, and was willing to do whatever it took to accomplish that goal.

Summary of King Of Stonks' Plot What Is The German Series About?

CableCash’s first customers were those who wanted to hide their illegal income. Fabian and Till Hermann ran an adult entertainment website and the Viscontis mafia clan were among them. These dubious customers not only threatened the reputation of the company, but also endangered the lives of Felix and Cramer. They had abducted Cramer and left him there. Felix arrived to rescue them and promised that they would get their money as their customer base was growing every day. CableCash did not have any new customers in real life. Felix created fake Shell companies by naming them after his employees.

This was how he was eventually able to return the money to the Viscontis. The pompous CEO did not learn from his mistakes and was more interested in branding than actually paying attention and delivering on what he promised. Cramer had promised investors and shareholders that the company would grow by 30 percent in the first quarter. Felix knew it wasn’t true. After receiving a positive response at the Next in Tech expo, Cramer decided to give a speech at The Global Economic Forum. Felix, however, was concerned that their audit sheets might be scrutinized and their cover would be exposed.

A woman called Sheila Williams appears on the scene to add chaos. She pretends to be Amira Wallace, and attempts to reach Felix. Sheila pretended that she was the daughter of a business tycoon and had inherited family wealth. In reality, however, she was a short-seller and was only speaking to Felix to get inside information about CableCash. Sheila had borrowed large sums of money and placed a wager against CableCash to learn about the frauds and other methods that the company used. The 3rd episode of King of Stonks features Dr. Cramaer and Julie Roux meeting face-to-face at the Global Economic Forum, while Felix plots a coup to dethrone Cramer.

What Was Felix Armand’s Asia Expansion Plan? What Did Steeler Consulting Have In Their Audit Report?

What Was Felix Armand’s Asia Expansion Plan? What Did Steeler Consulting Have In Their Audit Report?

The 3rd episode “King Of Stonks” shows how Dr. Cramer’s coup against Felix Armand ended in a disaster. He couldn’t do the damage he wanted to his image. Cramer promised Felix the CEO position, and the former believed he had the right to it since he was the one who created the company. Cramer refused Felix the position and appointed him the COO. He felt that two CEOs would create unnecessary confusion for investors. Felix didn’t get the recognition he expected. Cramer had known Felix since its inception. It was his code that helped to create CableCash. Cramer treated him as an insignificant person, and his opinions and views were sometimes publicly attacked.

Felix was also more insecure after Klaus’s arrival and his close relationship with Cramer. Klaus was a power broker and knew some of the most powerful people in the world. Cramer knew that their contacts would be a benefit in Asia. Felix realized that he needed to be there to make the system work for him and change the odds. Cramer agreed to let Felix handle the Asian expansion. He was certain that if he could execute this plan, he would be a major asset to the company. There was speculation that CableCash’s audit sheets contained errors and that CableCash was trying to hide them. Investors and general shareholders demanded an inquiry. Sheila Williams knew that the frauds would be exposed if an independent consultant conducted an inquiry. She would also make a lot of cash as share prices crashed.

What Was Felix Armand’s Asia Expansion Plan? What Did Steeler Consulting Have In Their Audit Report?

Rene Luckenroth of the Steeler Consultancy was named as the official to investigate the matter. Steeler’s consulting had such authority that everyone knew the financial status of the company once they gave the green signal. Sheila was aware that Rene had good relationships with Felix, Cramer and CableCash’s contract consultants. Sheila approached Rene at the parking lot and claimed to be from the DA. Sheila warned Rene that the DA office was suspicious about the company and that if his report was manipulated or misleading, he could also face serious consequences.

Sheila knew that this would reveal the truth. The opposite was true. Steeler Consultants published a report that stated that CableCash had not engaged in any form of malpractice. Sheila lost her entire money and wasn’t sure what to do. Cramer later assisted Rene Luckenroth, and he was able to get around a roadblock.

Felix had a plan to make a profit of 300,000,000 dollars, even though the company was losing money. A friend of Klaus had planned to buy Tikksystem, a small company, for 2 million dollars. This businessman will then act as a middleman and sell the company to CableCash at a staggering $300 million. The Tikksystem would then earn 290 million revenue for CableCash. CableCash could then show a profit of $290 million on paper, and increase its value. Although the plan worked, Felix was again on the losing side due to an unfortunate situation. Felix planned to tip off the Bangkok police, where he was going to make a deal for Tikksystem.

That’s how he would get rid Thai-Klaus. While Klaus was enjoying his meal at a restaurant, he planted drugs on Klaus and waited for the police to arrive. Klaus informed him just then that he planned to leave CableCash in order to seek out greener pastures. Felix was assured by Klaus that he believed in him, and that he believed he had done all that was necessary. Felix stopped immediately. He realized that he’d made all the plans unnecessarily, since Klaus was going to be leaving the company. He decides to change his mind and tells Klaus that he will leave the restaurant as soon as possible. But it is too late. Klaus was arrested by the police for illegal drug possession.

Cramer was aware that Felix was responsible for Klaus’ arrest. Cramer managed to free Klaus from Bangkok’s prison and make him the Head for International Strategy. Felix’s plan went sour and he lost all praises. Cramer, on the other hand, saw through his motives.

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King Of Stonks’ Ending

King Of Stonks’ Ending

Sheila met another investor. She knew that the stakes were higher because she had to not only place the correct bet but also repay the amount she borrowed from her previous investor. Felix was not aware of Sheila’s identity. They had a very intimate moment together, and she leveraged her proximity to Felix. She learned about Tikksystems, CableCash’s fraudulent acquisitions and transactions. Tom Wieland was a journalist with whom she had once been close.

He was willing to publish the report in his newspaper. He needed evidence and Sheila had it. Sheila decided to short-sell just seconds before the article was published. She would then win the bet, as share prices dropped dramatically. Felix decided to leave CableCash, believing it was a sinking ship. He planned to travel to Kazakhstan with Sheila and Amira Wallace, as his Austrian intelligence ally could arrange a passport.

His driver Sascha made it clear to Felix that Sheila was the real Sheila just moments after he had given his resignation speech. Felix was devastated and thought of a plan. He didn’t tell anyone about it. Cramer wanted to join the DAX group. This stock index only included the most well-respected German companies. Cramer had also decided to allow Deutsche Bank to take over CableCash. Felix resigned moments later, taking advantage of Cramer’s drunkenness to make him tell Cramer on video that CableCash would not be bought by Deutsche Bank. He then had to stop Tom Wieland printing his article.

He tried to scare and threaten him but it didn’t work because Tom had the support from the authorities. Felix thought of another idea and came up with it. He had a chance to meet Sheila at the bar that he frequented. Felix’s last card was played when Sheila left. He also knew that Mike Silver, the bar’s owner, was a short-seller. Felix pretended to have a drink and told Tom Wieland about the report. Felix was aware that Mike would also short-sell if he knew this critical information was authentic.

Sheila noticed that many people were selling short the day before she was due to place her bet. Tom denied that he had ever told anyone about the article. Sheila asked Tom. Sheila was skeptical, but she still paid all of her money because she believed nothing could go wrong. Tom knew he could be charged with market manipulation and decided to resign from his article. The article was made public before Tom could notify his editor. Cramer called a press conference, and blamed Sheila Williams, the hedge fund manager, and her ally Tom Wieland for manipulating the markets.

All went according to Felix’s plan and CableCash once again restored people’s faith. Felix proved his worth by asking Cramer to take full executive power. He no longer wanted the role of CEO. Cramer signed and showed Felix respect for his efforts to pull CableCash from the murky waters almost entirely by himself.

King Of Stonks’ Ending

The news broke that four people died in a Brandenburg plane crash. One of these was Jutta Katz. Jutta Katz is their arch-rivale and Digital Representative at Deutsche Bank. Felix and Cramer realized that their new partners, i.e. The crash could have been caused by the Visconti and Hermann families. Felix once expressed concern about Jutta Katz’s behavior and the mafia family quickly responded that they could always have an accident. Felix realized they may have taken it too seriously and did the right thing in good faith.

King of Stonks finishes on a cliffhanger. Felix Armand and Dr. Cramer are left with the hope that the mafia wasn’t behind the crash, and that they won’t be faced with any more controversies. The next season of King of Stonks (if there is one) will explore whether CableCash can improve its methods and means or if its fraudulent structure is exposed and the masterminds behind it.

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