When Will Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World Episode 7 Release Date?

When Will Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World Episode 7 Release Date?

Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World Episode 7. While we all use the internet for our daily entertainment, imagine being transported to a completely different world of fantasies and games. It would be strange and perplexing. Today’s topic is Ambushing the Bandits. This episode of Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World was the seventh. We will also summarize each episode so that you don’t feel lost. Nntheblog is always there for you.

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Michio Kaga is a sophomore at high school who discovers an unusual website while surfing the internet. He is having trouble balancing his life and trying to find meaning in life. This website has a series questions and a scoring system that can be used to help develop a character’s expertise. Kaga completed his character and was taken to fantasy world to play a videogame. He was reborn as an idol-level man who can seduce girls. Here is the beginning of the tale of the harem, and the cheating of the reborn man.

Another World Episode 7 Release Date

Authors of the Japanese light series of novels Harem In the Labyrinth of Another World are Shikidouji, and Shachi Sogano. Shsetsuka ni Nar publishes user-generated books. The website hosted online serials from 2011 to 2019. Shufunotomo later bought it, and has published 12 parts under Hero Bunko since December 2012. Since April 2017, a version of the comic featuring graphics by Issei Hju has been published in Monthly Shnen Ace, Kadokawa Shoten. It was collected in eight tank-bon volumes. Passione’s anime TV series was first shown in July 2022.

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Harem in The Labyrinth of Another World Episode before Episode 7

Harem in The Labyrinth of Another World Episode before Episode 7

Michio Kaga begins playing an online game that is low-cost and he believes it to be virtual reality. To kill many bandits that have infiltrated the community, he uses his sword Durendal. Somara, the village head, gives him the tools for robbers. Kaga discovers that the world is real and that he must complete the game before he can check it out. Kaga was robbed by a peasant. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime. Kaga travels to Vale to claim the ransom of the bandits and to sell his booty to the thief.

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To collect the reward, Kaga goes to Alan, a slave seller, and he buys the thief. He also informs him of a new labyrinth that has been discovered nearby. Kaga is attracted to the labyrinth and Alan suggests Roxanne as a slave. Kaga is attracted to Roxanne because she is a beast woman. This makes her useful in battle and will make her virginal if he uses her as a slave. Kaga feels guilty for even considering it but is still captivated by the idea. He also hears Alan’s sales pitch and agrees to return in five days with Roxanne’s nearly 450,000 gold.

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Harem in The Labyrinth of Another World Episode  Episode 5

Kaga, now an older man with five female slaves returns to the village where his life began. After spotting Mio, Kaga gives Mio, a small child, a scimitar full of rage. Roxanne questions Kaga about the matter, but he simply replies that he does not know anything about Mio’s father. Kaga is currently in the process of selling his wealth, but still needs an additional 70,000. To make quick money, he decides to enter the labyrinth and steal items. Out of concern about it being too tempting for thieves, he hides his sword Durendal under his profile menu. He then purchases a simple scimitar. He enters the labyrinth to experiment with his newfound abilities.

He realizes that losing his magic causes him depression, and vows to stop using spells until he has enough. To get more loot, he must fight harder than ever before. After accidentally running into a monster nest, he nearly dies. Durendal’s magical absorption and health spells save him. After disposing the nest, he returns to Vale and finds that his accomplices in the murder are still nearby. Kaga decides to pursue them for the reward.

Harem in The Labyrinth of Another World Episode Episode 6

Kaga visits the slums to find out why some areas of the city turn into red-light districts after dark. This is a sign that robbers want to be hidden. Kaga is able to track down the bandit and follow him to his base of operations, despite all the distractions. Kaga monitors the various bandit organizations in order to learn their customs. Kaga’s landlord tells him that bandits began killing each other after an influential boss was assassinated to regain control over his region. Kaga killed the bandits earlier because they belonged to a struggling gang, which was chased by other bandits from Vale.

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Roxanna is left with less than one day to buy, so Kaga moves. Kaga breaks into the headquarters, killing many bandits as they sleep. However, Kaga is forced to transport the bandits into the labyrinth after being notified by other bandits. Kaga trades Roxanne for the bounty, and Roxanne is hers when she has enough money. Kaga is shocked when Roxanne apologizes to Kaga for believing he wouldn’t be able afford her. Roxanne is relieved that Roxanne has an owner now that the slave agreement is in place. Kaga can relax knowing that he was successful with purchasing Roxanne.

Harem in The Labyrinth of Another World Episode 7

Kaga might be able to afford a larger room due to his extra cash. Kaga sees Roxanne becoming anxious and is afraid that sharing a bed with her will make her feel scared. Later, he realizes that he had mistakenly reserved a room with two single beds and a double bed. He can reassure her that he wants to share a room with her and also wants her to join him in the maze as a combatant. After Roxanne has purchased all her adventuring supplies including underpants, they return to their hotel. Roxanne shows her skills in maintaining and fixing machinery. However, as night falls, both Roxanne and Roxanne become more anxious.

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Kaga cannot help but look at Roxanne’s body and touch it. He feels terrible about it afterwards. Despite their embarrassment they can wash each other’s backs and shampoo each other’s hair. Roxanne even manages to clean her tail. They finally get in bed together and have a good time having sex while Roxanne has as much fun as them. Kaga thinks Roxanne kissed him because he asked her before she went to bed the next morning. Kaga decides to embark on their first adventure into a labyrinth.

Harem in The Labyrinth of Another World Episode before Episode 7

Roxanne replies to Kaga’s question about how to upgrade his gear by telling him to find a rare monstrous skill stone and have a smith attach it to it. Only dwarves have the ability to blacksmith and are often unreliable. Kaga decides to bring in a trusted dwarf to the group. Kaga discovers that it takes several months to make a Magic Crystal, which can be loaded with monstrous magical powers and sold for huge sums of cash. Kaga discovers that even though two empty crystals can store the magic of a million creatures, most people sell them after selling 100,000.

Roxanne accepts a healing leaf from the Tree-type boss after Roxanne defeats him, and earns the title Herbalist. As compensation for their defeat, they are granted access to Floor 2. However, Kaga wants the Herbalist title so she returns to the first floor. Kaga is a herbalist and can make potions for health with the medical leaf. Kaga tells Alan that a bandit is watching over Alan’s trading posts as he enters again. Alan claims that Kaga delivered the robber to him because he was a victim of a gangster. Alan believes that the thief was a bandit and that the men who bought him were members of his gang.

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Michio Kaga

Alan speculates that the thief who is still in the trading house was told to wait until everyone was asleep before opening the doors and allowing the entire bandit group in. Kaga asks to be employed as a guard because Roxanne has fond memories of Alan’s former employees. Roxanne and Kaga spend the evening in bed, before returning to the trading post at midnight to join forces with Alan’s slaves to surprise them. 

Harem in a Labyrinth of Another World Episode 7, Release Date And Release TiMe

Harem in a Labyrinth of Another World Episode 7, Release Date And Release TiMe

Harem In The Labyrinth of Another World Episode 7 will be delivered on Wednesday, August 17th, 2022 at 11:30 PM JST. You can bookmark nntheblog to get the latest updates on Harem In The Labyrinth of Another World anime. Each Country’s release dates and times can vary due to geographical locations.

Episode 7 Release time

Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World Episode 7 : Preview Trailer
By sae amiru

Each territory has its own release times

  • Pacific Time: 7:30 AM PDT
  • Central Time: 9:00 AM PDT
  • Indian Time: 8:00 PM ET
  • Japan Time: 9:30 AM JST

Harem in The Labyrinth of Another World Streaming Details

 Streaming Details

All episodes of Harem In The Labyrinth of Another World can be streamed on Ani-One. This is the official streaming partner for this anime and many others.

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