When Will Obsession Release Date?

When Will Obsession Release Date?

Netflix has revealed the release date for Obsession, the new “steamy” British thriller series. This is all you need to know. The new miniseries has been categorized as an erotic thriller.

Glenn Leyburn’s team and Lisa Barros D’Sa’s will direct it. Benji Walters oversees the screenplays, while Morgan Lloyd-Malcolm supervises them.

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Obsession is the new name for the project that was originally called Damage. At a Netflix UK event, the film was introduced in March 2022 as being from Guamont UK & Moonage Pictures.

This is all we know about the show’s upcoming season, including the plot and the actors involved.

When will Obsession be available on Netflix?


On April 13, 2023, Netflix will add all restricted series to its global catalog.

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Preview of Obsession


The Netflix new thriller centers on a man’s fascination with his son’s fiancee. However, it’s an affair that is fueled by forbidden desires and an erotic obsession.

Jay is Jay’s father. Ingrid is his wife. But Jay is transfixed by Anna and begins an affair with her. It is passionate in a way that the rest of his life isn’t.

Although the series is based on Damage, which was also adapted into a movie in 1992 starring Juliette Binoche and Jeremy Irons, this adaptation is unique in that Anna sees the events from a female perspective.

Film and book were told from the perspective of the male protagonist. However, this version was written and directed by women. Also, a female intimacy coordinator is included in the film. This gives the audience a wider perspective.

Murphy spoke out about her new role and said that she remembered “some stunning moments” from the film. It was also great to have the book during rehearsals, but Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, the writer, had done something completely different with the source material. It was quite an amazing revelation.”

She said, “It was going be so much more empower to my character Anna Barton. After reading the script, I thought, “Oh my God, this is 100 percent true.” It was the most perfect role I could have imagined. It was the most fun and dynamic role I could have imagined.”

Obsession is an erotic thriller. However, it also explores the damage that this can do to a person, in this case Anna. This series explores what made her the woman she is today and what drives her actions.

Murphy said that she had experienced trauma as a child and was not protected by Marion Bailey (played here by Murphy). She appears very cool and in control on the surface. She believes she is in control and can keep all the plates turning.

Review of Obsession


Everyone who has seen Obsession on Netflix – Morgan Lloyd Malcolm the writer, Charlie “Happy Valley”, Murphy the lead – I would like to know: When did they first read Damage by Josephine Hart? Have they seen Damage film starring Juliette Binoche or Jeremy Irons? And how long did they talk about it throughout the 90s? Lloyd Malcolm is a huge fan of the book but has not seen the movie. Armitage didn’t notice either of them at the time. Murphy was three years old when the article was published in 1991.

The 50 Shades of Damage was the best – original, propulsive and widely read. The book had a similar impact to 50 Shades. It was a breezy middlebrow entry into a large conversation about sex. The story centers on a well-liked surgeon, yada, yada, who meets the girlfriend of his son and begins an affair with her. It has terrible consequences. It was very much of its time. A world still plagued by HIV anxiety tried to rebuild taboos surrounding sexual transgressions that the previous decade had destroyed with their permissiveness. They created situations that were so unacceptable and imagined punishments that were so extreme that Old Testament values might be restored.

You can think of Fatal Attraction and take out the boiled rabbit. The consequences for the surgeon will still be way worse. It felt like a fever dream for the wife who was wronged, trying to imagine the worst person her husband could have an affair with and then the worst comeuppance. Lloyd Malcolm agrees with Josephine’s sentiments. “I don’t want to talk too much about Josephine’s intentions because she’s not available to defend anything anymore.” However, I feel that this book is her most personal, and she was going through a lot.” Hart died in 2011 after a happy marriage to Maurice Saatchi. Her previous marriage, however, wasn’t as successful.

Armitage summarises Obsession as: “Have you ever had a person enter your life that has caused an overwhelming, indescribable sense of physical obsession?” Did you have a relationship with them? Or did you walk away? I feel sorry for them if they haven’t. Because that’s what everyone should feel.” Lloyd Malcolm said, “The book is so specific about the type of sex they have and the way it feeds into their relationship.” This is a dominant-submissive relationship that the original film had no idea how to handle. Louis Malle, the director of the film, swapped the BDSM dynamic’s momentum and subversiveness for a broad-brush sexual urgency. He heavily relied on the magnetic appeal of Jeremy Irons.


Obsession has tried to reverse that. Lloyd Malcolm says, “It was very important to me not to be saying anything like: BDSM sex a bad sex.'” It has to be a very vanilla version of kink because it’s mainstream TV. This is similar to the film of 50 Shades. However, Lloyd Malcolm states that it’s not “the porn version” of things. “This would be very intense, very deep, and lots of leather. It’s almost metaphorical to represent BDSM with Japanese silk ropes. This works because it’s not about how to do something, but rather their relationship and “who has control.” Lloyd Malcolm says. “For me, it was Anna [the girlfriend]. Every single scenario. This pair of aliens from another planet met and have this mutual need to meet. Charlie Murphy states that she is in complete control. This is her world. She is the architect for every rule. She is the dominant submissive and her power over him is very therapeutic.”

What Time and Where to Watch Obsession?


The entire series will be available worldwide on Netflix from April 13th 2023. It is expected to consist of three to four episodes each, which will give it a length similar to a long theatrical film. It was shot in London between April and June 2022.

Where was Obsession filmed in? Locations of the Netflix series Obsession


Obsession was shot in many glamorous locations in London, Paris, and the South of France.

Glenn Leyburn, Lisa Barros D’Sa and Lisa Barros D’Sa were the directors. They wanted the creative teams “to set the tone” with the locations and “vivid backgrounds” for the series.

Twickenham Film Studios created the London fat, where William and Anna met for their passionate moments.

Leyburn stated that “it helped us create exactly what was needed from that apartment – an otherworldly, and liminal space.” Glenn agrees.

D’Sa said that William enters the apartment through the front door almost like he’s in a dark fairy-tale. It’s a world outside of the norm, that is not part of people’s daily lives.

“It’s their cocoon, a place they create for themselves using the language of our bodies.”

The directors also stated that Richard Armitage was less stressed and anxious than Charlie Murphy because they were able to film the most intimate scenes.

What’s Obsession all about?


Obsession is inspired by Josephine Hart’s popular novel Damage, about a British politician who falls for an incontinenceful relationship.

Louis Malle made it into a movie in 1992. The film starred Juliette Binoche and Miranda Richardson, as well as Rupert Graves.

Richardson was nominated and received a BAFTA award for her role in the film as the wife who is aggrieved.

Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, playwright, spoke out about the differences between the 1992 film and the novel. He said that while he loved the book (which is an incredible page-turning, erotic thriller), he wrote it entirely from a man’s perspective.

His lover Anna is depicted as a vamp who enters the family and blows up everything before disappearing. Her primary purpose is to fulfill the needs of the male lead.

“I told her, “If I’m going do this, I want make sure that I get into Anna and understand why she behaves the way she does.” I wanted to understand Anna and the characters of the story in a more holistic way than just one-dimensional.

Richard Armitage: Who are you?


Richard Crispin Armitage, an actor and author from England, is well-known. He was first recognized in the UK for his role as John Thornton, a leading part in the British television series North & South (2004).

His portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield, the dwarf king/commander and leader in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit movie trilogy earned him worldwide fame.

Armitage received his degree at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. He initially sought theater work and joined The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) after receiving it.

After realizing that the most prominent roles on stage were reserved only for actors with a lot of talent, he began acting in television and films.

Armitage returned to the stage in 2014 after a 12-year absence. He played the first lead role in a major production and gained that fame.

He was nominated for an Olivier Award for Best Actor for his performance as John Proctor in The Crucible, The Old Vic. This role was well-received by critics and audiences alike. In 2023, he published the thriller Geneva as his first fiction work.

The “Obsession” is made!


Peter Sullivan coordinates ‘Secret Obsession’. He is known for his work in a variety of areas, including ‘Secret Society, Executioner Mountains, ’The Ideal Understudy, & ‘A Christmas Proposition, & ‘Termination Point, & ‘Blind Injustice’.

Plot: What is the story?


The thrilling, seductive Obsession series is four parts. It’s about forbidden desires and erotic obsession. The story is a contemporary adaptation of Josephine Hart’s novella Damage. It centers on the dangerous love triangle that develops when Anna Barton (Charlie Murphy), embarks upon a passionate affair and a relationship with William, her fiance. While Anna struggles to maintain both relationships, William becomes obsessed and is unable to stop him. But for how long?

Keep their secrets secret from anyone who might get hurt.

Netflix Obsession is based on a book.


Yes! Netflix is based on Damage, a 1991 novel by Josephine Hart. The story was about a British politician who fell in love with a woman she thought was a good match. This is slightly changed in the new adaptation, as the surgeon is the main character. Hart’s novel has been adapted previously into a 1992 film and an opera.

The Cast of Obsession


Charlie Murphy and Richard Armitage were the first to be identified as being involved in the project’s creation in March 2022. They will play the roles of William Barton and Anna Barton. Richard is an actor and author from England.

He was first recognized in the UK for his starring role as John Thornton on the British TV series North & South. Armitage is now a regular Netflix viewer.

He is also well-known for his roles in many Harlan Coben works. Richard was also linked to Fool Me Once, which will star Michelle Keegan.

Murphy is an Irish actor. Her most well-known roles are those on Peaky Blinders, and most recently the Halo series from Paramount+.

Indira Varma was cast as Ingrid. Rish Shah, Peggy, and Pippa Bennett–Warner were also announced as joining them. Indira, the narrator and actor, hails from Britain.

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love was her first major acting role and film debut. Rish is an English actor. He was the teenager superhero Kamran in Ms. Marvel and made his big-screen debut with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Pippa, a British actress, was nominated for an Ian Charleson award in 2010 in recognition of her performance in King Lear. Celine Arden plays Mimi in Obsession.

Gregg Barnett and Francesca Knight complete the ensemble. Letty Thomas is also a part of it. Victor Pontecorvo and Kerim Hassan are also part of the ensemble, as is Sonera Angel.

Everything We Know About Obsession

The Capture,4,Simone (CHARLIE MURPHY),Heyday films,Laurence Cendrowicz

Netflix’s 2023 schedule includes Obsession as one of its most attractive adds. This story reveals how lust and desire can alter our values and fundamental inhibitions. It is no secret that viewers sometimes want to be seduced and manipulated by their screens. Exist franchises that can travel the globe, such as the Fifty Shades films.

It is possible that Lady Chatterley’s Lover’s historical remakes will also be included. Sexy movies are now a part of their category. Netflix decided to adapt the book Obsession, which is well-known for its exploration of the ethics and perils of lust. Obsession, the upcoming film, is a story of deceit and impulsivity.

According to official Netflix synopsis, this erotic thriller is a must-have for your sensual watchlist. The novel was an instant hit. The novel was a frank look at the consequences of such behavior, and a classic in the subgenre of erotic obsession.

What is the total number of episodes in Netflix Obsession?


There are conflicting reports on the episode count of the show. Some sources claim there are four episodes while others state that there are three. Obsession will run three to four hours long and is a miniseries.



Moonage Pictures’ executive creators are Gaumont’s Alison Jackson and Frith Tiplady. Matthew Read is also a member of the team. Gina Carter, an experienced producer, was responsible for the creation of the show.

Netflix has mastered the art of spiced up binging, with everything from the Sex/Life series to Bridgerton’s Regency raunch. A new series called Obsession will be hugely popular.

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