When Will Virgin River Season 5 Release Date ?

To binge or not to binge… , that is your question.

Those who have already watched all 12 episodes from the fourth season Virgin River are left with one question: When will Virgin River Season 5 be available on Netflix? We have some good news! First, Virgin River was renewed for a fifth season. Production on Virgin River Season 5 has also begun!

While we know that there will be more Virgin River episodes in the future, when can we expect new episodes? When will Virgin River Season 5 debut on Netflix? We have everything you need to know.

Virgin River before Season 5

Virgin River before Season 5

The audience is left with more questions than answers at the end of season three of ‘Virgin River’. Who is Mel’s father? Was Jack really shot by Brady? What happens to Preacher? Is Hope going to be okay? Is Doc’s grandson the new young man in town? What does the future hold for Ricky and Lizzie?

These questions are answered in the fourth season one at a time, but not always in that order. The final scene of season 3 of “Virgin River” is Jack and Mel sitting together, and watching a breathtaking sunrise. Jack decides to propose to Mel at this moment, but Mel reveals that she’s not sure if Jack is the father of the baby.

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Season 4 begins with Brady being held in jail for his role as a suspect in Jack’s shooting. Brady found the gun that Jack shot with in his car. Brady is stabbed in prison by Calvin’s accomplices and then transferred to a hospital. A mysterious benefactor sponsors Brady’s bail bond. Brie realizes Brady did not shoot her brother. She is now able to be vulnerable and admits her love for the former Marine.

Virgin River before Season 5

Ricky tried unsuccessfully to rekindle their relationship after Lizzie split with him. To Ricky’s dismay, Lizzie becomes closer to Denny in the fourth season. He accepts the current situation and Lizzie becomes his friend.

Hope survives the accident, but wakes up to discover that her best friend Lily has died from complications of pancreatic cancer. Doc, her sole caregiver, becomes increasingly frustrated by Hope’s behavior. With the support of her friends Hope comes to terms with Doc’s sacrifices for her and their relationship significantly improves.

Preacher is found unconscious in the woods and Christopher is taken to his uncle Vince. Preacher then begins a desperate search to find the boy. He finally finds Christopher, but he discovers that Vince had taken Paige to make her pay for her brother’s death. The season 4 finale is titled “The Long Goodbye”. Preacher confronts Vince, and manages subdue him, saving Paige. Ricky is accepted to the Marine boot camp, and leaves the town with a sincere farewell.

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Virgin River before Season 5

Jack remembers Vince shooting him. Brady is released from all charges and Brie begins a relationship. Brie tells her ex-boyfriend that he is coming to Virgin River to make Brie sign a nondisclosure agreement.

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Virgin River Season 5: Interrogations to be Answered

Virgin River Season 4: Who are the Twins’ Fathers?

Virgin River Season 4: Who are the Twins' Fathers?

The third season ends with Jack asking the most important question of his life: who is Mel’s father? After Mel and Jack have briefly ended their relationship, Mel visits Los Angeles to undergo IVF with eggs from Mel’s husband, Mark.

In the end, it is revealed that Jack is the father Mel’s unborn child. Charmaine, Jack’s ex-casual lover, is now distressed by her husband’s departure and has trouble breathing. She says she is being punished because she claimed that Jack was her father, even though he wasn’t.

Charmaine had only announced her pregnancy five months prior. We must keep in mind that Mel arrived in town less than one year ago, so even though there have been four seasons of the series, it has only been one year since Mel was born. Charmaine lied for months to keep Jack in her family. We’re pretty certain that Todd is not the father of Charmaine and her twin boys. Charmaine would not have to try and convince Jack to leave the boys if he was.

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Virgin River Season 4: Who are the Twins' Fathers?

Charmaine believed that the birth father wasn’t fit to parent her child and concealed the truth. Jack’s sense for responsibility would make him a great dad, Charmaine is likely to have thought. She could also have lied to keep Jack company in her life. She finally feels guilty about her actions after all these months.

What does Denny want?

What does Denny want?

Kai Bradbury portrays Denny in the finale of season 3. Doc is open to accepting him into his family after learning about him. Mel and others around him warn him to be cautious. Scammers are all around. Denny’s actions seem very suspicious at first. He attempts to enter the clinic’s medicine cabinet and then goes through the financial statements. He clearly loves Lizzie, but tells her that Denny can’t get involved.

The season 4 finale sees Denny finally tell Lizzie the truth. He tells Lizzie that he has Huntington’s disease and that it is terminal. This is how he found the Klonopin pills hidden in his drawer, and why he doesn’t want to be with Lizzie. He thinks he doesn’t have a future. He believes he doesn’t have a future. This is why he uses money he inherited from his father to pay the mortgage on his grandfather’s clinic. When Doc confronts him about the clinic’s finances, he likely tells Doc what the truth is. He collapses before Doc and Hope and Hope doesn’t seem surprised.

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Are Jack and Mel Engaged?

Are Jack and Mel Engaged?

In season 4, episode 11, Mel and Jack finally get engaged. Mel arrives in the trailer to propose after filling up their hot chocolate cups. Mel accepted this time. A part of Jack worried for the rest of the season about what to do if he didn’t become the father of Mel. He realizes that it doesn’t matter. He is in love with Mel and wants to spend his entire life with her. They receive their lab results the next morning. Jack turns out to be the father.

Melissa Montgomery: Who are you?

Melissa Montgomery: Who are you?

After the death of Calvin, it seems like ‘Virgin River is’ setting up Melissa Montgomery to be a major antagonist. It becomes clear that she is the one pulling strings behind the curtains. She appears in many scenes throughout the season. Melissa, an older woman, exudes authority and power.

Brie and Mike discover that Melissa had posted Brady’s bail money during their investigation. Mellissa later appears when Brady visits their illegal operation’s headquarters. Later, she pays Brady a visit. She strongly implies that Calvin’s death was her fault. She makes her last appearance on the show and reveals that she is Nick’s sister. Jack recently formed a partnership with her regarding Nick’s glamping airstream company. According to gossip sources in Virgin River, Melissa is the trustee of the family trust that funds Nick’s various business ventures. Melissa is now in control of Jack’s fledgling company.

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Virgin River Season 5 Release Date: When will the show return?

Virgin River Season 5 Release Date: When will the show return?

Virgin Riverseason 5 is now officially in progress. It was renewed at the same time that season 4.

The team has been working hard on the new episodes and, just two days before season 4, it was revealed that the cast were back in production.

A screengrab of everyone at a table read on Zoom was shared by the official Virgin River Instagram: “A snapshot showing our incredible cast during a table reading for SEASON 5!” Yes, that’s right …. We have started production on Season 5!

Virgin River Season 5 Release Date: When will the show return?

It was also confirmed that a new captain is leading the ship Virgin River. Patrick Sean Smith joined the series as showrunner.

This does not help us to predict when new episodes will be available.

Seasons one and 2 dropped in November 2019 & December 2020, respectively. However, for seasons 3 and 4, it was moved up to a summer release and dropped in July 2021 & 2022, respectively.

Virgin River Season 5 Release Date: When will the show return?

This pattern suggests that unless something unexpected happens (which we would not put past this beautiful river town), it is likely that we will have to wait for updates for a year.

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When we hear more, we’ll let our readers know.

Virgin River Season 5 Cast: Who will return?

Virgin River Season 5 Cast: Who will return?

We know who is returning to the series thanks to the screengrab from the Zoom meeting.

The cast includes, naturally, Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, and Jack.

Annette O’Toole (Hope), and Tim Matheson, (Doc), have been confirmed.

Virgin River Season 5 Cast: Who will return?

Zibby Allen (Brie), and Benjamin Hollingsworth, (Dan Brady), were both visible in the reading.

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They will also be joined by:

* Colin Lawrence (Preacher).
* Chase Petriw (Christopher).
* Jenny Cooper (Joey Barnes).
* Sarah Dugdale (Lizzie)
* Marco Grazzini (Mike)
* Gwynyth Walsh (Jo Ellen)
* Nicola Cavendish (Connie)
* Christina Jastrzembska (Lydie)
* Mark Ghanime, Dr Cameron
* Trevor Lemer (Bert)
* Emma Oliver (Young Mel)
* Keith Mackechnie, Nick
* Teryl Rothery (Muriel).
* Kai Bradbury (Denny Cutler).

Virgin River Season 5: What’s the plot?

Virgin River Season 5: What's the plot?

You already know that Virgin River is always bustling with activity – and it will only get more complex.

Jack is sure to face some difficult issues, especially with the PTSD from war that still weighs heavily on his mind. He has turned to alcohol, and Mel was concerned about his health, but Jack didn’t want to admit to needing help. Until he found the right therapist.

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However, recovery can be a difficult road so it is possible that this could happen again. This is worrying considering that he’s about become a father.

Virgin River Season 5: What's the plot?

Mel is slowly building a relationship with Cameron, the new town doctor. It has become evident that he has feelings for her which are not just platonic.

Season four saw Hope in recovery from a terrible car accident. This put a strain on her relationship to Doc. She refused to follow her doctor’s orders.

Denny, Doc’s grandson, is not helping matters, given the shocking revelation that Denny has Huntington’s Disease, which can be fatal.

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Virgin River Season 5 Trailer: Do you have any footage?

By Nextfilm

Unfortunately, because production is just starting, we won’t be able to see any season five footage anytime soon.

The trailer for season 4 actually dropped just over a month before the episodes did. They love to keep us waiting!

Enjoy the series while you wait, even if it means a little more heartbreak than the heartwarming.

If there is anything else, we’ll let you be the first to know.

Virgin River is now available on Netflix.

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