Who Is Nanakusa Nazuna?: Everything You Need To Know

Who Is Nanakusa Nazuna?: Everything You Need To Know

Nanakusa Nazuna is Call of the Night’s deuteragonist. She is a vampire who made a deal to drink Kou Yamori’s blood.

Nazuna angry at Yamori | Yofukashi no Uta

Nanakusa Nazuna Appearance

Nanakusa Nazuna Appearance

Nanakusa Nazuna, a relatively short woman, stands just a head higher than a middle-school boy. Her thin body and pretty, spindly arms conceal her vampiric strength well.

Her hair appears almost grey, and is very light purple. It is long enough to reach her middle back. She then braids it into two long braids, which she then pins to her rest of the hair to create two large rings. Her bangs reach almost to her eyes and cover her eyebrows. She also has two medium-length tufts that fall from her middle, framing her face, ending at her mouth.

Nanakusa Nazuna Appearance

Her eyes are fiercely blue. Her eyes are not the standard pupils and irises. Instead, they have a target-like appearance. The black rings interspersed with sections of her iriss become smaller until they reach their pupil. This gives her an uncanny, but uncomfortable, gaze.

Nanakusa Nazuna is most commonly seen in large pieces of clothing that look like a mix between a cloak or a hooded jacket. The large piece of clothing covers almost all of Nazuna’s body, down to her calves. It leaves only her hands exposed.

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Nanakusa Nazuna Appearance

Nazuna wears a pair black denim shorts below her upper thighs. She also has a black leather keyhole shirt without sleeves. Her collar is higher than other keyhole tops and covers a large portion of her neck. The back of her top also shows her shoulder blades. It is very short and just below her breasts. This leaves a large portion of her stomach, and back exposed. To complete her unique look, she wears leather gloves and a pair of leather boots that are thigh-high.

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She is cute or pretty, just like every other vampire who has ever appeared.

Nanakusa Nazuna Personality

Nanakusa Nazuna Personality

Nazuna is very laid back. Although she isn’t overly friendly, she has a relaxed approach to most situations. She is open to talking to anyone, and will keep in touch with anyone she considers to be her enemy due to her vampirism.

Nazuna is a great companion for people who love the night and want to introduce people to the town’s nightlife.

Although she doesn’t like to be called a vampire, she is more open than you might expect. She doesn’t drink from people who don’t consent. Sometimes, this means telling people she is a vampire. Other people just love that kind of thing. She is very concerned about not being a bad person.

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Nanakusa Nazuna Personality

Nazuna is open to discussing sexual matters and will not hesitate to discuss them. She is however very sensitive to romance and will react strongly to the use of the term “love” in a romantic context.

Nazuna is a mystery-loving girl with a possessive side. She was annoyed when Kou Yamori said that there was another vampire living beside her.

Nanakusa Nazuna RELATIVE(S)

Haru Nanakusa, Mother

Haru Nanakusa

Haru Nanakusa appears as a side character in Call of the Night. She is a vampire, and the mother to Nazuna Nanakusa. She gave birth to Nazuna and then passed away, according to her husband. Kabura Honda was her underling.

Unnamed Father

Kabura Honda (Adoptive Mother)

Kabura Honda

Call of the Night: A side character


* Nazuna can legally drink alcohol.

* She quit her job for a month after meeting Kou to spend more time with him.

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