Who is Yamori Kou?

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Occupation: Middle school
Hair color: Black
Eye color is black

Who is Yamori Kou?

physical portrait


Yamori Kou is a friendly and well-liked student. He appears to be happy and well-respected, but he longs for more. He doesn’t like being the centre of attention and lacks motivation to maintain his “perfect student” performance.

He has difficulty empathizing and leaves school quickly to pursue other interests. He dreams of becoming a vampire and asks Nanakusa to help him. But he’s still not sure what the meaning of love is.


physical portrait

Kou Yamori
The protagonist of Call of the Night He is a human that wants to be a vampire. He hires the help of Nazuna Nanakusa

Appearance Yamori Kou


Kou is small with dark eyes and small pupils. His hair is short and thin. Kou typically wears black baggy pants with a plain shirt underneath a black jacket. One sleeve of the jacket is covered in a white stripe. A pair of white rubber shoes is also available for footwear.

Personality Yamori Kou

Kou is a friendly and well-liked student. Kou seems to be happy and has had a successful life. He longs for more. He doesn’t like being the centre of attention and isn’t motivated enough to keep his outstanding school performance. Kou struggles to relate to other students. Kou decides quickly to quit school and live alone.

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He seems mature for his age and is not afraid of many things. He can be seen walking alone at 14 without fear, and he is drawn to vampires. He is comfortable speaking with people older and more knowledgeable. He often has problems sleeping at night and is very depressed. He wants to become a vampire, but he isn’t sure how.


He can also become a half vampire. His abilities are unknown, but it has been proven that he can be faster, stronger and more confident than most.

Although he is unable to control his ability, it has been demonstrated that he can become a half vampire when he consumes his blood. Nazuna He took his blood and examined it with his hands. He noticed that Mahiru was also bleeding from his nose.

Is Kou Yamori able to become a Vampire at Call of the Night?

Kou has not been fully transformed yet Call of the Night. If he can see blood, he can only temporarily become a vampire.

Fans speculate a lot about Kou Jomori’s ending at Call of the Night.

They came up with some bizarre theories about Kou’s vampire state. Many speculate that Kou is not allowed to have a relationship with his parents. This is why they aren’t in the photo. Recent revelations have revealed that Kou is the son of a divorced father.

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The second theory concerns Nazuna’s lineage. Fans were reminded that Nazuna is both human and a vamp. Nazuna is a non-pureblood and can only become a vampire for a short time.

According to the third theory, Kou is gradually becoming a vampire. He needs to be able to trust the process. He will transform completely in just a few more decades.

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Fans also link Nazuna to Kou’s status as a vampire. They believe Nazuna, when Kou becomes a temporary vampire, will turn into a vampire. They will then marry and have their children.

However, the manga is still in development so there will always be theories and speculation!

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