Who is Riku Utomiya In Classroom Of The Elite ?

Riku Utomiya In Classroom Of The Elite . Classroom of the Elite is a very popular light novel series about the storylines set in the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School, set in the far future. The story follows a group of students as they try to “survive” the harsh conditions of the school and the society in which they live.

This psychological thriller has also received an anime adaptation and thanks to its popularity, we at nntheblog also write about the series. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the character of Riku Utomiya, who debuted in the second year.

Who is the student Riku Utomiya?

Who is the student Riku Utomiya?

Riku Utomiya, a first-year student at Advanced Nurturing High School, is a student in Class 1-C. He has straight dark hair and green eyes. He made his debut on the Classroom for the Elite Volume 1 in Japan, which was released January 24, 2020. He has not yet appeared in the anime series.

Utomiya was introduced to Kiyotaka Ayanokoji in Year 2 Volume 1. He was walking with Sakurako Tsubaki and Kiyotaka Ayanokoji to ask if Tsubaki could be her partner. Sakurako had an OAA of C- and was in danger of not finding a partner. Kiyotaka declined her offer, saying she had already found a suitable mate. Tsubaki and Utomiya accepted and then left. Utomiya also gave her number to Kiyotaka just in case.

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Later, he represented class 1-C at a meeting of students from all four first-year classes. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss possible formations for next Desert Island Exam. Hosen began to argue with him in the middle and accused Hosen of causing the expulsions of one of his classmates.

Who is the student Riku Utomiya?

Riku Utomiya, a relatively new character in the series is what makes it difficult to find information about him. We don’t know enough about Riku Utomiya and his role in the story as it is. Although he did make some appearances in the story, it was not as prominent as his other main characters. We will have to watch how his story develops in future volumes of the light novels and the anime series.

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What is Riku Utomiya like?

What is Riku Utomiya like?

Utomiya has a calm personality. He talks with others casually and his class seems to trust him enough to talk to other classes. He doesn’t like people like Kazuomihosen who use violence to get their way and won’t mind getting into a fight if they do.

From what we have seen, Utomiya appears to be a genuine good guy. He doesn’t like characters like Kazuomi, who are violent and believe they can make it all work by imposing their will on others. We will have to wait to see if Utomiya is still the same person in the harsh conditions of Elite series. However, we do hope that he stays the way he is right now. He seems like a refreshing addition to the cast.

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What are Riku Utomiya’s Abilities?

What are Riku Utomiya's Abilities?

Utomiya is very physically fit. Her OAA rating of an A in Physical Ability indicates that she has high physical capabilities. Hosen knew immediately that Utomiya was powerful enough when he grabbed Hosen by the wrist to stop him attacking the other women. Unfortunately, this is all we know at the moment about Utomiya and his skills. He is an outcast socially, but his academic skills are at a B-level (72). His adaptability is graded C (66), and his overall social contribution is low D+ (39). His overall grade is a low C (66), which has remained the exact same in his second year.

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