Why does Homelander Like Milk ? – Milk Obsession Explained

Homelander is still obsessed with milk, even in The Boys season 3. Homelander’s jealousy over Madelyn Stillwell and her infant son became more evident throughout season 1. The finale was the culmination of his jealousy. After confronting Stillwell about her continuing dishonesty with regard to his offspring, he killed Stillwell in a shocking twist of events. The Boysseason 2, continued the story. It showed a depressed Homelander looking around in Stillwell’s empty office and eventually taking a sip of the breastmilk left over from her.

The scenes between Homelander, Madelyn Stillwell are still memorable for their strange, unsettling nature. Homelander is a man-child who has extraordinary but dangerous powers. Stillwell was the Vought executive responsible for keeping him under control. He appealed to his deepest needs, not for a partner sexually but for a mother.

When does Homelander consume breast milk?

When does Homelander consume breast milk?

You may recall the history of The Boys TV series. It is clear that Homelander consumed milk at least once in several episodes. Let’s just briefly recap some of these events.

Stillwell observes Homelander through CCTV. He is mockingly asked if he feels lonely and she invites him to come in. As a way of “taming” him, she warns him about his speech and makes him lie on the couch. This was in Season 1’s “Good for the Soul” episode.

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Homelander finds milk in Madelyn’s old office. Homelander takes the milk, smells it, warms it with heat vision, without damaging it, and then he drinks it. Ashley observes him as he does it, and thanks him for helping her to get Madelyn’s job. She promises to fill her shoes as best she can. Homelander responds by saying that she found Translucent a new hero.

You need to be aware of Homelander’s obsession for milk. It is more evident in Amazon’s TV series than in comic books. We’re choosing to focus on the TV series over the comic books because the television series gives us more psychological insight (in this aspect), into Homelander than the comics.

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Why is Homelander so fond of breast milk?

Why is Homelander so fond of breast milk?
THE BOYS, from left: Karl Urban, Antony Starr, ‘Payback’, (Season 3, ep. 301, aired June 3, 3033). photo: Jan Thijs / ©Amazon / Courtesy Everett Collection

The television series didn’t really address Homelander’s milk obsession. This was something we were shown as a fact, and the show didn’t go into more detail about Homelander’s bizarre milk fetish. Although it was clear that milk made Homelander feel safe and calm, we aren’t sure what the psychological reasons were. However, we can speculate. Let’s look at his past.

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Homelander was born before March 16, 1994. He grew up in a laboratory surrounded by doctors such as Jonah Vogelbaum who called him John. Vogelbaum observed that Homelander was violent, aggressive, and even hateful to all of his family members, despite not having a mother figure. He used to spend hours staring at a projector as he grew up and was able to see images that would shape his personality, including the American flag, Jesus Christ and baseball.

Homelander was a mother-like figure. He was a doctor. But he killed her when he was just a child. He had previously caused similar incidents with many other guardians before his death. His behavior was usually motivated by outrage, but this time it was due to isolation-induced depression.

Why is Homelander so fond of breast milk?

Homelander also has an Oedipus Complex. This is a condition that is projected onto Madelyn Stillwell, who is his closest mother. He doesn’t let his fear stop him from burning her skull and eyes when he realizes what her real fears are. Because he longs for a maternal figure, women can manipulate him with relative ease. Stormfront, Stillwell, Maeve and Stormfront have all been able manipulate/control him in some way due to their being women and appealing to certain parts of his damaged psyche.

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This is a brief analysis of Homelander’s brain to understand his obsession with milk. He sees breast milk as a motherly symbol and uses it to calm him down. It is a vital part of his personality. Homelander is able to connect with his missing mother through breast milk. Stillwell was an example of this, but Homelander was so traumatized that he didn’t care when he killed her.

His sentiments toward his mother were gone, and all that was left was the milk. It is now a symbol for both his Oedipus Complex and his damaged psyche. This is also why his obsession is so bizarre. However, there isn’t much anyone can do.

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