Why isn’t Naruto called Namikaze : Everything You Need To Know

You wonder why Naruto was named after his mother? You don’t know why Minato Namikaze did not give it his name. We didn’t get a Naruto Namikaze. Nntheblog has the answer!

Naruto’s life was always perilous and threatened, but he was more secure as Uzumaki than Namikaze. Many people were curious as to why Naruto was chosen to be Uzumaki, and not Namikaze. Many believe it makes sense that Naruto should be given Namikaze’s surname, as the Uzumaki clan has been destroyed and the peaceful Uzumaki clan is now in danger. There is a reason that Naruto’s third Hokage chose to use the name of the endangered clan.

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The Uzumaki clan

Why isn't Naruto called Namikaze

Mito Uzumaki is no longer able to hold the nine-tailed Fox Demon in her. The Uzumaki clan sent Kushina, a young girl to solve the problem. The Uzumaki are known for their advanced sealing techniques and specific chakra, which makes it easy to send a young girl to take on this task.

Kyubi has now changed hosts and Kushina will enter the ninja academy. There, she will be mocked because of her red hair, which is a unique sign among Uzumaki. This is a sign that will work against Kyubi. She will be kidnapped and taken away by Kumo ninjas who will directly identify that she is the Jinchuriki from Konoha. However, a Minato Namikaze ninja saved her. He told her that her hair color was what saved her.

Why isn't Naruto called Namikaze

They hung out together from then on until they lived under one roof. Minato was extremely strong and could compete with the Kages while not being strong. Jiraiya stated that Minato was a genius, who could only be seen through the centuries. Due to his strength and rising popularity, the third Hokage chose Minato as his successor.

Minato Namikaze’s power

Why isn't Naruto called Namikaze

Minato is now Hokage. He is the village’s strongest ninja and well-known all over the globe. This has made him a lot of enemies. It was for this reason that Kushina revealed to Minato that Kushina was pregnant. To protect Naruto against Minato’s enemies, but also to provide protection for Kyubi. There is one time when Kyubi’s seal is weakening, and that’s during childbirth. If Kyubi’s Jinchuriki becomes pregnant, it might be a sign that someone is not well-intentioned.

A device was put in place to counter this. Minato gave Kakashi the task of monitoring Kushina. A secret location was set up for delivery. But, as you all know, Kyubi managed to flee because Obito. Kurama sets fire to everything it comes across, panic reigns in the village. Minato must fulfill his Hokage role and save his village.

Why isn't Naruto called Namikaze

He must involve his newborn child so he seals half the Kyubi in Minato and half in Naruto. Despite heavy losses, the village survived. One person remains the focus of discussion: Naruto. Sarutobi promised his parents that he would watch Naruto and take good care of him. However, a question must be answered: What should this child be called?

Why is Naruto named for his Mother?

Why isn't Naruto called Namikaze Why is Naruto named for his mother?

The Third Shinobi War was before Naruto’s birth. Minato Namikaze (Naruto’s father) was known as the yellow lightning bolt or Konoha. This ninja, who was fast and powerful, killed 1000 shinobi in a matter of seconds, winning the war for Konoha. He also forced other nations to sign a peace treaty. Minato made many enemies during this time, ready to risk everything they could to exact revenge on him and his family.

Minato, fourth Hokage and Kushina Umaki, both gave their lives for Konoha, their child Naruto, during the attack by the nine-tailed Fox demon. After the death of both their parents, half the tailed beast was placed in the infant Naruto. Naruto was taken into the care of the third Hokage who gave him the name Uzumaki.

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Why Naruto Uzumaki, and not Namikaze?

Why isn't Naruto called Namikaze Why Naruto Uzumaki, and not Namikaze?

After the massacre of Uzumaki clan, the few Uzumaki survivors had been hunted down by Orochimaru, who wanted their powers. This hunt was eventually stopped completely, but it had been decreasing over time. However, considering the number of enemies Minato had made during the war, and the fact that ninjas in other villages wanted to kill his family if they were spotted, it was safer to call Naruto Uzumaki instead of Namikaze.

Given the dangers of Namikaze and Uzumaki, neither Namikaze nor Uzumaki were good surnames. Naruto was not offered for adoption because everyone hated him as the host demon of the fox demon that killed their fourth Hokage. Evidently, the third Hokage wasn’t taking care of him. The Uzumaki were not hunted except for the massacre.

Why Naruto Uzumaki, and not Namikaze?

Therefore, it was safer to use the name Naruto. However, he did later discover that his parents existed. This was the only way to protect his father from his enemies. Naruto was able to tell the truth about his parents when he finally learned it. He did so confidently, despite all the dangers. He was able to tell anyone about his parents thanks to his powers, and was thus freed from the dangers of surnames.

The Koseki Register

The Koseki Register

Therefore, we can see that the author preferred Uzumaki as the clan is more important then Namikaze, even though Minato was the fourth Hokage. It is also evident in the other characters, such as Sarada, Shikadai, who took Naza and Inojin who took Yamanaka.

The choice of surnames for Naruto isn’t always easy, especially in the case of Naruto. The village and child had a strategic stake. Naruto helped to make peace between the villages. There is no need to ploy; surnames will be based upon Koseki. This is why Himawari, Boruto and Boruto are called Uzumaki instead of Hyuga because Naruto the seventh Hokage. Now you know all about Naruto’s origin and, more generally speaking, how names are chosen in the world of Shinobi.


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