Yawara Chatora : Everything You Need To Know

Yawara Chatora

In Mha, Yawara Chatora Also known as Tiger is a professional hero, and a member of the Wild Wild Pussycats hero group.

Appearance Yawara Chatora

Appearance Yawara Chatora

Tigre, a tall and muscular transgender man, is his name. His short, black hair is combed back and has a small tuft hanging above his forehead. He also has very small eyebrows and blank eyes. His mouth has a feline look.

She wears a feline-themed hero costume, similar to her teammates. A brown top with brown stripes exposes her belly. Brown boots with white faux fur and vertical stripes are paired with brown boots. They also have a helmet and earphones that look like cat ears. Black markings are also visible around his eyes, with zigzagging lines and a triangular mark below his chin.

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Personality Yawara Chatora

Personality Yawara Chatora

Tigre is very intimidating and strict. He takes his responsibility to train students at the U.A. Academy, Tigre takes his responsibility to train the U.A. students very seriously. He encourages them to tear their muscles and does not hesitate to beat the student; He also protects his female classmates.

He can also be very protective of his team members, and he will become angry when Pixie-Bob gets attacked. [2] He also protects his teammates.


Arc for the school trip

Arc for the school trip

Tigre, along with his team, introduces themselves and their gifts to Class 1-A and Class 1-B who just arrived to assist them in their training. He then asks students with strength-enhancing Gifts to join him.

Tigre then sees Izuku stretching out and asks him to strike him. Izuku uses the Detroit Smash 5% but Tigre dodges it well and hits him back, commenting that his muscles need to be “tearn” more. While Kota watches silently from behind a tree, he continues to cheer Izuku and train. The third and final day are spent at the gym.

Arc for the school trip

A “test of courage” will be held on the third day. One class, Class 1-A in this instance, will need to run a route with two other classes while Class 1-B will use their Gifts to “scare” them. This will take place within fifteen minutes. The test continues as usual.

After Pixiebob is attacked, the test proceeds as normal. Tigre angrily replies that he won’t kill her when Magne threatens him. Spinner interrupts Tigre to apologize for injuring Pixiebob’s face.

Arc for the school trip

Magne and Spinner are respectively fought by Tigre and Mandala. Magne notices that Mandalay is struggling to deal with him and uses his Gift. When suddenly Tigre punches Magne, Mandalay is freed from his grasp. Magne manages to stop Tigre’s attack, this time Magne retaliated. Mandalay informs Tigre as he stands up that he cannot communicate with Ragdoll. This is something he finds puzzling since he usually responds instantly.

Magne is stopped by Spinner and they argue about Izuku’s attack. Mandalay had come to inform Mandalay about Kota and Aizawa’s orders as well as the villains’ goal. Mandalay uses this distraction to kick Spinner in his face and knock him out. Later, Tiger wraps his arms around Magne to immobilize him. They would have been able to capture the pair of villains but they are saved by Kurogiri’s portal. [9] The villains have achieved their objective.

Hide and Seek raid arc

Hide and Seek raid arc

Tigre joined the police and many professional heroes two days later in the rescue operation of Katsuki.

Mount Lady and Gang Orca infiltrate partially damaged warehouse to capture all Nomus. Tigre saves Ragdoll. Naomasa Tsukauchi is informed by Best Jeanist that the warehouse was cleared. Ragdoll tries to speak to Tigre.

Tigre attempts to speak to Ragdoll, but she doesn’t respond. All For One suddenly appears from the shadows. He apologizes to Tigre and explains that he took Ragdoll’s Gift. All For One causes collateral damage to the warehouse before the professional heroes can take action.

Hide and Seek raid arc

Best Jeanist quickly reacts and pushes his fellow professionals heroes out. Tigre falls backwards which, despite him being able to survive All For One’s attack, leaves him severely wounded.

Tigre and Ragdoll return home after All For One’s defeat. Mandalay, Pixiebob, and Tigre stand beside her as she grieves the loss of her Gift. The heroine has lost her career.

Professional Heroes Arc

Skills Yawara Chatora


  • Flexibility (Ruan Ti Nantai?, lit. Soft Body: She can stretch and flatten her body.


  • Enhanced Strength: Tiger’s physical strength has been enhanced. He was able stop and defeat Kenji Hikishii, a villain with some notoriety. He can also defeat Kenji Hikiishi.


  • Feline gloves: He can use his retractable claws to attack and scratch any enemy with his gloves.
  • Headphones: The feline’s helmet-shaped helmet with headphones allows him to communicate with his teammates.

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School trip

  • Tiger & Mandalay vs. Magne & Spinner – Victory


  • His name includes the kanji “tea” (“Tu Cha Chacha?). ), “tiger” (Hu tora ?) and “soft” (Rou yawara ? ).
  • Like her teammates’ names her hero name comes from a breed cat. However, unlike her teammates hers isn’t the name of a small cat.
  • Her favorite things are her teammates.
  • Yawara is the first transgender character in the series.
  • Kenji Hikiishi of League of Villains is the first. However, Yawara, unlike Kenji was able complete his gender transition by gender reassignment surgery.
  • The two characters meet up and fight one another.
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