Giantess Anime or Manga Characters : Our Top 27+

Although giantess anime and manga characters are rare, there are many! The bigger, the better!
giantess anime mangas characters

Although giantess anime and manga characters are rare, there are many! The bigger, the better!

These giant female characters are amazing! They are adorable and super cute. Some of them are smaller than average-sized women, but their fans love them because of their personalities and demeanor.

You guessed it! They are loved by their huge, curvy bodies!

This list includes gentle and aggressive female giants. We considered all kinds of giants and anime.

Enjoy the following list that we created for you.

27+ Giantess Anime Manga

Now 15+ giantess anime / Mangas characters in Bonus !

13. Matrona (Seven Deadly Sins), – Muscular Anime Giantess

Matrona (Seven Deadly Sins), - Muscular Anime Giantess

Matrona is another Seven Deadly Sins Character. Also, Matrona is a side character that is introduced later in the series to serve as Diane’s mentor. She is also the leader for the huge clan.

Matrona’s ripped body is what sets her apart from other giants. Matrona is the largest giant girl in anime history.

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12. Dione Nephilim (Monster Girl Doctor)

Dione Nephilim (Monster Girl Doctor) Giantess Anime Manga

Dione is one side character from the anime Monster Girl Doctor. She is a female member of the gigas races and lives high up in the Vivre mountains. She is about ten times taller than an adult human but has a gentle, breezy personality.

To avoid being scared by mountain animals, she lives in silence in a cave. She moves so little that moss grows on both her hair and body. Her species has a slow metabolism and long life expectancy. Although her skin is tougher than tree bark, all of the fat in her large breasts is stored, which gives it the perfect amount of softness.

11. Attack on Titan: Ymir Fritz Titan Formation

Attack on Titan: Ymir Fritz Titan Formation Giantess Anime Manga

Our list begins with Eldians and Marleyans being at each other’s throats. They had equal powers up until Ymir Fritz, a slave to the Eldian King, was merged with a mysterious creature that gave her titanic powers.

Sorry, this one isn’t the sexiest of all. But I had to compile it. You will have to be patient with me as giant female characters aren’t very common.

Ymir Fritz was a titan of strength and power. It had long blonde hair that resembled her hair as a person.

The titan’s skin was completely absent from his face. The titan’s face was naked and exposed to the air, with only a quarter inch of skin. It looked quite scary because of its exposed skill!

Now let’s get to the important stuff!

10. Mana Eimiya From Choudokyuu Shoujo 4946 – The Cutest Giantess Anime Manga characters

Mana Eimiya From Choudokyuu Shoujo 4946

The manga Choudokyuu Shoujo 4946 depicts a 15-year old boy who is kind and gentle. This manga is a shoujo manga that tells the story of a schoolboy Makoto who falls in love with a Giant girl.

Makoto’s school is attacked by a monster, but Mana, a giant girl who appears out of nowhere, saves it. She falls in love with Makoto while saving the school.

Mana stands at 4946m tall. However, she is gentle and kind. Mana is a peaceful being who does not harm humans.

Bright red hair is her signature feature. She ties it in two ponies on either side of her head. She is adorable with her ponies, and even more cute when she blushes!

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9. Sky Priestess Farine from Dog Days

Sky Priestess Farine from Dog Days Giantess Anime Manga

Dog Days is an action-adventure fantasy series that aired in 2015. Farine was the Priestess in the Sky, a minor part of the show.

Dog Days tells the story of three main characters: Cinque, Nanami and Rebecca. They travel to Flonyard, where they participate in friendly war games between three allied countries, Pastilage and Galette.

The Sky Priestess is a curvy woman with perfect volume. She is sexy and has great hips.

The robe she is wearing has purple fur-lined trim around the shoulders. She is seen in a robe that exposes her enormous cleavage, and the corset she wears to enhance it is black.

She would be a great addition to the anime. You can see her on Dog Days!

8. Nimi Minimi (Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid)

Nimi Minimi (Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid)

Minimi Nimi is a side character in the anime Valkyrie Drive Mermaid. Nimi is a normal, honest, and slightly nervous person. However she can transform herself into a giant. 

When she is with a girl she loves, she can become very agitated. She can become a giantess when she loses control over her power and destroys everything. Her only problem is that her powers do not work on her clothes. She is almost always naked in her giantess body.

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7. Ouzen From Made in Abyss

Ouzen From Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss is a documentary about the Abyss, and the creatures it supports. The Abyss, a supermassive chasm reaching the depths of the planet, is home to mysterious creatures only found within the chasm.

Divers are surface-dwellers who decide to dive into the Abyss in order to discover more about these mysterious places. They are adventurous and brave. White Whistles are the best divers.

Ouzen, the Immovable Lord, is a White Whistle rank holder. She lives on the second floor of the Abyss at the seeker camp.

She is a tiny giant who still stands 2 meters high. Her black and white hair flows down her shoulder, and she has pitch-black eyes that look devilish!

Also, Her eyes are even more attractive, I think. Her looks are stunning and she has a strong, sexy aura. Watch out for her in Made in Abyss.

6. Fairy Tail Brandish – The Strongest Giantess Anime Manga characters

Fairy Tail Brandish

Brandish u (whom I will refer to simply as Brandish) is a green-haired giantess of the popular Shounen Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail is about the guild with the same name that the show. It’s a magical guild that has crazy mages who make more trouble than they solve people’s problems.

Natsu, the main character, is exciting and unpredictable. His adventures with Lucy, Happy and Gray are also thrilling and crazy.

Brandish, also known by the nickname “The Nation Destroyer”, was a former member in Chief Sprigann’s protection squad. She makes her debut in the Alvarez Empire Arc.

Her green hair is styled in bangs that cover her forehead. Two objects, shaped like crosses, stick out from her hair either side.

A black bikini is her choice, with white embroidery and a barely-there overcoat. Her fair, soft skin is always exposed and her long, sexy legs are just too much!

5. Klan Klang From Macross Frontier

Klan Klang From Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier, also known by Macross F, is a sci-fi action romance anime featuring giant mecha robots and aliens as well as global wars against races!

Klang Klan is a member of the Zentradi race. Klang Klan is also the commanding officer of the S.M.S. Pixie Squadron. This all-female battle squadron features the strongest Zentradi warriors.

Her long, blue hair flows down to her calves. Her hair is tied in two long ponytails on each side of her head, with a pink ribbon. She is a beautiful smile and has the most curvy body.

Her purple and white battlesuit shows off her breasts and waist perfectly. She is over 12m tall and is a warrior. You can see her in Macross F, the popular franchise.

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4. Shirahoshi from One Piece

Shirahoshi from One Piece

One Piece is full of monsters and giant creatures. But, Shirahoshi is the most stunning and beautiful character in the series.

Luffy and his pirate crew, the StrawHars, are always on the go, their goal is to find The One Piece!

They meet Shirahoshi, the Queen of Mermaid Island and the youngest child of Neptune. It is truly stunning!

Princess Shirahoshi, a giant mermaid, has long, lush pink hair that flows down her back to her elegant mermaid tail.

Her huge front is covered with a bikini, which looks like a huge clam sock. They are not clams. I mean, how do you find such large clams?

Her round face is accentuated by sparkling blue eyes and a happy smile.

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3. Attack on Titan: Annie Titan Form – Most Badass Giantess Anime Manga characters

female titan

Annie was one the honorary Eldians of Marley who broke the wall that day, shaking the world and all who lived within it.

Leonhart Annie is the Female Titan. Annie was a lot like the titan’s body and face. The titan is a tall, muscular man with six-pack abs, strong thighs and straight blonde hair.

Annie, in her titanic form, is approximately 14 meters tall. She is just as beautiful in her human form. Annie has a cold-blooded expression on her face.

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2. Mount Lady From My Hero Academia – The Sexiest Giantess Anime Manga characters

My Hero Academia is an anime that depicts a world in which humans have evolved genetically and are now able to possess various quirks and traits.

These traits are used by humans to help or destroy others. Heroes was thus born!

These traits include fire trait, frog abilities and gravity nulling trait. Giant Form is one such remarkable trait!

Yuu Takeyama, also known as Mounty Lady, is a hero who can transform her body into an enormous giant. Also, Her massive size allows her to grow up to 20m in height, and she can easily defeat her enemies.

In Addition, Her purple hero suit, which exposes her curves vividly, is what she wears most of the time. Her straight, blonde hair flows down to her lower back and is long. She is a very sexy giantess.

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1. Diane from Seven Deadly Sins – Most popular Giantess Anime Manga characters

Diane from Seven Deadly Sins

In Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins), Diane is the most beautiful and sexiest giantess. Diane is one the main characters in the show, and she is also a member the Seven Deadly Sins.

Her sin is the Serpent’s Sin of Envy, which makes her jealous of others’ achievements, wealth, and other material possessions. She can have anything she wants, but not everything she needs!

Meliodas is her main Sins member and she has a huge crush on her. Meliodas is not able to understand her feelings, which frustrates her.

Her outfit is stunning! The orange one-piece suit she wears is made of plastic-like material. It highlights her curves and defines her body in a very sexy manner.

She is a tall, brown-haired giant who ties her hair into two ponies in a symmetrical arrangement.

As a weapon, she wields a supermassive ax known as “Gideon”, also known as Sacred Treasure between the Sins. She is brave, strong, yet as feminine as any woman. And she is incredible!


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