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Android 21 (Good)

Android Number 21 (Good) 👾 (人造人間21号(善), Jinzōningen Nijūichi-Gō (Zen) is, as its name suggests, the good and less Powerful half of Android Number 21 (人造人間21号, Jinzōningen Nijūichigō), which fissioned from its evil counterpartIts strength and capabilities are reduced.
She is. Android Number 18, the co-star of 🐲 Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Android Number 21 Arc.



Android Number 21 (Good)Her human form is the same as her counterpart, and has the physical appearance of a young girl with the same appearance. Light reddish-brown hairA tall, slim, light-skinned woman with blue eyes and a pale complexion. She wears glasses and a ring on her left finger. Her nails are also covered in red and blue sections. Painted black. She is known for wearing glasses. She has a pair hoop earrings, and a pair red shoes. blue shoesMatch her dress with similar platforms to heels

Once transformed into MajinThe good half of Android Number 21She is different from all her colleagues because of her eyes. These eyes keep their white sclera and light blue Irises. Black pupils.


Dragon Ball FighterZ

Android Bow 21

Android Number 21Before she sacrificed herself, she thanked the Z Warriors. The first half of The 👾 Android Number 21 ArcAndroid Number 21 struggles with her evil side. It grows stronger as she resists the waves. She seems to give in to her dark side at first, but Android Number 18’s soul helps her to save herself and finds the motivation to fight to create a family. New Android Number 16Try to make peace with yourself. But her evil side keeps coming back, until she can no longer fight her. CellRemove the old and make it new Android 16.

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This is because of fission Android 21Her power is severely diminished as her evil counterpart took most of it. Cell was also taken in by 21 after her fight. This results in an astonishing level of power. 21 finally defeats the Z Warriors after he joined forces with them. The 21st Century is the worstBoth of them died instantly after deciding to give up their lives to save Son Goku’s Genkidama. Despite everyone mourning his death, GokuHe is optimistic and has decided to ask Enma Daio for his soul to reincarnate.

Android 21 (Good)


The majority of this property has been sold. Power of Android Number 21To her evil counterpart, the benign side of her remains The weakerOne of each.



When you are transforming Android Number 21She reveals her Majin nature and her powerful combat skills. Being a MajinShe gains a tail with pointed ears and her hair becomes whiter. Her eyes and hair are now light blue and have black pupils and retinas. Her skin is pink, and her clothing changes. The Majin female traditional outfitWear white pants with a black bra. In The 🐲 Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan BattleThis form of mobile videogame is known as Android 21 (Good). Transformed.

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  • Total Detonation Sphere: Number 21 releases a large sphere full of black energy with both hands to harm the opponent.
  • Mimicry: This technique allows him copy the techniques of his competitors. It can also do this after the Cut of a knowledgeable.
  • Get rid of the experts: The opponent is held by the neck by an android. She then stabs him with the blade of ki. When the opponent is released, she will have copied one his attacks. Depending on which character was absorbed, it could be:
  • Ki Blast Onslaught.
  • Android Barrier
  • Kamehameha
  • Bullet Chaser
  • Explosive energy explosion
  • Sticky energy blast
  • Taiyoken
  • Teleportation
  • Aerial Insights CutAndroid Number 21 uses this variation to perform Insight Cut against airborne opponents.
  • Photon Wave: A large burst of energy released into the air which damages the surrounding area. Dragon Ball FighterZ Level 1.
  • Excellent main course: Her second Level 3 in Dragon Ball FighterZ, 👾 Android Number 21Flys quickly and does a midair lunge. This involves slicing your opponent and throwing him to ground. The Android then shoots you in midair with a Ki blast that can destroy a planet.
  • Ki BlastThis is the simplest way to use ki.
  • Fly: Flying through the use ki
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Android 21 (Good)

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  • Japan Hōko Kuwashima

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