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Dbz Dead Zone

Dragon Ball Dead Zone (ドラゴンボールZゼット, Doragon Bōru Zetto), titled Garlick Junior immortal in Spain and ¡Devuélvanme a mi Gohan! Spanish America: The fourth film is based on the manga or anime series. Dragon BallThe first of these is The 🐲 Dragon Ball ZStage of the anime as the successor to Dragon Ball A Great Mystical Adventure. It was released in Japan on July 15, 1989. The “Toei Cartoon Festival.”.


In Year 461, apprentice God GarlicCompetitors vied for the title of next God of Earth. Garlic’s evil intentions were detected by the previous God, and God was chosen to be his successor. Irritated, GarlicHe rebelled against his master but was exiled. His son Garlic Jr. returned to Earth three hundred years later, just months before the Saiyan Arc. Garlic Jr. sought revenge and gathered the Dragon Spheres. When Garlic Jr.They were searched for, but they kidnapped Goku’s son. Garlic Jr. is aware of his power and makes Garlic Jr. his disciple. To end the enemy. PiccoloSon Goku and the former team up to fight for the revenge of the beatings he received earlier. a death match 💪 without being victorious due to the immortality of Their enemy.


In a remote location, PiccoloHe is training for the upcoming fight with Goku. Unaware, he is attacked immediately by a mysterious group consisting of three powerful fighters: Sansho, Ginger, and Nicky. At Paoz MountainThe mysterious group easily defeats King Gyuma & Chi-Chi. They kidnap Gohan, who possesses the Four Star Dragon Sphere. Goku returns home to Chi-Chi’s injuries and discovers that Gohan is captured. You can use The Dragon RadarGoku locates his location, and he sets off to retrieve it. Son.

The leader of a fortress is shown to be Garlic Jr.He aspires to acquire the seven Dragon Spheres, and become immortal so he can ascend to the throne. Nicky takes care GohanGohan, however, is very difficult to care for. Gohan declares he’s hungry, and pulls out a piece of fruit he picked from an outside tree. Nicky advises him not to eat the fruit but it’s too late. Gohan has already eaten it. It turns out that it was fermented. Gohan becomes drunk and runs around the castle, being chased down by Nicky until the Saiyan is next to him. Garlic Jr.

After collecting all of the Dragon SpheresGarlic Jr. calls Shen Long to ask for immortality. Goku arrives and demands Gohan’s return, but Garlic Jr. declines. Goku prepares for battle, but God suddenly appears explaining that Garlic Jr. Garlic is the son of Garlic Jr., a man who was previously in vying for the title of🌎 Earth GodHowever, the ancient God recognized his evil intent and secured his power. Goku takes Garlic Jr. to God and travels to the castle in search of Gohan. Garlic Jr.Follow Goku to help him in his search. Krilin comes to Goku’s aid in his search for Gohan. However, Piccolo then appears. Garlic Jr.’s minions are shocked that he is still alive and fighting fiercely. Gohan then urinates. Krilin’s head.

Garlic Jr. has a big advantage Front of GodHe told him that he is no longer the fighter he was in his youth. God sees this and decides that he will take his own life in order to stop him. But, before he can do so, Piccolo and Goku arrive on the scene having defeated God. Nicky, SanshoGinger. Garlic Jr. becomes a powerful warrior. The battle begins, and Super Garlic Jr. is no match. They decide to retire the heavy combat clothes and push. Garlic Jr.His limits. Krilin eludes with Gohan but is still carried by Garlic Jr. Piccolo and GokuGohan then falls to the bottom, almost fainting. The castle.

Dbz Dead Zone
They are defeated by a Double Spirit Control Wave Super Garlic Jr.Piccolo challenges Goku, despite this and without taking into consideration the immortality and super makyan, to exact his revenge on the Saiyan. They then start their own battles, but not at the moment. Garlic Jr. appears unharmed. He’s had enough with the warriors, and uses the 🐲 Death Zone to finish them all off once and for all. Little Gohan hears his dad in the distance, and starts to cry from the rubble. An Inexperienced Power Boost allows Gohan to get angry and use his power. True power. Super Garlic Jr. cannot believe it and tries desperately to get in with the portal to challenge Gohan, but to no avail. Gohan uses all of his ki and becomes furious. Garlic Jr.He is sealed in the Death Zone forever. The portal cracks and the Death Zone is no longer accessible. There are thousands of pieces.

GokuThen, he rushes over. GohanHe wakes up without any memory of what happened. Gohan’s ability to control the universe is shocking. They hide from him what really happened. Gohan is saved by the Kinton Cloud, and the two of them fly back on the Kinton Cloud. Paoz MountainPiccolo makes the decision to return to the challenge GokuYou can always come back later.


The film was premiered in summer as part of The July 15, 1989Toei Manga Mattsuri was shown alongside three other films Akuma Kun, Himitsu No Akko-chan, and Mobile Cop Jiban. The film was seen by a total of 58,039 people in theaters. 2.2 million people800 million yen. In MexicoThe film would then be dubbed and broadcast to television. It would not reach the screen. Theaters.

Disk release

Until Dragon BoxSets were first released in the 2000s. In Japan, the only Dragon Ball properties available as home video were the original theatrical films. VHSLaserDisc, 8mm film reels, and LaserDisc. Later, they were re-released. 1996To replace out-of-print VHS tapes with a lower cost and slightly different product Different covers.


  • Son Goku 💪
  • Bulma
  • Chi-Chi
  • FLASHBACK: Previous God
  • Garlic Jr. FIRST AppEARANCE
  • Garlic FLASHBACK
  • Kame-Sen’nin
  • God
  • Krilin
  • Makyanos FLASHBACK
  • Piccolo
  • King Gyuma
  • Shen Long
  • Sea Turtle


  • Speed Attack
  • Power Boosting
  • Power Boost for Inexperienced People
  • Self Blast
  • Make a Magic Staff!
  • Maximum Energy Ball Power
  • Headbutt
  • Blast Point Blast
  • Kamehameha
  • Kogeki Katana
  • Kiai
  • Death Impact
  • Illusion of Darkness
  • Makosen
  • Instantaneous Movement
  • Ki Wave
  • Spirit Control Wave
  • Maximum Power Wave
  • Explosive Wave
  • Dark Eyes Beam
  • Sealed Light beam
  • Energy Fist
  • Demonic Fist
  • Immortal Regeneration
  • Ki Sense
  • Wild Sense
  • Triple Energy Ball
  • Laser sight
  • Flight
  • Death Zone
  • Death Zone Counterattack

Dbz Dead Zone


  • 100% power (Super Garlic Jr.)🐲


  • Universe 7
  • Earth
  • Watchtower of God
  • Desert
  • Kame House
  • Paoz Mountain
  • Goku’s House
  • Red Sea
  • Garlick Jr. Fortress
  • Death Zone
  • Objects
  • The Magic Staff
  • Staff of the New York City
  • Dragon Spheres
  • Kinton Cloud
  • Heavy Combat Clothes
  • Dragon Radar


  • Original Author: Akira Toriyama
  • Director: Daisuke Nishio
  • Production: Chiaki Imada
  • Animation: Minoru MADEDA
  • Script: Takao Koyama
  • Music: Shunsuke Kiduch


  • Character Seiyū Spain Hispanic America
  • Son Goku Masako Nozawa José Antonio Gavira Mario Castañeda
  • Bulma Hiromi Tsuru Nonia de la Gala Rocío Garcel
  • Son Gohan Masako Nozawa Ana Cremades Laura Torres
  • Piccolo Toshio Furukawa Antonio Ichausti Carlos Segundo
  • Krilin Mayumi Tanaka Ángeles Neira Eduardo Garza
  • God Takeshi Aono Jorge Tomé Carlos Segundo
  • King Gyuma Daisuke Gōri Pedro Casablanc Mario Sauret
  • Chi-Chi Mayumi Shō Julia Olivia Patricia Acevedo
  • Kame-Sen’nin Kōhei Miyauchi Mariano Peña Jesús Colín
  • Garlic Jr. Akira Kamiya Antonio Villar Salvador Delgado
  • Ginger Kōji Totani Alejandro Albaiceta José Arenas
  • Nicky Shigeru Chiba Antonio Inchausti César Soto💪
  • Sansho Yukitoshi Hori Vicente Martínez Eduardo Borja
  • Shen Long Kenji Utsumi Jorge Tomé Abel Rocha
  • Narrator Jōji Yanami Jorge Tomé José Lavat


  • Opening theme:
  • Hironobu Kageyama: “CHA-LA HEADCHA CHA-LA”.
  • Insert song:
  • “Tenka’ichi Gohan” (天下一ゴハン) by Masako Nozawa (voice of Son Gohan).
  • Closing theme
  • “Detekoi Toobikiri ZENKAI power!” (でてこいとびびきりZENKAIパワー!, Detekoi Tobikiri ZENKAI Pawā!) By MANNA.


  • It tells a parallel story to the series as the films before it. This case was set shortly before. Raditz’s Arrival on 🌎 Earth.
  • Although this movie takes place around Year 761, it would have had to have occurred in Year 760 in order to coincide with the Saiyan Arc (Raditz’s arrival), so that the Dragon Spheres were active again (at the end of the movie, Gohan was no longer carrying the four-star sphere).
  • In Gohan’s (Tenka’ichi Gohan) dream, a dragon similar to the blue-colored Great Dragon appears, as well as other bizarre creatures from the world of Dr. Slump.

Dbz Dead Zone

  • Contrary to popular belief, the movie is actually called Dragon Ball Z. The subtitle Give me back my Gohan! (Ora no Gohan o Kaese!!) never appeared in the film and was not included as part of the film’s title until the Daizenshuu 6 released in late 1995. The phrase appearedOnthe back of the VHS and LaserDisc releases in 1990, but was not actually considered part of the film’s name.
  • It is the first Dragon Ball Z movieTo have a story in the anime (Garlic Jr. The second and third are 🐲 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection Of ‘F”As a continuation of the anime to Dragon Ball Super (without Dragon Ball Z Kai).

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