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Assault aot

In Aot, The Assault (Japanese : Qiang Xi ; Hepburn : Kyoshu?) is the sixty-sixth episode of the anime Attack of the Titans and the seventh of the fourth season.

SUMMARY Aot Assault

SUMMARY Aot Assault

As the Eldian attack on Mahr continues, the Colossal steps in for the Eldians as well as the Cart to Mahr.

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The Paradise Eldians are forced by surprise attack by the Charrette Titan (and his men) to withdraw during a charge against Jaw Titan. Jean Kirschtein hides in a building, where he is attacked. Lara Teyber uses the diversion to create a crystal titan that traps the Titan Assailant. Eren Jager, however, manages to defend himself by putting a crystal towards the throat. Mikasa turns away from Eren when she hears the Bestial Titan entering the battlefield. Gaby Braun runs through the streets towards the battlefield looking for Eren, while Livai Ackerman engages in a fight with Sieg Jager.

The Battleship Titan’s hands reach the surface of the rubble and lift Falco Gleis to safety to witness the confrontation. Falco is briefly stunned by Eren Jager fighting and then he goes to search Reiner Braun. He finds Reiner in poor health and is not regenerating. Falco assures him that he’s not alone and will return.

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Jean avoids Sieg’s attacks, but cannot stop two overly-spirited soldiers from attacking this beastly creature. They are stopped by Peak, who is being protected by Porco Galliard. Eren, who is on his side, attempts to crush the crystal of Lara but fails, realizing that she is weak. Eren emerges from his titan and transforms once more. Peak Finger calms Porco, who is a bit panicked by the assurance that the Mahr army had surrounded them and that they cannot flee. Sieg proves Eren right, before he throws rocks. Livai then prompts Porco to leave because time is running out.

Falco is on the ground and reaches Theo Magath, who asks Falco if he’s okay. Then, he orders him to run for cover. Falco informs Reiner where Reiner is, and confides in him that Reiner is in an awful situation due to him trying to protect Eren. Gaby rejoins them at this moment.

The Mahr keep busy at the harbor as a fishing boat passes by. Armin Arlelt transforms into a Colossal Titan while he is on it and destroys part of the port. Porco reacts angrily to the attack and attacks Eren, causing the formation to crumble. This allows Livai the opportunity to rip the neck of the Bestial. Under the watchful eyes of Falco , Gaby, and Theo, Livai places a bomb on the back of the neck of the titan. Theo captures Gaby, who tried to attack Livai, and protects the children. Peak is now at its mercy and alone. Although the first offensive fails, Sasha Braus makes a comeback by killing Carlo and creating an opening. Jean seizes this opportunity to rush the titan and drops Thundering Spears. Her men then finish her off. The Titan Charrette is left inert.

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The titanic colossal takes a few steps around the port. Armin then gets out of his titan to see with desolation what has been done. He then launches upwards towards the Airship that just arrived.

Jean is about to take another shot at the Car, but Falco intervenes. Jean misses the shot due to his intervention. Peak appears from the titan and tells Falco that he is going to run. Theo protects Peak and orders Gaby, along with his men, to get Falco out of there. The girl quickly obeys and leads Peak to safety, with Falco still covered in Theo.

Porco sees the situation getting out of control and attacks Eren . He bites Eren on the wrist and severes his limbs as he falls to ground. After severing Eren’s wrists several times, he then attacks him with his teeth. Eren ends up protecting himself by using Lara’s crystal. Mikasa manages get Eren to relax, but this confrontation gives Eren an insight.


The children are looking at Peak in dismay and Gaby asks Falco where he is. Falco responds that he doesn’t know but then tells Gaby where he is. He asks Reiner to stay alone. Gaby is unable to understand the situation and reminds him about their lost loved ones. Gaby looks out the window and notices an Eldian airship hovering above the city. Hansi Zoe, an ally, gives orders to Onyankopon and asks Armin whether he is possessed Erwin Smith. The young man denies it.

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Porco knows that the Eldian army is withdrawing when the airship appears. Mikasa cuts his legs when he tries to attack the airship. Eren grabs the titan and throws him on the ground. Then he rips its arms off. The crystal is then placed in Eren’s mouth. He uses it as a nutcracker and breaks it. Koslo and the children understand that it will now be his turn. Gaby screams at her cousin, asking him to help her. Falco then joins Gaby. Reiner, exhausted by his strength, transforms himself to stop Eren from crushing Porco.

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  • Porco Galliard / Titan Jaw
  • Eren Jager / Titan Assailant (Analepse/Present)
  • Sasha Braus
  • Jean Kirschtein
  • Conny Springer
  • Mikasa Ackerman
  • Livai Ackerman
  • Peak Finger / Titan Charrette
  • Sieg Jager / Titan Bestial
  • Falco Gleis (Analepse/Present)
  • Reiner Braun / Titan Battleship (Analepse/Present)
  • Armored Unit, including Carlo
  • Lara Teyber
  • Theo Magath
  • Gaby Braun
  • Luise
  • Frock Vorster
  • Armin Arlelt / Titan Colossal
  • Wim
  • Koslo
  • Hansi Zoe
  • Onyankopon

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NOTES About Assault Aot

  • Death of Lara Teyber and the Armored Unit
  • Partial transformation of Dreadnought Titan
  • Onyankopon’s first appearance.
  • First transformation of Armin to a Colossal Titan.
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