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moblit aot

In Aot, Moblit Berner was lieutenant of Hanzi Zoe. He was also a member of Hansi’s Squad.



In Aot, Moblit , a young man with brown hair and hazel eyes, was . He often wore the uniform of the Exploration Battalion.



In Aot, Mobli was intelligent, patient, and responsible. He was intelligent, patient, and responsible for watching over his superior officer. His character was eccentric and often overzealous, which led to him getting into trouble. He had to remind Hansi Z0_ to be more cautious, especially when dealing with titans. Despite his differences in personality, he was always by Hansi’s Side and loved her very much. It was obvious that Moblit, Hansi’s right-hand man and advisor, was loyal in all situations.

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HISTOLOGY About Moblit Aot


HISTOLOGY About Moblit Aot

Hansi Zoe was right next to her when he experimented with two captured titans, Bean & Sonny. Because he was afraid for her safety as she interacted and interacted with the unsuspecting titans – especially when Sonny nearly ate her head – he didn’t share her enthusiasm.
Later, during the 57th expedition of Exploration Battalion. he was part the escort that had the Female Titan back. A trap set by Erwin Smith captured her. The rest of the story did not go according to plan. The Female Titan shouted and a horde attacked her. He, along with all the soldiers present, had fight them to save her. The Female titan was ripped apart by the titans, but they were too many.

The wall of the Stohess District suffered damage during the battle of the Titan-Assassin vs the Female Titan (battle 2). Mikasa found a massive titan within it. Moblit, like the rest of the soldiers, was skeptical and asked Hansi for orders. Pastor Nick then appeared out of breath, asking Hansi to not leave the titan exposed. She executed her request using a temporary means and questioned him at top of the wall. Hansi lost her patience when the pastor refused to answer. He was grabbed by his collar and brought to the wall’s edge. She threatened to throw him from the top. Moblit was terrified and begged his leader for help. Hansi sent Nick violently over the edge, expressing her anger. She didn’t intend to carry out her threat, but she just wanted to teach Nicholas a lesson. She confided to him afterwards that she felt a sensation she hadn’t felt since her first visit outside the walls. It was fear.

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By Hanpetos

After Pastor Nick’s revelations were made, Thomas from Mike’s Squad came to warn about the imminent arrival of the titans within the pink wall compound. Hansi’s team, which included Livai and Eren, Armins, Mikasa, Mikasa, Jean, was called in to seal the breach. Hanji, who was en route to scientific research on the wall’s nature, wasn’t in a rush and had to press her multiple times. They left. Hansi decided to take Hanji to the Castle at Utgarde to see the threat from far.

They arrived at the castle to find it under attack by the Bestial Tial Titan, a horde primary titans, as well as a field of destruction. They saved Ymir and Conny Springer, Reiner Braun, Historia Reiss, Reiner Bran, Bertolt Hover, and exterminated the remaining titans.

Hanzi And Moblit Aot

Hannes informed them that there was no breach when they reached the top of the wall. He and Hansi thought that titans could dig underground tunnels. However, they didn’t know the true role of Bestial Titan.

They were soon confronted by the Dreadnought Titan , the Colossal Titan and their Dreadnought Titan , who revealed themselves to be members of the 104th Training Brigade and Bertolt Hover and had transformed in front of their eyes due to their revelations. The heat of the colossal rendered the soldiers unable to reach its neck and they were repulsed. Meanwhile, the battleship had fallen from the wall with Eren and was now able to defeat it.

The soldiers heard the Dreadnought Titan cry and assumed it was the Female Titan. A horde titans would soon follow. This was Bertolt’s intention. The projection of the fires from his titan’s titan fell on them, causing severe injuries. Hansi and Moblit were left hanging on the wall along with other soldiers including Armin and Mikasa to be able to see Eren during battle and help him. [10] The most severely injured soldiers were then laid on the wall to recover, with most of them unconscious. Hansi can then be seen sleeping on the wall, while Moblit is still watching her closely.

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Moblit told his leader about Pastor Nick’s murder in Trost District, where Hansi had put him to safety, a week after his encounter with the Colossal Titan. The wall cult threatened reprisals against Moblit after he divulged his secrets to the battalion. They reached the spot. They were led by the Special Brigades. Two of their members were at the entrance and brutally pushed them back as they tried to enter. Hansi insisted and they said it was a burglary gone sour. After seeing the body, she didn’t believe them at all. The fingernails had been torn and the face was swelling, but she still believed him. The colossus tried to intimidate her, taking her by her collar and forcing her to give her division. 

He revealed their identities as Commander Hansi, Fourth Squad and Moblit Berner (his second in command). They were then made fun of by the man, who revealed their identities as being from the First Brigade Division. This was a grave mistake by the officer as the division is usually stationed in the capital Paradise. After he had guessed his thoughts, Hansi asked him if he was certain that Nick was killed by them. She replied in the affirmative. 

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She noticed cracks and damage in his hands as she was shaking hands with him. It was used to beat Nick and force him to reveal his true identity. He and his squad went to the lodge where the newly renewed Tactical Squad was stationed. They had a conversation about the case. They exchanged information about the case. He informed them that Major Erwin had been briefed on the matter and that the battalion was placing the special brigades under surveillance to prevent any further mischief. However, the battalion would be able to track them down.

Hanzi And Moblit Attack On Titans

Despite the threat, they continued to go to the Maria wall to test the Titan Assailant. He was responsible for taking notes on Hansi’s observations. The tests did not prove conclusive. Eren failed to pass the rigidification test. This test went wrong. Eren combined his face with the titan’s body. Holding Eren in his arms, Hansi asked Moblit to draw the disfigured face. He executed the task quickly and efficiently, despite being shocked by his reaction.

Later, he was present at the interrogation Djer Sanes of Hansi and the officer of Special Brigades who prevented them from reaching Nick’s corpse. Hansi and Livai tortured the last one. He took note of his declarations. They were unable to make him confess, but they convinced him that Ralf had spoken. Then they brought him back in a cell.

They then went to the Belk Press Agency. They overheard a conversation in which Pyre, a journalist, asked Louis Roy, owner of the newspaper, if it would be okay to tell the truth. Roy replied that newspapers had to bow to the King. Hansi was already at the office, and Moblit was at the door, cutting their escape route. She explained to them that she originally wanted revenge on her fallen comrades for the lies in their newspaper. However, she changed her mind. While the journalist attempted to take notes, Moblit , who he hadn’t seen approaching behind him, calmly took his hands and began shaking it with force. 

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Attack On Titan Moblit Berner And Hanzi Zoe

The violence scared Mr. Roy and he was afraid for his young worker. Hansi surprised him by pointing out that he was too violent. They then invited Roy to join them on an investigation. She took them to the Trost District trap they had put up. They made it clear that one of their officers, who had come with his team to subdue this witness, was complicit in the crimes of Special Brigades. They then appeared and destroyed all but the leader. The dozens of citizens had been hidden in the ruined building, Felgel had made it appear uninhabited to make it seem more so and they all became witnesses. Roy allowed his reporter to take note of the operation and then told them that he wasn’t going to share the news that would lead to the deaths of all newspaper employees as well as their families.

He gave his team permission to spread the word. Moblit, Hansi went to search for the Tactical Squad. They found the younger members the Marlowe Freudenberg, Hitch Doris brigades that were being attacked and killed by civilians. Hansi was certain that Roy did not change his mind, so Hansi ordered Moblit to find Erwin to bring him up-to-date with the latest news and his plan.

The goal of this project was to launch an operation at the Reiss family church in order to free Eren Jager and Historia Reiss, who were held there. He announced the project and organized the departure preparations. The entire battalion was ready to leave when he informed the major.

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Moblit aot

The battle was already underway between Livai’s squad of Hansi and Kenny Ackerman, an anti-human team. Two teenage boys were captured and returned to their ranks, unharmed. The most dangerous threat remained undiscovered. After an injection Rhodes Reiss had become a titan standing at 120 meters.

The battalion organised the defense of the Orvud district, where the titan was headed. Moblit sent a specially designed cart equipped with a large-sized powder keg and built-in Three Directional Maneuvering Equipment. Historia, Rhodes’ own daughter, used this device against him.

In front of the royal palace at Mitras, Historia was declared a hero. Moblit was happy to attend the event, with FlegelReeves and Hansi Zoe by his side.

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Hanzi Zoe and Moblit Attack On Titan

Moblit was part of the Operation to Recapture the Maria Wall. This led to the Battle of Shiganshina. Initial plans were for Hansi to assist Livai’s team in neutralizing the Dreadnought Titan. Bertolt Hoover, who was thrown in a barrel by Sieg Jager over the wall at the southern front of battle, changed everything. Hansi divided her group into two teams. One was delegated to a subordinate in order to neutralize Dreadnought Titan. This was already in poor shape after receiving a large number of lightning spears. The other was commanded by Hansi to neutralize Bertolt, before he became the Colossal TitanMoblit was also a member.

Her group, which included Bertolt and Armin, was focused on Armin. He had attempted to divert his focus. Also, He was fully aware of the situation and wanted to confront him. In addition, He tried to kill Armin, his anger at the other having driven him insane, and he also attempted to use his feelings for Annie to make him unstable. He could not do it quickly as he was protected by Mikasa and fled. 

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Death Moblit Save Hanzi Zoe

They pursued him until Hansi became alarmed at his altitude gain. Moblit exclaimed that a battleship was near. Reiner could be seriously injured if he attempted to transform, but he didn’t realize that Bertolt couldn’t protect him against the dozens of experienced soldiers. They were trapped in the explosion of transformation and couldn’t get away. Moblit spotted a well but rather than diving in immediately, he pushed Hansi to it. He was too late to reach her, and he died from immolation. Hansi, despite being blind, was the only one in her group who was able to escape the pit.

Later, on the northern Front, Erwin Smith had a vision. He knew his time was nearing and wondered if his fallen comrades had any meaning. Moblit were among them.

Death Moblit

Later, Hansi made Mikasa gird her to stop her from saving Armin. He gave him the titanic injection at Major Erwin‘s expense. She was so touched by her anger and distress that she confided to him that she wanted to bring back hundreds of people. The last image of a Moblit desperate to join her at the well was then recalled by her.

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Moblit served as the deputy leader for the fourth team in the Exploration Battalion. As a senior member, he was able to survive many expeditions with his superior. Moblit was Hansi Zoe’s assistant during the experiments. He had good scientific skills.

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