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In Aot, Cart Titan was one of the Nine Titans with a quadrupedal form, with a speed that is incredibly fast and endurance.

Abilities Cart Titan


Endurance Cart Titan

The Cart Titan had an endurance level that was higher than the remaining members of the Nine Titans, allowing for the heir to take part in lengthy missions without the necessity of rest. The absorption resistance of the Cart Titan allowed it to retain its Titan appearance for extended durations of time, which made it a perfect candidate for various strategies such as clearing trenches, as well as long-term ventures in enemy territory. 

In addition, Pieck claims that the Cart Titan’s strength allowed her to make hundreds of transforms per minute before she began to feel exhausted. On the other hand it was that Cart Titans Cart Titan had much lower defenses than the other Nine Titans and was more likely to be knocked down by a devastating or serious strike. A further drawback was that the inheritors Cart Titan Cart Titan did not have the same regenerative power like the Titan inheritors. Titan inheritors, and required more time to heal wounds sustained during combat.

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QADRUPEDAL Form Cart Titan

The Cart Titan was a standout as the most unusual of all of the Nine Titans for its quadrupedal appearance, which may be the reason for the “Cart Titan” name. As a result of being the inheritor of Cart Titan and remaining in its shape for long period of time the inheritor was more likely be prone to forget how to walk normal and was instead able to walk like it. Cart Titan. Pieck was frequently seen walking like that of Cart Titan when in the presence of a few people and also used crutches while walking about.

Alongside its ability to fight in addition to its combat abilities, it was also a weapon of war. Cart Titan was often used for transporting supplies or troops in times of war. This was evident during the the Great Titan War as well as the Battle of Shiganshina and the Marley Mid-East War thousands of years later. Furthermore to that, Cart Titan Cart Titan was also used as a gunnery platform mobile that could be fitted with harnesses that held various weapons, including numerous machine gun turrets, as well as more powerful weapons like an artillery cannon for anti-Titan.

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The Cart Titan also had a high speed, comparable to the Jaw Titan, which was used in Shiganshina’s Battle Shiganshina to rescue a defeating Zeke Yeager and Reiner Braun as well as catching Levi and Hange one of Walls most skilled soldiers who were caught off guard.

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History Cart Titan


The Cart Titan, like all the Nine Titans, was brought into the world following the passing of Ymir Fritz. Within the 1700 years that followed her death The Cart Titan was held in the custody of one or several warring Eldian houses that were subordinate to the founding Titan. After the 17th century, after Karl Fritz, the 145th King of the Fritz family, renounced the wars of Eldia and moved the island to Paradis Island, the Cart Titan was taken over by the people of Marley during the Great Titan War.

In the year 843 Pieck was selected to take over the power of her Cart Titan. Later, she would make usage of the Titan form in a conflict between Marley and a rival nation and use the Cart Titan to drop off Bertolt Hoover to a location to undergo transformation.

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When it was time to start to conduct the Paradis Island Operation, Pieck’s Cart Titan was selected to remain in Marley to provide deterrence to enemies.

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Story Cart Titan



Five years later, after completing the mission to retrieve that of the Founding Titan, Pieck adventures to Paradis Island with Zeke and a group of Marleyan soldiers. They use the Cart Titan to carry supplies for the soldiers. Pieck is there to assist Zeke and the Marleyan soldiers transform the residents of a tiny village to Titans.

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Its Cart Titan later appears during the battle of Shiganshina District. The night prior to it, Pieck keeps watch for Survey Corps movement in the deserted areas in Wall Maria south of Trost District. When he sees the soldiers moving towards him, Pieck returns to the wreckage of Shiganshina and informs Zeke, Reiner, and Bertolt of their advancing.

The next day that day, Pieck’s Cart Titan is still in the vicinity that of Zeke’s Beast Titan, serving as an e-cargo mule to transport the Warriors with different supplies as well as collecting boulders for Zeke to throw towards his adversaries. Bertolt is hidden inside a barrel that is placed on the Cart Titan’s back to serve as an alternative strategy for The Survey Corps; upon Reiner’s defeat at the hands The Survey Corps’ Thunder Spears, Bertolt is removed from the Cart Titan and tossed by Zeke’s Beast Titan into the city. 

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Then, shortly after it is revealed that the Survey Corps chooses to engage in a self-destructing assault with The Beast Titan in order to give time to Captain Levi to make his way to the scene to counterattack. Pieck is seen leaving the scene while Zeke takes out his Survey Corps, only to be swiftly defeated by Levi who is able to catch him off guard. Before Zeke is caught by Levi the Pieck’s Cart Titan comes to Zeke’s rescue and takes his mangled human body away.

On top of The Cart Titan’s back Zeke assists Pieck through Shiganshina to save Reiner as well as Bertolt. They discover Bertolt disabled and taken prisoner by Eren Yeager. However, after seeing Levi on the Wall and leaving him dead. While searching for other locations in the district The Cart Titan rescues Reiner from the clutches of Yeager before climbing to the top of Wall Maria where the Warriors are secure. After the fight is over, the three survivors make their way back to Marley.

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Four years after, Pieck is present at the Battle in Fort Slava during the climax of the Marley Mid-East War, but her use of the Cart Titan is prohibited under the orders of the Commander Magath who is unable to lose the Titan in the battle against Mid-East Allied Forces’ anti-Titan artillery. However, when the cadet Gabi Braun destroyed the armored train carrying the artillery by using explosions Pieck has the ability to take part in the battle with Captain Porco’s Jaw Titan. With fully combat-ready armor and 4 machine guns, manned by Marleyan soldiers and the “Panzer Unit,” located which is mounted on the Cart Titan’s back. Pieck is able to enter in the trenches of Allies and demolish their bunkers, thus eliminating the defenses that surround Fort Slava.

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In the Raid on Liberio, Pieck has her Panzer Unit equip her Titan with the massive machine gun arsenal. While it’s not easy but she thinks it will be a perfect match against the anti-personnel vertical maneuvering apparatus. As she reaches the battleground her and the Panzer Unit take the Survey Corps off guard with an artillery firestorm from the top of a structure, saving Porco and killing a number of the soldiers in the vicinity. She remains on the roof and is joined by with the other Titans of Marley in a fight with their counterparts in the Survey Corps. 

But they both Cart Titan and the Panzer Unit will be smashed with Thunder Spears and the Titan falls to the street below. Jean Kirstein is trying to stop it from happening while Falco is unsuccessfully trying to stop him. But an explosion of steam that is released from the Cart Titan strikes Jean with a hammer, while his Thunder Spear he shot misses its intended target. Pieck is unconscious and wounded in the Titan’s corpse being rescued before being taken off with Falco Gabi and Falco. Gabi.

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A month following that Raid of Liberio, Pieck makes use of her Titan to sneak through the Walls before eventually infiltrating Yeagerists when they are inside. Then, in the Shiganshina District, Pieck comes in close contact with Eren Yeager, who entices him into an ambush with her Jaw Titan. Even though the initial attempt to sneak attack is unsuccessful, Pieck is freed from her shackle that was shackling her to Gabi which allows Pieck to change into Cart Titan.

After Gabi is able to climb in the Cart Titan’s mouth, it flees to meet General Magath as well as his soldiers. In the meantime, the Cart Titan fills in Magath on the specifics of the situation and speculates that the Founding Titan’s powers will activated after Zeke and Eren meet. When Pieck completes equipping the Titan with an artillery cannon that is anti-Titan, Magath climbs inside, ahead of she is joined by the Cart Titan along with the men that are on the cannon’s scale Wall Maria. While Eren’s Jaw as well as the Armored Titan struggle against Eren’s Titan and the Cart Titan launches one round at its head, which weakens Eren’s mobility capabilities. After reloading they shoot Eren in the face a second time but the appearance by Beast Titan Beast Titan ruins the Warriors chances to take him down.

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Cart Titan

After destructing one of the Marleyan aircrafts Zeke takes on The Cart Titan with rubble off the Wall. In order to avoid fighting Zeke in a fight and escaping, Zeke retreats. Cart Titan takes cover by holding onto the edge of the Wall and is forced to leave it by the Yeagerists who are pursuing them. While the cart’s followers are distracted by the process of turning into a pincer Pieck makes use of the chance to escape her Titan and to feign defeat. As Zeke and her people who are following her are confused and confused, general Magath shot his Beast Titan through the nape to send it flying to the Wall.

After a while, Pieck returns to Titan form, and equips the anti-Titan artillery guns. They fire another round at Eren’s Titan’s head and adjust their aim to hit the Beast that had survived the earlier assault. The following Yeagerists are able to block the attack, forcing Pieck to fight them off. After taking out all but one them Zeke, the Cart Titan fires on Zeke once more, and appears to kill the man. Before they can shoot at Eren, a soldier slams off the artillery using the Thunder Spear, and another soldier then kills the final soldiers of the group who are protecting her. Pieck declares that the battle is over, and then proceeds to fight her enemies and they begin to fight her.

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In the midst of the battle, before the Cart Titan is able to confront the two enemies, Wall Maria begins to break underfoot, signalling the start of the sound of rumbling.

The Cart Titan and Magath retreat from the remains of Shiganshina and look at Marley’s airships departing from the island. As they discuss the situation, they are confronted by a soldier. Pieck plans to attack but does not move after the officer insists both of them are not at risk. After determining that their objectives are compatible, Pieck and Magath agree to join forces together.

To gather their friends To gather their friends, to gather their comrades, the Cart Titan feigns an attack at the Yeagerist’s headquarters and then uses the chaos to kidnap Jean Kirstein, Onyankopon, and Yelena. After securing themselves from any pursuing criminals, Pieck rendezvous with her colleagues, and then rejoins with other members of the improvised alliance.

Cart Titan and zeke

The next day following day, it is the day that the Cart Titan is sent to inspect the docks at Paradis’s to see whether it is secure that the group continue following Eren. Pieck comes back from her assignment to find out that the Yeagerists have taken over the docks, in anticipation of reprisals against Eren.

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In the course of the war the decision is made to take the floating ship to Odiha. This is when the Cart Titan alongside its passengers are then evacuated to the ship of Azumabito. When they are Armored as well as the Female Titan are overrun, Falco Grice enters the fight, transforming into Jaw Titan. The Titans together as Survey Corps Survey Corps are able to beat the Yeagerists however Falco rapidly loses control of his Titan and begins to attack his allies. The neck of the Cart Titan is nearly crushed by Pieck inside. But the Cart Titan can stop it from crushing the Jaw Titan long enough for Magath to free Falco off his Titan.

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