Attack on titan no regrets : Everything You Need To Know

attack on titan no regrets

Choice with no regret: Part 1. The 4th OVA episode of the anime “Attack on the Titan”, which tells us about a moment in Levi Ackerman’s past, is called “Hou Hui nonaiXuanze Choice without regret”. It is followed by Part 2 , a continuation of the story called Choice without regrets.

CONTENTS Attack On Titan No Regrets

CONTENTS Attack On Titan No Regrets

The episode opens with Levi and his friends Farlan Church, and Isabel Magnolia fleeing from soldiers of the Legion of Intelligence who thought they were the Military Police. The action shifts to earlier in the day when Farlan distributes their paychecks among their coworkers. Farlan gives one of the men more but hides it from the rest because he has a leg problem and the medication is getting costly. After speaking to Levi, they hear something outside the door. They open the door, ready to defend themselves. Isabel literally enters, refusing to get up and snapping at the men’s phrases. 

The girl attempts to get up but she is stymied by the shouting of others and falls down on the doorstep, clutching the bird in her arms. Soon, they approach Levi and Farlan who are standing at the door. They find Magnolia. The man chased the girl who was trying to reach the surface of the water without paying. Levi is beaten back by him after he touches his shoulder. After leaving, Levi, Farlan and Isabel talk to Isabel about the chick. Church assists the animal that is injured, as it turns, after Church leaves. Magnolia shares her desire to be with them and uses the same drive as them. The men accept the girl and teach her how they maneuver. They then live together.

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CONTENTS Aot No Regrets

A man appears and offers them a job. The man offers them a job, but they decline. He also talks about how much he has already paid back. The friends visit Ian, who Farlan donated more money to. They assist him in getting into a car that will transport him to the top for a doctor. They discuss the case together and then follow the man up the stairs where they begin to converse with Nikolai Lovov. Jan gives them permission to help, and they will be able to live on the surface.

The story returns to the point from the beginning. Ackerman realizes it’s not the Military Police that are after them but the Scouts. They split up and fight Levi hand-to-hand. But Farlan and Isabel are caught. Erwin questions the company about their pasts and skills in using them. He offers to join the Legion of Intelligence with the three of them and forget their crimes or turn them over to the Military Police. Levi accepts to join Intelligence.

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  1. Levi Ackerman
  2. Farlan Church.
  3. Isabel Magnolia
  4. Nikolai Lobov
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