Banana Fish Season 2 Release Date : Everything You Need To Know

Banana Fish

Banana Fish, a Japanese crime-thriller anime television series, is based on the manga series. The manga series, written and illustrated by Akimi Yashida, was published for the first time on April 13, 1985. It ran until March 12, 1994. Two decades later, MAPPA, a Japanese anime studio, announced plans to adapt the manga series into an anime TV series. The first season of the show was released to viewers on July 6, 2018. It was a huge success with both old and new viewers. Fans have waited to hear about a second season since then. Here’s what we know so far.

Banana Fish Season 2 Release date: When will it debut?

Banana Fish Season 2 Release date: When will it debut?

Season 1 of Banana Fish, which consisted of 24 episodes and aired from July 6th 2018 to December 21st 2018. Despite the success of Season 1, MAPPA has yet to announce a second season.

Will there be another season? It is highly unlikely, we think. First, Season 1 adapts all six parts from the original manga series. It ends on a note that suggests there is little to no chance of a second season. There are five side stories that relate to the manga. Two stories, Private Opinion, and Garden of Light, could be adaptable into a second season. 

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These side stories are not enough material to fill a second season. MAPPA may decide to create original video animation (OVA), special episodes based upon side stories, instead of a new season. MAPPA will not make an official announcement about the future of the show, so it’s impossible to know for sure. Our best guess is that Banana Fish season 2, if the anime gets renewed, could be released sometime in 2021. We are keeping our ears open for any news regarding Banana Fish’s future and will update this section as soon we learn of any developments.

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Banana Fish Season 2 Plot:

Banana Fish Season 2 Plot:

Banana Fish is a riveting and tragic crime thriller that takes place in multiple American cities.

The story centers on Ash Lynx, a young man. When Ash was just a kid, his older brother Griffin Callenreese was serving in the US army during the Vietnam War. He became afflicted with a strange madness and opened fire upon his squad. Griffin collapsed after the other members of the squad subdued him. He uttered the words “bananafish”

Griffin, who was severely handicapped in Vietnam’s incident, now lives in New York City with Ash, the leader of a street gang. Ash was raised by “Papa” Dino Golzine (Corsican mob boss), and made a sex slave to support his criminal empire. Ash’s life is thrown off balance when he meets a dying man. He gives him a vial containing an unknown substance.

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Ash also makes friends with ShunichiIbe and Eiji Okumura, Japanese photojournalists, Chinatown gang leader Shorter Wong, as well as Max Lobo, a former convict. Following a fight with Golzine’s men Griffin is shot and killed. Ash then begins investigating the mysterious “bananafish”, which seems to be at the centre of a major conspiracy. Ash and his associates then head to California to investigate the “bananafish”‘s true nature. Ash’s investigation into “bananafish” leads to a series of betrayals and chaos, which in turn causes the New York City underworld to collapse.

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Last update on 6.12.2020 As of the writing, neither the studio MAPPA nor the producers have renewed the series for a new season. The series is a manga adaptation. It is not currently being produced. The series’ script takes the manga from 1980 to 2000 and adds details like smartphones and the Iraq War. Despite this, anime is largely manga-based. The question is: Are there enough scripts to make Season 2? The answer is no. There are 19 volumes of the manga, and you can see a manga & anime matching chart below.

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Episode of AnimeTitleManga Equivalent
1Perfect day for bananafishVol.1 Ch.1 to half Ch.3 (137 Pages)
2In another countryLast half of Vol.1 Cha.3 to 1/3 Vol.2 (108 Pages)
3Across the River and Into the TreesThe second half of Vol.2 (88 Pages)
4This Side of ParadiseThe remainder of Vol.2 to 1/4 Vol.3 Ch.2 (105 Pages)
5From Death to DawnThe remainder of Vol.3Ch.2 to half Vol.3Ch.3 (80 Pages)
6My Lost CityVol.3 Ch.3 to vol.4 Ch.1 (91 Pages)
7The Rich BoyThe remainder of Vol.4 (125 Pages)
8Banal StoryVol.5 Ch.1 to Vol.5 CH.2 (110 Pages)
9Save Me the WaltzLast 25% Vol.5 Ch.2 up to (almost) all Vol.6.1
10Babylon RevisitedVol.6 Ch.2 to 50% of Vol.6 CH.5
11The Beautiful and DamnedHalf of Vol.6 Ch.5 to Vol.7 Ch.3
12To have and not to haveThe last half of Vol.7 Ch.3 – Vol.8 Ch.2
13The Snows of KilimanjaroVol.8 Ch.2 up to 75% Vol.9 Ch.1
14The Night is TenderThe rest of Vol.9
15The Garden of EdenHalf of Vol.10
16Lo, the Poor PeacockHalf of Vol.10 and half of Vol.11
17The KillersFrom 25% to half of Vol.11, it’s now 25% to 25% that Vol.12
18Islands in the StreamVol.12 to Vol.13 Ch.1: 75% to 75%
19Ice PalaceLast 25% Vol.13 Ch.1 up to half Vol.14 Ch.1
20The UnvanquishedHalf of Vol.14 Ch.1 and half of Vol.15
21The UnbeatableFrom the last half of Vol.15 all the way to Vol.16
22As I Lay DyingVol.17, Ch.1 through 1/3 Ch.2
23For Whom the Bell TollsThe remainder of Vol.17 Ch.2 and 3/4 Vol.18.1
24The Catcher in the RyeThe rest of Vol. The rest of Vol.

It was also hinted at at the end Season 1, which implied that there won’t be a second season of the anime. Five side stories could be made into a new anime series. The side stories might not be enough to make a second season. These side stories could be made into special episodes, rather than a new season. There is no way to know for sure, so we will have to wait and see if MAPPA releases new episodes or a season. If MAPPA decides not to renew the anime, it is likely that it will be in 2021.

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Banana Fish Characters:

Banana Fish Characters

Banana Fish is only the first season. However, it has many characters and some of them are crucial to the story. Below are brief bios of some key characters from the show.

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Ash Lynx

Ash Lynx

The main character of the show, Ash, was born Aslan Jade Callenreese and fled home at seven years old. He was then taken in by Corsican mob boss, “Papa” Dino Golzine who made him a sexslave. Ash became an enforcer in Golzine’s crime syndicate and, later, the heir to Golzine’s criminal empire. Although Ash had a promising criminal career ahead, he put his life at risk by going to investigate the “banana fish”, which was discovered after Griffin’s murder. Ash is a skilled marksman, and is very proficient in close-quarters combat with knives. Ash’s personality shows extraordinary intelligence, charisma, and tactical vision.

Eiji Okayumura

Eiji Okayumura

 Eiji, a Japanese college student aged 19, is the second main character of the show. Also, Eiji, a former pole vaulter and a successful athlete, was about to embark on a promising career but was forced to retire early after suffering a serious injury. Eiji was forced to take up a job as an assistant to Shunichi Ibe, a Japanese photojournalist. In addition, Eiji is unwittingly involved with the tragic series of events that unfold after he goes to New York City to report on street gangs. He also meets Ash. Eiji is described as kind, gentle, and sometimes naive in terms of his personality. Ash also shows a great deal of concern for Eiji. This is a weakness that Ash’s enemies often exploit.

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Max Lobo

Max Lobo

Max is another important character in the show. He is a Vietnam War vet, former NYPD officer and freelance journalist. Max was in the same platoon with Griffin and Ash held him responsible for Griffin’s madness. Ash begins to investigate “banana fish” and realizes Max is innocent. The two of them become close friends.

“Papa” Dino Golzine

"Papa” Dino Golzine

 Dino, the boss of the Unione Corse crime gang, is a powerful mob boss who wants to sell “bananafish” to the United States government in order to increase his influence and power. Dino also manages a child sex ring and is responsible for Ash’s upbringing and training him to be an enforcer and future heir of Unione Corse.

Banana Fish Season 2 Trailer

Everyone loves anime trailers. They create excitement and are loved by everyone. These short films are great for entertaining crowds and can be used as a stand-alone film. It is not easy to produce a video that both entertains and describes the project. Trailers must engage viewers with the same storytelling elements used in television and film. Perhaps even more so since every second of trailers is watched. The Banana Fish crew has shown their amazing work in their trailer. Here is the season 2 trailer.

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