Best Yuri Anime : Top 20+ Series that you’ll love

Best Yuri anime

This term is well-known Yuri anime. I’m sure you already know what it means. For decades, the anime industry has welcomed LGBT characters and shows. It shows that anime culture isn’t exclusive and gives equal importance each genre.

Yuri anime is not what you think. Romantic relationship between girls And it does so beautifully. This is what it wants to show viewers, since everyone isn’t meant to love the opposite of sex.

We have a list of the best and most controversial yuri animations. It might change your view. This is where you will find the best yuri animation to watch. We’ll then be able to enter the magical world of yuri women.

What’s the Difference between Shoujo Ai anime & Yuri anime ?

These terms are often used interchangeably on the internet and here, but there are important differences. For those who don’t know, shoujo anime is more like romance anime. If you’re good, you get some lewd hand-holding and perhaps some kisses. Although yuri can also be romantic, they will often bear more flesh. They are capable of drifting into the NSFW area. I use the term “yuri” mostly because I’m what serious anime bloggers call a “fuckface”. It was a joke. I used it because that is what novice fans are more familiar with the boy’s love name to be. This list is not only for veterans, but it was also created for newer fans of the genre.

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Best Yuri Anime!

Revolutionary Girl Utena

7 Reasons 'Revolutionary Girl Utena' Was a Groundbreaking Queer Anime

Revolutionary Girl Utena in all aspects is a groundbreaking anime. It is not only one of the original yuri anime series but also the kind of anime you can watch over-and-over while still learning something new. Utena is a complicated series that it’s difficult to sum up without spoiling the story. It does show Utena as she transfers to her new school and takes on a feminine version the male uniform. It is clear to her that she dreams of becoming a prince. So, It becomes a complex story of academy politics that includes a lot of subtext about gender and sexual identity.

Sweet Blue Flowers

sweet blue flowers lesbian

There are many types of yuri plots, but Sweet Blue Flowers tells the sweet story of two girls falling in love. The story is about two childhood friends who split when one moves away but reunite in high school. They overcome all their high school problems and slowly try to reconnect with one another. The animation is not as touching and tender in plot but it’s a great yuri story.


simoun anime

This is a very interesting yuri anime. It takes place in a world in which gender and sexual identity don’t work in the same way it does in real life. It is gender neutral until the age of 17, when everyone must choose their permanent gender. These adults cannot pilot the airships protecting the nation in a very NGE way.

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It is the story of these young pilots, who are mostly gender-neutral but mostly feminine and have experienced some female puberty during their neutral-ness. It is a very yuri-esque series, but not because they have yet decided on a gender.

Whispered words

whispered words anime

Whispered words should be your first choice for unabashed yuri anime. This is the story of Ushio, who doesn’t hesitate to declare her interest in girls. She claims she prefers the feminine, shy, and cute type. Problem is, her best friend has a crush on them, but she’s not cute, shy, nor very feminine.

It is a love story that is mostly unrequited, but it also shows how shared experiences can strengthen one another. It can be difficult to be gay in Japan, especially high school. This story shows that they meet other gay students and create a club to support each other.

Hallo! Kiniro Mosaic

This anime series is “no plot”, meaning you can just follow cute little girls doing cute things. It has all the humor that comes with this sub-genre. But they also added some yuri. The second season has a lot more yuri, which explores more relationships and adds a lot of jealousy.

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Kanamemo anime

Kana is left to her own devices after her grandmother passes away. She becomes a newspaper carrier and works as a delivery girl. Her room has a hole that her coworkers frequently use to get in.

Kanememo is one those yuri stories in which the heroine doesn’t get too involved, but all the girls around her kind of laugh at her. She is a harem queen. Although it’s more comedy than yuri relationships and has many fluffy moments throughout, it is still funny.

Candy Boy

best anime series

Who said that imouto love had to be straight? Candy Boy technically isn’t imouto, since the sisters are actually identical twins. However, they are so gay with one another. The plot is limited to two sisters who are very close in a yuri manner and their lower class man, Candy Boy, who always interrupts them because he has a crush upon one of the sisters. It is a romance series with ten tons of teasing. You just want to grab the screen and put their heads together.

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid lesbian anime

The series is everything it wanted to be. The story follows a high school student who is kidnapped, and then stranded on an isolated island. Another castaway meets her and kisses her, turning her into a weapon. The two form close friendships and fight with other female duos. There is much to enjoy, including many kisses. It might not appeal to everyone, however, because of its fan service nature and plot.

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Bloom into You

Bloom into You … Is it a Sweet and sincere love story featuring wonderfully genuine characters. Yuu Koito is a lover of romantic shoujo manga. She waits patiently for the day that someone will confess to her, and she can experience her new romantic life.

Her junior high classmate proposes to her but she doesn’t feel it. She meets student council president when she enrolls at high school.Touka Nanami seeks advice, and eventually develops feelings for her.

The diligent love story, You’ll feel a happy feeling between Yuu and Touka. Even if you don’t like yuri anime this will be a great choice. We think this anime will be enjoyable for you at most.

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid- best lesbian anime

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Follow a Mamori as she transports herself to a mysterious island. But suddenly, some island residents attack her. A mermaid named Shikishima Mirei. She saves her and, since she couldn’t stop the attacks from happening, she kisses Mamori.

She becomes a weapon as a result.One is Exters, who can transform into weaponsWhen sexually stimulated and theAnother one is Liberators, who can wield Exters. Use their power to your advantage.

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Yes, that’s right.Lezzy sex is used by PowersYou will be amazed! Although the story may seem childish, you will not always be able to see such original ones. The first few minutes of anime will prove my point.

You’ll be amazed at the things they can do to stimulate your sexuality and give you the power. There’s always plenty of space.Incredible nudityThis is how it works spectacular yuri anime. This unique anime was added to our list of top yuri anime.

Yuru Yuru

Yuru Yuri- best yuri anime

Yuru YuruThis anime is a simple loli yuri, but it does not contain many yuri scenes. The story centers on four girls who are members of an amusement club. Their sole purpose is to have fun with each other.

One of the four girls was not selected. Akari Akaza, She is older than the others and had a lonely school year. She is excited to be back with her friends when she starts middle school. She joins the club to have fun like in the past.

This anime is more a loli than a yuri. Some scenes make the anime a yuri manga. In addition, Some of the characters do even do indecent things, as they are only amusing one another.

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Finally, Some scenes like Chinatsu kissing Akari, It makes it more interesting and changes your perspective on anime. You will be entertained right to the end by its humor. It’s more of a comedy.Package of comedy, romance and cute little girls.

Adachi to Shimamura

Adachi to Shimamura- best lesbian anime

You’ve seen it? Sakura Trick If so, you are probably looking for a sweet and cute series. It seems that you have found one.Adachi and Shimamura. The most adorable or least annoying of all animes is, in fact, anime. Cutest yuri anime There are many.

The story is good, but the other aspects are excellent. Adachi and Shimamura are two of the most adorable couples you will ever see. Haruka or Yuu from Sakura Trick on an equal footing). Make sure you add it to your to-do list immediately.

Adachi and Shimamura become close friends after a brief encounter. They spend a lot of quality time together. They met in a gym without classes and with few people.

Here they tried everything and had fun. Ping pong As they get closer, They began to think about each other differently as a result of their friendship.

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Kiniro Mosaic

Kiniro Mosaic- best yuri anime

It’s still notAnother slice of anime lifeBut pays more attention to the yuri scenes. The story continuesShinobu OomiyaAlice, a charming girl from England, meets her during her visit. Even though it was only a brief stay, she became a close friend. Or, you could say that it was more complicated.

Shinobu is back in Japan and, after a few years of being away, she returns to high school. Soon, she receives a note from Alice stating that she will be joining Shinobu at the same school and she will be leaving with her. Shinobu is very happy to receive this letter. Soon they will meet and I’ll let you know the rest.

It is funny and, most likely, very entertaining.English-speaking fans will enjoy the show to its fullest. It’s exciting to see the characters.The, andAnimation is great, especially when it’s used in your favourite scenes. Although it takes a few minutes to get your attention, it is well worth it.

Konohana Kitan

Konohana Kitan- best yuri anime

A yuri anime can be quite entertaining and more than just a slice of anime. You can watch both, or you could get Konohona Kitan.Yuzu, a happy girl, finds work at KonohanateiA beautiful hot springs hotel located in a picturesque village.

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She doesn’t know much about it,KiriOne thing, anotherFox girlShe is supported by her coworkers. She finds her family at Konohanatei after years of hard work and a wonderful relationship with Kiri.

It is the only one Fantasy slice of life anime and It is complemented with pure yuri scenes. So, It makes the anime even more dramatic by adding a bit of shoujo to it. This anime does an excellent job setting up the world and explaining it to the viewers.

Riddle Story of the Devil

Riddle Story of Devil- best yuri anime

Riddle Story of Devil can be described as a great anime. Tokaku Azuma is the story’s protagonist. Many of her classmates are enrolled to kill Haru Ichinose, a fellow student.

They will grant any wish to anyone who kills her. Totaku falls in love with her as things become more complicated. Tokaku now decides to defend her against the other assassins, no matter what the price. Can she save her from skilled assassins like her?

This anime’s plot is about Tokaku being a brutal assassin and a lover. The Tokaku character is the best thing about this anime, and the romance between the girls is amazing. This anime is more action-packed yuri with a touch of thrill. If you like yuri scenes with a lot of action, you should watch this yuri animation.

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Strawberry Panic – Understimated Yuri Anime

Strawberry Panic- best yuri anime

Strawberry Panic anime is about Nagisa, who moves into St. Miator’s girls Academy. She meets Hanazono Shizuma, a beautiful girl who is the academy’s star. Surprisingly Nagisa is able to draw her attention and, as you might expect, Shizuma and Nagisa become lovers.

Shizuma is the one who first kisses Nagisa on her forehead. It features many characters and portrays love, school politics as well as heartbreaks, romance, betrayal, and other emotions. It is a very panicky story.

Strawberry Panic is a yuri anime that was released in the early days. It even beat fan-favorite Mariasama ga Miteru when it was released. You might be tempted to think that there won’t likely be as many yuri elements in this anime, which was released in 2006.

You might have been correct to a certain extent, but the show still entertains like the other ones. It features more couples than the main characters and is LGBT-friendly. We ranked it as one of the top yuri anime.

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden- best yuri anime

Yuri animeEmotional endings are not uncommonThis series is not unique in that it has a storyline. Chikane is a high school student, while Himeko is a college student.Ototachibana Academy in MahorobaThey are. They are, according to myth.Reincarnations of lunar and solar Mikos.

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The birthday month of both is when the Orochi awakensHimeko and ChikaneSince they were both born the same day. They must awaken their ancient reincarnations in order to protect their ultimate enemy. Will they be able to do it before the calamity strikes?

The story is cute, with some cliche villains. But don’t let appearances fool you. You will find many yuri scenes, even though it is not what you expect. Chikane and Himeko are best friends and would do anything for each other.

These episodes were so focused on developing the character.Cute relationship between Chikane & Himaeko Later, it focuses onYou’ll see a yuri anime that focuses on both romance and action. This is how it made our top ten list of best-rated yuri anime.

Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick- best yuri anime

Sakura TrickOne of the most popular yuri animes. The story continuesTakayama Haruka and Sonoda YuuThey have been best friends since middle school. They end up sitting on opposite sides of a classroom in high school.

They become closer because of this distance, which makes it a wonderful relationship. Their relationship is not easy. They try to keep it secret from each other and especially the children.a jealous big sister.

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It is known for its romance and grade A yuri animation. They didn’t have a low budget, but they did spend a lot on it.

It is possible that the story does not reach the end.A satisfactory conclusionIt was very good at telling the simple, beautiful love story between Haruka & Yuu. It is therefore one of the most popular yuri anime.

Inugami to Nekoyama-san

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

It would be a shame if there wasn’t at least one comedy-yuri anime in this list. Inugami to Nekoyama-san, This funny yuri anime focuses on the lives of two high school students, Inugami (left) and Nekoyama (right).

Their personalities are very different, just like a cat and a dog. You know that opposite personalities make the best couple. This is how the story begins: the girls meet and introduce themselves to one another. You’ll see how sweet and romantic their relationships are.

Only Run time: 3 minutes, Each episode takes less than an hour to complete. This romcom shows what happens when people have different personalities.

Inugami, on the other hand, is much more shy than Nekoyama. The result of any yuri scene is always unique and captivating. It is therefore a part our top ten yuri anime.

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CitrusStrawberry Panic – Understimated Yuri Anime


Citrus is a rare type of yuri anime. It is about Aihara Yuzu who moves to a new location after her mother divorces. Yuzu is excited to find new friends and a boyfriend that will make her life more exciting. But, it turns out that the school she attends is a girls-school.

Mei, the president of the student council and the most stubborn girl at the school, is the one she meets. Her mother introduces her sister Mei after the first day at her school. As the story progresses, Yuzu begins to feel for Mei and the rest is history.

The first episode won’t have much room for yuri scenes. But once the story is in the lead, you will be able to see the scenes you were expecting. This anime has 12 episodes, all of which are of 3 minutes length.

There is no way to see a lag in your story. Instead, you will experience something. Sweet and romantic, This rare yuri anime is very rare. It wouldn’t be fair that Citrus didn’t make it on the list of top yuri anime.

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Tachibanakan To Lie Angle – The best harem Yuri Anime

Tachibanakan To Lie Angle (Love to Lie Angle)

Take a look at these videos. Harem anime featuring a male character, This ends up with many naked girls. What if you swap the male for the female? Tachibanakan To Lie Angle. The rest of the story is here. Natsuno Hanabi moved to Tokyo from Tokyo to start a new life and study.

She meets her at the dormitory of high school.Konomi, a childhood friend. Konomi introduces Hanabi her friends to her, who are proud of their decency. Hanabi’s new life is full of flirtatious girls who seduce others.

Hanabi is always in awkward situations in this anime. She accidentally slips in a closet and finds her face on the naked girl’s private parts. Each episode is unique because it only contains one episode. Run time: 3 minutes, It failed to spark a spark of yuri-harem anime.

It would have been great if the episodes were longer. Even though it is only for a few minutes, you will still enjoy it. It is at the very minimum a good yuri anime that you can watch, if you want. Harem anime that only features females It.

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Asagao to Kase-san – The most loved Yuri anime

Asagao to Kase-san

Asagao to Kase-sanThis is a straightforward and simple yuri anime. Two girls are the focus of the story.Yamada Yui, Kase Tomoka, They started to go out together.

Their adventure takes them on a sweet, but not too sweet, path.You won’t even notice, These are just a few examples Betrayal, tragedy and breakups. It is much better because you don’t have to cry out emotion. Instead, you will feel joy as you see their relationship grow more nostalgic.

Since this OVA, It was only one hour long and didn’t include all of the manga. It selected the best moments of the manga and highlighted the connection between Yamada, Kase.

There are some lovely scenes, such as Yamada having lunch with Kase.Intense lesbian scenes. This is a whimsical yuri anime. This anime is perfect for those who love to watch romance and beautiful couples without any third-party interference.

Netsuzou Trap – The most Popular among Yuri anime

Netsuzou Trap

Another is the Netsuzou Trap Short length yuri anime. You can finish it in less time. Here’s the plot Okazaki Yuma is best friends with Mizushima hotaru since childhood. Yuma then gets a boyfriend after she graduates high school. Yuma seeks advice from Hotaru because it is her first time having a boyfriend.

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Hotaru’s kiss makes her situation even more complicated. Yuma is now in a quandary and has to choose between two possible outcomes. Either Cheating on her boyfriend This is what we call a Betrayal or a settlement with Hotaru.

It is a very short anime and uses all of the screen time to portray the romantic relationship between Yuma & Hotaru. It intrigues the story of Betrayal on the one side. Also, It includes their True love is found on the other side.

Conclusion – Best Yuri anime

Here you go. This is the best list of yuri manga you will find. There are many worthy anime that aren’t included. We decided to leave them out of the list as it is already full of yuri anime suggestions.

We’ll include more posts about yuri if we write them. There are many anime that go beyond Valkyrie Drive Mermaid, with romantic scenes. We recommend that you start with a more vigorous anime or try rom com anime.

What do you think about our list? Is there another yuri anime that we haven’t seen? You can suggest some titles in the comments section below. These titles might be featured in the future. if you like yuri anime, have you ever tried yuri comics ?

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