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Yuri Webcomics

In the last couple of years, the demand for webcomics/ webtoons has actually exploded mostly as a result of the public being stuck at house during the pandemic and also desiring easy accessibility to new product from around the globe. For a person new to the fanbase, it can be an overwhelming task to determine where to start. There are a selection of applications and also databases that give accessibility to what is typically called Girls’ Love comics, manhwa (Korean comic term), or manhua (Chinese comic term). Webcomics from Thailand as well as the Philippines have also had a substantial increase in the GL classification. And their quality of yuri Webcomics is really amazing!

Some preferred apps with official English translated webcomics are Webtoon, Tapas, Tappytoon, Lezhin and also WebComics. Most of one of the most popular Yuri or GL webcomics are offered on these apps. Regrettably, there are still some remarkable ones that have yet to be officially equated but also for this checklist, we will only consist of official English releases.

Take a look at our listing of “Top 15 Yuri Webcomics To Start Your Yuri Obsession” listed below:

15. Partitions


Starting her adult life, Lee Yu-na has actually procured a beginning workplace work. Nevertheless, she is not the only beginner in the workplace. Han Yu-na is additionally new to the growth team. One late night, they discover their courses intersecting.

14. White Angels Have No Wings

 White Angels Have No Wings

One hopes their college days will be relaxing. Nonetheless, at her Catholic school there isn’t a day where Ayeon doesn’t get harassed. One day, Yeonhwa stands up to the bullies. While Ayeon is thankful, this girl seems to have more than just great objectives on her mind.

13. Illicit (GL)

Illicit (GL)

Summaries: Ji Yeon has been backed right into an edge. With her mother’s life hanging in the equilibrium, the only choice is to claw her way out, even if that implies offering her body to the highest prospective buyer at an exclusive VIP club. When a “individual” takes her residence, she promptly finds out nothing is as it appears. Something will push her to want points she never anticipated.

Where To Read: Webtoon (Up to date), Tapas, and also WebComics.

Standing: On-going. Updates monthly.

Recommandation : Yuri anime

12. She Is Also Cute Today

She Is Also Cute Today

Summaries: “I’m into somebody”, Cang Shu, a straight A trainee that always indulges in finding out as well as has no interest for social call, really reveals in public that she likes the inadequate student Qi Lin ?! Thanks to a misunderstanding, both of them begin to know each other, when a girl who disdains to make close friends satisfies another girl who wishes to be liked, what will occur between them?

Where To Read: Inkr Comics, WebComics, Tapas (Known as “My Darling is the Cutest”) and also WeComics.

Status: On-going. Updates monthly.

11. What Does The Fox Say?

What Does The Fox Say

Tale & Art By: Team Gaji.

Run-throughs: As the newest hire of a video game dev studio, stunning Sungji draws all the attention of her colleagues – yet it’s her bossy and also blunt group leader Sumin that intrigues her. Love is a whole brand-new ready Sungji, and with business president Seju splitting (or was it laying?) down the rules, this new lady’s obtained her work suited her if she wants to win. Will she have the ability to provide Sumin what she wants? The hit work environment GL series has actually formally returned for a correct surface, with a new and improved translation.

Where To Read: Tappytoon (Mature version only offered on site.).

Condition: Completed.

10. Mage & Demon Queen

Mage & Demon Queen

Run-throughs: Adventurers seek to take the demon queen’s head, however a love-struck young women mage desires to take her hand. Join us won’t you, for this bawdy tale of love as well as persistence set inside a real-life RPG.

Where To Read: Webtoon

Standing: On-going. On hiatus with Season 3 coming soon.

9. Sora & Haena!

Sora & Haena!

Run-throughs: Sora Yoon can rarely look an individual in the eye without ending up being an anxious mess. So how she ended up befriending some ladies by existing about having a boyfriend is past her! The good news is, she ran into the boisterous as well as sociable– albeit dense– Haena Woo at simply the correct time. Together they negotiate: Haena will certainly help Sora land a partner IF she can a**ist her make it into university! Will they stick true to their contract … or discover they desire something a lot more?

Where To Read: Tappytoon Comics, Tapas, as well as Lezhin Comics.

Standing: On-going. Updates weekly.

8. Lily


Story & Art By: Dajiaochong.

Synopsis: This is a college romance where Yilin run across the gamine Ruoxi, stimulating a rate of interest between each other that gradually flowers. “Is that real? I, love a woman?” “Why each time I saw her my heart is beating quicker?” “How lots of times does she discover my burning face?” Yilin and also Ruoxi both need an answer to go on.

Where To Read: WebComics.

Condition: On-going. On hiatus.

7. Always Human

Always Human

So you understand, these titles are in no certain order. I a**ume all these series are great!

You recognize what I such as besides Yuri. Sci-fi. Especially sciency science fiction. To obtain the official summary, Always Human s a tale regarding nanobots, genetic engineering, as well as 2 ladies falling in love. Despite exactly how technology alters us, we’ll constantly be human.

That summary had me hooked and also it does supply. Among the enjoyable adverse effects of including genetic modification and nanotech in your story is that it makes your personality develops much less of a fixed component. I discovered that it was a wonderful way of making use of the aesthetic component of webcomics to have a story in which the characters’ looks adjustment as well as evolve so much. I enjoyed the setup, the characters as well as I always claimed that we require more CGMS (that’s charming lady crazy researchers!).

6. Magan he Danai

Magan he Danai

I composed a whole post on this comic. Sadly it hasn’t been published in a while however I still enjoy it. The episodic slice of life framework of the series makes it easy to simply return and reread an arbitrary chapter whenever you seem like including a scattering of Yuri sweet taste to your day. You can review the entire collection HERE

If you most likely to my article connected in the title there. (Man I seem like a real blog owner. It’s strange.) You will certainly see one of my preferred phases. That will certainly offer you a great idea of what you’re in for. Light, endearing little handfuls of love. This comic simply makes me smile.

5. Mage & Demon Queen

Mage & Demon Queen Yuri WebComics

Have you ever before remained in the state of mind for a Yuri Isekai. Trick question, that isn’t perpetually in the mood for a yuri isekai?. Mage & Demon Queen has got your back. With its timeless RPG setup as well as beautiful character layouts.

As well as although you shouldn’t evaluate a publication by its cover, I a**ume it still should have to be said that Mage & Demon Queen is a really fantastic looking toon. I believe Color_Les (the artist) is the Philippines based. I don’t know if they are professional but I have actually absolutely acquired manga that does not look comparable to this.

Mage & Demon Queen is just one of those truly enjoyable series. I don’t recognize what is mosting likely to happen with Crunchyroll or their collab with Webtoon, yet this definitely is one of the titles I hope gets an adjustment.

4. Getting to know Grace – Cute Yuri WebComics

Getting to know Grace Yuri WebComics

Run-throughs: Andrew is the only daughter of the renowned Grace household. She likewise has an incurable illness. Because of her family members’s high status in society, Andrew grew up without pals save for her maid, Herta, whom she has come to be extremely obsessed with. Little bit does she recognize, her household is in charge of wrecking Herta’s life. Can Andrew damage the power structure as well as be with her? Or will certainly Herta end her suffering initially …

Where To Read: Tapas.

Condition: Completed.

3. Blooming Sequence – Funny Yuri WebComics

Blooming Sequence Yuri WebComics

Story & Art By: Lee Eul.

Synopsis: Seowoo, president of the film club, is standing outside in the rainfall, a welcome break from the noisy and also chaotic bar behind her, when a lady with orange hair stumbles out the doors and almost right into her arms. Then she starts vocal singing “Dancing in the Rain” while … dancing in the rainfall. It’s a min experience, really, yet Seowoo has seen the best love flower from the smallest minutes in the films. So when Hayoung turns up to join the film club, Seowoo– who’s not also sure what she herself is feeling– locates her heart skipping a beat.

Where To Read: Lezhin Comics.

2. The Love Doctor – Popular Yuri WebComics

The Love Doctor Yuri Webcomics

Tale By: Chamsae – Art By: Bansook.

Synopsis: Jung Erae has no idea about relationships as well as guys to the point where she drives every man away. Hopeless, she seeks help and winds up calling a love medical professional, Cha Yoon. Strangely enough, Erae begins creating newfound feelings for this supposed medical professional.

Where To Read: Lezhin Comics.

Status: Completed.

1. Ring My Bell – Our Top Yuri WebComics

Ring My Bell Yuri Webcomics

Run-throughs: Hell yeah! A significant author desires Mai Sohn to create a webcomic on partnerships. However she’s struck with broken heart as her sweetheart quickly dumps her. It’s difficult covering relationships without remaining in one, so she needs to discover the motivation for love– and find it quick. And also what’s up with her perhaps homophobic next-door neighbor? Why is she cool with Mai one min and then so awkward and also odd to her the following?! Can’t a girl catch a break?

Where To Read: Tapas.

Condition: Completed.

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