Barbarians 5e D&D Guide : Everything You Need To Know

Barbarians 5e D&D Guide

Barbarians is a class with a lot of combat that players looking for a new option to Fighters will enjoy.

There are several subclass options and options for customization to select from if want to fight with rage. T

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His Barbarians 5e guide will explain all you require to know about D&D 5e.

What are the roles for barbarians within 5e?

Barbarians are driven by instinctual ferocity and inner fury and thrive in the chaos. A lot of Barbarians come from tribes of nomads who are embracing their animalistic nature. They’ve never been in a town or a city.

Barbarians can choose to get into an “rage”, which is an emotional state where their bodies and minds are in battle. This increases their strength.

The third level offers Barbarians additional benefits. Since the Barbarian character will be a part of your heritage It is essential to think about which ‘Path’ you are going to choose.

What is the best way to create the barbarian?

What is the best way to create the barbarian?

Barbarian statistics

Strength is the most important measure of strength for Barbarians and is which is followed by Constitu.

Barbarian characteristics

What are the most important hit points that Barbarians are able to hit?
Barbarians begin at level 1 and receive 12 hit points, in plus of the Constitution modifier.

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Barbarians are granted an additional hit point of 1d12 per level over the 1st.

What type of armor does Barbarians have?
Barbarians are able to wear any kind of armor, however, they are adept at protection from shields, as well as lighter armor.

What weapons can Barbarians utilize?
Barbarians are able to use basic weapons as well as weapons of war.

In what save throws could Barbarians be adept at?
Strength and Constitution. If your DM requires Barbarians to save using Strength or Constitution, they’ll add your modifier to determine the result.

What are the skills barbarians have?
You can make your own Barbarian character by selecting two of these talents that include: Athletics, Intimidation, Nature Perception and Survival.

Which equipment is recommended for Barbarians?
Certain items are essential for the majority of D&D classes. Barbarians start with a greataxe, or other melee weapon Two or more handaxes or any weapon that is simple; an explorer’s bag as well as four javelins.

What are the unique abilities of barbarians?


Barbarians with no armor could be able to enter rage in battle as an added. Barbarians may gain the following advantages of anger:

  • All Strength checks as well as any Strength save throws that are qualified for Advantage
  • Increased damage from melee attacks created using Strength. This bonus grows with Barbarian level.
  • Refusal to piercing the skin, bludgeoning, or slashing.
  • The rage lasts for 1 minute or until you’re unconscious or your turn is over without being able to attack any creatures or sustained any damage. Your Barbarian’s levels determine the number of times they are able to rage during long periods of rest. The Player’s Handbook‘s Barbarian Rage column.
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Unarmored Defense

Barbarians who don’t have armor (though they could still carry an armored shield) are categorized as armored with an armor level of 10 plus their Dexterity modifier, as well as the Constitution modifier.

Reckless Attack

Barbarians can declare that they have been combating recklessly at second level. This gives barbarians Barbarian an advantage in melee attack rolls with Strength, but also gives attacks against the Barbarian are more advantageous.

Danger Sense

Barbarians have the ability to make Dexterity saving tries against any effect they observe from the second level.

Primal Path

The 3rd level lets Barbarians to select a primary path. Levels 3 and 6 and 10th levels provide Barbarians with specific capabilities. Below, we’ll provide more detail on the primitive pathways.

Increase your abilities

Barbarians in level 4th, 8th and 12th levels may improve one or more scores by two or three levels.

Extra Attack

Barbarians are now able to attack twice starting at the 5th level instead of just once, whenever they choose to take an Attack attack action at the end of their turn.

Fast Motion

The speed of your Barbarian will increase by 10 feet from fifth level as long as they don’t have heavy armor.

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Feral Instinct

Barbarians of the 7th and above levels enjoy an advantage on decision-making rolls. If they’re surprised during battle, Barbarians may act normally when their anger isn’t dissipated.

Brutal Critical

If your Barbarian encounters a critical area of combat, beginning at the 9th level onwards, they’ll roll another damage dice. This increases to two dice at the 13th level and three at 17th level.

Relentless Rage

When your Barbarian is screaming at you, and you have 0 more than a hit point, you may make an DC 10 Constitution saving Throw. You lose 1 hit point if you succeed.

Persistent Rage

Your rage is over at the 15th level.

Indomitable Might

Beginning at the 18th Level If you make the Strength check with that is less then your score on Strength your score will be utilized instead.

Primal Champion

The Barbarian’s Strength and Consitution increase by 4 by the 20th level. The maximum score they can achieve on both levels is 24.

What are the Barbarian Primal Paths in 5e

Barbarians have two main routes they can take in 5e. They are subclasses of Barbarians. The Player’s Handbook provides two main routes: Path of the Berserker or Path of the Totem Warrior.

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What are the Barbarian Primal Paths in 5e

However, the expanded rules provide some of the most basic routes. The Xanathar’s Guide to Everything provides Barbarians with additional routes The Path of the Ancestral Guardian Path of the Storm Herald as well as Path of the Zealot.

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The Cauldron of Everythingalso contains additional primal paths, such as Path of the Beast (and Path of Wild Magic). This guide will go over all seven of the primal paths.

Path of the Ancestral Guardian

A guide for Xanathar on everything

Barbarians who honor their ancestors who believe the spirit of warriors are resonating throughout the universe to protect their people and the world around them, should choose the path of the Ancestral Guard.

Here are some benefits to Barbarians who take this path: Path of the Ancestral Guard:

  • Ancestral Protectors
    As you fight the rage, spectral warriors appear. the first creature you strike by attacking becomes the victim. This creature is not affected by attacks by other creatures until the start on your turn next. If they hit someone else they are able to resist the type of attack they use.
  • Spirit Shield
    You can limit the amount of damage that creatures suffer within 30 feet of you, starting at the level 6. This ability is increased to 3d6 by the 10th level and then 4d6 at the 14th level.
  • Consult the Spirits
    It is possible to cast the augury, also known as clairvoyancefrom 10, the 10th degree. In between short and long rests, you are able to cast it with no spell slots or material parts. This lets you communicate with your ancestral ancestors. The ability to be wise is the ability to make these spells.
  • Vengeful Ancestors
    Spirit Shield is available at the 14th or higher level. If you choose to use Spirit Shield, the spirits of your ancestors attack the attacker and cause damage to the force equivalent to the amount that the Spirit Shield protects.
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Path of the Beast

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

The Path of the Beast is typically chosen by barbarians who have an elemental, primordial spark, or derived from shapeshifters.

These are the attributes of The Path of the Beast grants:

Forms of the Beast

Rage can cause the monster within to manifest , and you may pick an unnatural weapon. It’s a simple weapon, and you’ll be able to increase your Strength modifier each time you fight with it. Every time you fight you can pick any of these weapons:

  • Bite. Teeth cause 1d8 piercing injuries per hit. If you cause damage to the creature on a single turn by slicing it, and you’ve earned the half percent of the hit point maximum the bonus to your proficiency is equivalent to the hit points you have.
  • Claws. If your hand is empty, you may strike with claws. It will cause 1d6 slashing injuries per attack. If you employ your claw to attack technique, you may include a claw attack in it once per turn.
  • Tail. A lashing tail is weapon that causes 1d8 of piercing injuries per hit. It is possible to swipe it at any other creature that is within 10-feet of your when it hits you during one of your attack rolls. The attack is likely to be missed If the roll is 1 of 8.
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The Bestial Soul

Your weapons of choice are now magical weapons that can be used to defeat resistance to damage , and also to be resistant to attacks from non-magical sources.

You can choose any of these benefits each time you take a lengthy or short break. This benefit is available until your next long or short rest.

  • Speed of swimming is the same as walking speed, and breathing underwater is also possible.
  • You can climb almost any surface, including upside-down on ceilings with the same speed as the speed of your walk.
  • You can leap anytime you like.

Infectious Fury

At level 10 you are able to strike any creature using your weapons of choice. You must make an Wisdom saving roll equal to 8 plus your Constitution modifier + the proficiency bonus. If it fails, it’ll be affected by one of the following effects:

  • You can make use of your reaction to attack a creature which is visible to the object.
  • The target is hit with a psychic injury.


You are able to select up to three additional willing creatures that are within 30 feet of your current location after you’ve reached fourteenth-level. Each creature you select earns five hit points for each temporary attack.

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The creature you choose to attack may get a damage bonus of 1d6 when they attack an animal until the rage is over.

This ability can be utilized repeatedly to increase the bonus you earn for your proficiency during lengthy rests.

Path of the Berserker

The Path of the Berserker is an avenue of fury and anger for barbarians. They are fiercely committed to combat and will fight to ensure their life and their well-being are secured. This is the Path of the Berserker offers these benefits:

  • Rage The player has the option of being in the midst of a frenzy when the rage feature is in effect. This allows you to make one melee attack each turn as an additional action. The player will feel an exhaustion level after the rage has ended.
  • Mindless Rage: Beginning at the 6th level and up it is impossible to be enthralled or scared, or both, even when you are raging. If you’re already scared or enthralled, the effect will end when the rage ceases.
  • Intimidating presence at the 10th or higher level you are able to apply an action that scares any creature that is within 30 feet. You must make an Wisdom saving attempt to the creature’s DC 8. Add your bonus for proficiency along with a Charisma modifier to ensure that the creature is successful. In the event that it fails, it’ll be afraid of you until the next turn.
  • Rifle:Starting at the 14th level, if you’re attacked by an animal less than 5 feet away from you, your reaction could be used to unleash a melee attack against the creature.
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Path of the Storm Herald

The Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

Barbarians who wish to harness the power of nature, and the natural forces to create magic effects can opt for this Path of the Storm Herald.

The path of the storm Herald Barbarians need to select the right environment for every level: desert or sea, or tundra. T

The following aspects are affected their selection:

Storm Aura

If you are angry in your anger, you create a violent and magical aura that has the range of 10 feet. This aura will activate once you begin to anger. It is able to be activated again every turn as a bonus action.

  • The other creatures within your aura are subject to 2 fire-related damage. This damage gets increased to 3 after 5th level and 4 at 10 5, 5 at 15, and 6 at the 20th level.
  • Sea It is possible to choose one more creature that you can spot through your aura. The target needs to be able to make the Dexterity save (DC equals 8 + your bonus to proficiency as well as the Constitution mod). The target is hit with lightning damage of ld6 when they are unable to make a save. The damage is reduced to half when they make a successful. The damage is 2d6 for 10 , 3d6 after 15 levels. 4d6 at 20 levels.
  • Tundra The first creature that is in your aura gets 2 hit points that are temporary. These hit points grow to 3 by 5th level and 4 at 10th. They then increase to 5 at 15th and 6 at levels 20th.
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Storm Soul

Even even if your aura hasn’t be activated yet, you could still benefit from the following advantages depending on the environment you’re in.

  • Desert: You are not affected by fire and you don’t feel heat’s impacts. Here is an illustration of a move.
    It is possible to touch any fire-proof object, even when it’s not being worn by an individual, and then ignite it.
  • Sea The ability to breath under water and be immune to lightning strikes. It is also possible to swim at 30 feet.
  • Tundra Tundra: You are not affected by cold and you don’t feel cold’s effects. This is an instance of an act.
    Touching water can transform a 5-foot cube of water into the form of ice. Ice melts within 1 minute. If a creature is within the cube, the action is not successful.

Shielding Storm

In the 10th level you are able to give to your animals the same level of resistance as you have with your Storm Soul.

Raging Storm

Based on the type of environment you select the following options are available beginning at the 14th level

  • desert: In the event that a creature in your vicinity targets your with an attack, you are able to use your response to make it more difficult for them to attack you.
    The creature is able to make an Dexterity save throw (DC equals 8 and your bonus to proficiency as well as the Constitution adjustment). The creature is subject to half that barbarian’s level of fire damage in the event that it fails to make a save.
  • Sea In the event that you attack the creature you are attacking within the aura of your body, then you may apply your attack to force your creature’s movements.
    To make a strength saving throw (DC equals 8 and your efficiency bonus plus you Constitution adjustment). The creature is put on its back in the event that it is unable to succeed in saving.
  • Tundra When you Storm Aura activates, you can select a creature is visible within it. The creature has to be able to make a successful save roll (DC is equal to 8 times your bonus to proficiency as well as the Constitution modifier) Otherwise it will be reduced to zero until the next turn.
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Path of the Totem Warrior

The Path of the Totem Warrior is a spiritual journey barbarians travel on with an animal that can guide them and to provide strength.

Barbarians have the opportunity to enjoy these advantages when they select to follow the Path of the Totem Warrior:

Spirit Seeker

Ability to invoke beast sense as well as converse with the animals magic is all yours. But, it is only able to be used to perform rituals.

Totem Spirit

You may choose the totem spirit of your choice to create an object of physical totem like an amulet, or an adornment made up from the bird’s feathers claws, fur claws and teeth.

A small physical attribute is also acquired, which ties you with the animal. For instance bright eyes for eagles or lots in body hair that bears.

You don’t have to share the same characteristics as the totem spirit described in this article. But, it must have the same traits (such as the hawk in place of an Eagle).

  • Bear When you are angry, your defense against psychic and other damages is maintained.
  • Eagle Dash: The Dash action is a great option to use as a bonus move in your next turn.
  • Wolf When you’re raging, your friends have an advantage on melee attack rolls versus wild animals that are within 5 feet of them.
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Aspects of the Beast

You’ll receive a fantastic reward dependent on your totem spirit of the sixth level.

  • Bear You’ve got an increased carrying capacity, and have an advantage over tests of strength which are used to push, pull and lift things.
  • Eagle:Eagle can be observed up to 1 mile away, as if it were only 100 feet away. Light dimming does not alter your wisdom (Perception).
  • WolfTracking the other wildlife while you travel at a speedy pace is feasible. You could also sneak around when traveling at a normal speed.

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Spirit Walker

You may perform a ceremony at the 10th degree of being in contact in nature. In order to provide the information you require, a spiritual representation from your spirit guide will appear before you.

Totemic Attunement

Additionally, you can gain another magical benefit in the 14th level , based the totem you have chosen to represent.

  • BearThis feature isn’t accessible to animals who cannot be heard or seen or cannot be terrified.
  • The EagleWhile screaming, you’ll find that your speed of flight is the same as the speed you walk. If it happens towards the close of your turn.
  • Wolf is an additional attack to knock a small or big creature unconscious when you hit it with an attack that is melee.
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Path of Wild Magic

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

The path of Wild Magic links barbarians with the wild influence and the fervor of Feywild and the Upper Realms. This path is extremely popular with genasi, aasimar and elf barbarians.

Magic Awareness

Barbarians may use the power of magic to find any magical item or spell within 60 feet of them. They can also identify the kind in magic that the item is a part to.

In between long breaks This ability is able to be used repeatedly to increase your bonus for proficiency.

Wild Surge

To find out the result of your rage Roll a d8 on Wild Magic (found inside Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything).

Your DC is 8 times your proficiency bonus, as well as your Constitution modifier in the event that the effect needs the saving of.

Magical Bolstering

You can reach out to one creature, yourself , or another beginning at level 6 and you can grant one of the following advantages:

  • The creature is able to roll 1d3 each time they attempt to make an ability or an attack roll for a period of 10 minutes.
  • Roll a 3. After a prolonged break, the creature can’t repeat this roll.
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Backlash that is not stable

It is possible to begin the 10th level right after suffering the damage or failing to save a roll while raging.

Make use of the reaction you have created to activate Wild Magic and instantly produce the effect that you rolled. If you are using already activated the Wild Magic effect, this effect will be replaced by it.

Controlled Surge

You are now able to use on the Wild Magic die twice, and you’ll have the option of choosing the effect you wish to use beginning at the 14th level.

You can select any effect from the table when you make identical numbers of times with both the same dice.

Path of the Zealot

The Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

The Xanathar's Guide to Everything

You may want to consider an option called the Path of the Zealot if you suspect that your Barbarian is an zealot. The Barbarians who are zealots utilize their fury to demonstrate the divine power of their chosen god typically, and this is a form of battle, destruction, or violence.

The following are the advantages from this Path of the Zealot:

  • Divine Fury
    You may rage when you’re fighting, but the first target you strike by a weapon attack during your turn will suffer 1d6 plus the half your level of barbarian additional damage – you can choose the option of dealing radiant as well as necrotic injury.
  • Warrior of the Gods
    If a spell’s purpose is to bring you back to existence, but not death, the spellcaster does not require any materials.
  • Fanatical Focus
    Beginning at the 6th level at the 6th level, you are able to at any time fail an attempt to save your life during the time your rage is in full swing. You may roll the save however you must take the new role.
  • Zealous Presence
    You can make use of the battle cry to give the possibility of granting up to 10 characters within 60 feet of your advantage when you make attacks or saving throws starting from at the level 10. This can be done only once in between long breaks.
  • Rage Beyond Death
    From the 14th level onward has zero hitpoints, it doesn’t render you unconscious when you’re rage-inducing. If you don’t have any hits, you must make life-saving throws. Additionally, you suffer normal damage even when your hit points are not zero. It is not possible to die if fall short of death-saving attempts.
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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Which race should I pick to become a Barbarian?

Human, Dragonborn, and Half-Orc are the most popular races for Barbarians in 5e. Genasi as well as Goliath are good options as well.

What is the best background for becoming a Barbarian?

The most effective background that you can use to create Barbarians with 5e are Folk Hero, Outlander, and Soldier.

What is the most effective Barbarian Way to go?

Totem Warrior is described as the most effective Barbarian Path. It is also known as the Ancestral Guardian along with Path of the Beast are fantastic options.

Final Words

If you’re in search of an esports-oriented class with a variety of customization options Barbarians could be the perfect option for Fighters.

There are additional routes in Xanathar’s guide to Everything and Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.

These choices will provide you with an array of subclasses to choose from. Make sure you have an original copy of either Barbarian Paths.

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