Homebrew Magic Items Ideas D&D 5e : Everything You Need To Know

Homebrew Magic Items Ideas D&D 5e

Faerun is the home of creatures and the magic. Evil is everywhere in this world of magic. The world is full stories and legends. Some legends even mention magical items or weapons.

There are numerous magical weapon and pieces of armor pieces. Rings clothes, rings, and other items that are commonplace can also be touched with magic.

Although all of the content is officially licensed Some players and DMs require more. This is where homemade magical objects are available. This increases the variety of items that are magical.

By MrRipper

How can you incorporate your unique items of magic that you make to your gameplay? They are amazing but how do you make them available for your gamers?

These are the types of questions you need to ask Guide to 5e Homebrew magic Ideas.

Does Your World high magic or low magic?

Before you get started planning to create amazing items for your campaign. Do you want to design an event where magic items are available everywhere and in dungeons of all kinds, and on all people from the smallest guard to the King? This is a world of high-magic.

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What’s the story behind your magical item?

If you design a world where only the strongest weapons can be transformed into magic weapons and in which the older weapons are buried together with their heroes, then you’ll have an unmagical world.

You can also select a medium-magic realm, in which magical items are available in stores at a high price or offered to quest players as rewards.

It is important to choose the location that your game will take place to enable you let your players know how amazing things from your home can be acquired.

What’s the background story to your amazing item?

Excalibur. The One Ring of Power. The Invisibility Cloak. The Spear of Destiny. The items have stories which give them their strength. The magical objects in the world aren’t any different. All of them should have stories.

There is no need to write a long essay however it’s an excellent idea to include just a few paragraphs that provide a description of the magical item and its purpose.

A combative queen might have utilized the mace of magic to take down the evil chief orc. The mace would have killed the horde and their previous attack on the kingdom.

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A mysterious jar that makes alchemical substances could be a gift to an alchemist who would be constantly not able to remember his tinctures or other ingredients.

These stories do not just provide an overview of the world, but also provide the reason for why certain products are able to produce the effects they have. This is an excellent way to come up with ideas.

How to Balance Magical Items?

There are many wonderful things which can provide endless benefits. Now is the time to ask yourself how you can keep your life in balance with all the good things that exists.

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For an example of how to make magical objects, take a look at similar items. It is possible to create magical weapons by studying other weapons that are magical.

There is also the possibility to recreate an object of magic that is from another system , such as Pathfinder or an older version of D&D.

The item is a burned out grayish iounstone that has an ongoing flame spell. It is able to orbit and float and permit the user of the item to carry light without putting his hands on. It could comprise any one of crystalline forms that are typical to ioun stone (ellipsoid as well as prism for instance). em>

Ioun stones are available throughout Pathfinder and 5e, so you can give your characters an Ioun Torch to assist them in finding Ioun stones in the D&D versions.

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You can also concentrate on the specifications of your magical objects. You could also concentrate on the needs of your magic objects.

For instance, they may have to tune into their own (giving them a hard option if they’ve fulfilled the three slots for attunement) They may also have to belong to some specific race or alignement to utilize these effectively.

It is essential to ensure that your players have access to them

You must ensure that your players can use them

One of the most difficult issues in this system is the quantity of magical things that are created. It is impossible for players to utilize these items.

There’s no need to declare “This magical sword is more powerful than this magical axe,” instead, it’s about stating that it’s an object that isn’t compatible the environment of the campaign.

It is important to ensure that you have “Boots for Lava Walking”, that allows participants to move on the lava without any harm or fire resistance.

If the team isn’t given the chance to walk across lava or face fire-attacking enemies these boots will be dumped into the trash. Make them quests

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A quest attached to your homebrewed products makes the products stick out magical worlds. The queen employed a magical mace to stop the invasion of the orcs.

The group must then go to her tomb in order to show that they are worthy of be granted the mace. Then, they must organize the weapon in a way that it is able to be used in battle.

They should also bring back the legend of the weapon and take on orc raiding groups by using it. This could create fear in the horde of Orcs and could hinder the attack at the start.

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It’s more thrilling than simply getting the weapon out of the box and then forgetting about it. It gives your characters something to do, and they’ll be more likely to feel proud with the gun.

All magical items are not made to be

In the next installment we’ll take the pages from Dwarf Fortress. The game lets dwarves get into bizarre moods and to create legendary objects that can be used and worn.

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Crowns or rings. You can also make armor pieces, in addition to shields, weapons and weapons.

It’s also possible that your dwarf will create an artifact door or barrel manhole cover, socks.

These products may look attractive and popular, however they’re not the most effective in terms of value. It is possible to use these items similar fashion to D&D. It’s simply window decor.

Legendary smiths make weapons to kill Gods armor that can stand up to a thousand shots and rings that give anyone access to arcane’s abilities.

The wizard also picked up whatever he could and then put the magic spell over it. The same thing happens with items in real world, so why not 5e?

It’s not a bad idea to be open to making fun of magical objects. There’s always some unfavorable choices. There are swords and armor that’s as tough as steel, however they’re made from candy and sparkle when you lick them.

Bows can shoot arrows tipped with pies. They will always strike your opponent directly in the face. A ring can be made to trick a person into believing that they are sheep for a period of 10 minutes.

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It’s not necessary the ability to make your game funny, or funny even if you’re playing a game that’s not serious. In the most serious RPs or grimdark games, there’s the possibility of having fun. A few of the most absurd magical items be effective in serious gamers with a bit of.

It’s always awe-inspiring to see those with the least shrewd weapons end up being the ones that are able to fight back against the boss and pull the group out of a sticky spot. It occurs, and these are the ones that get best remembered after the event is over.

Check out your players

Have a few games to observe the way your players play to make sure they’re making use of the magical items. You could provide a druid with a staff who are prone to make orders to creatures to defend their rights.

You can give your bard a fantastic fight to strengthen her alliances to the next fight, when she is a fan of fighting in idle time.

It is possible to ask your friends to explain the different types of magical objects they have used. They may also mention an item in their story.

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It is possible that your Paladin may be part of the group to look for the hammer that was magically part of the Order.It’s possible to let your Paladin locate his weapon of magic and then adjust to make it work to the maximum extent.


What should I do to make sure that they don’t get too powerful?

What should I do to make sure that they don't get too powerful?

Engaging with your players as well as others DMs is the best method to do this. Pay attention to your players if they’ve been playing for longer than you’ve been playing DM. It may be necessary to limit the usage of the weapon or limit its use.

If you’re seeking an item that has a significant amount of power, the most likely it won’t be. It’s still worth keeping in your mind.

Discussions over home-brewed products can be a great way to get people talking. A little conversations is good. It is possible you have different opinions and suggestions when it comes to introduce magical items into the world.

If you’re worried about the power level You can locate the same item in D&D or a different game and after that, reskin it.

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It is possible to change some numbers or names and also add abilities to use it. It works within the game without difficulties.

What should I offer my players?

The majority of the time an item’s history will indicate if it’s part of an adventure.

In exchange for your success in fulfilling a quest, you could receive you could receive a dazzling armor set that belonged to a living king can be yours in the armory at the royal palace.

A magical ring that permits you to raise your body for 10 seconds is bought at any of the magical shops.

It is also crucial to determine the rarity of your objects. The rare items are the primary goal of your quests or greater goals.

Common items are available in chests or at the front of shops. You can also incorporate the backstories of your characters using their amazing weapons in your story.

Can I inform my players that they are drinking home-brewed beer?

It depends. It’s possible that you’ll want to provide information to players if you’re designing an armor or weapon set for them. It is possible to inform players about the item’s magical properties in case they want to know.

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It’s more fun to make an effortless connection between two things , so that everyone believes that it’s real content.

You’ll be able to tell when it is time to open up and when you should keep your mouth closed.

The main difference between a good DM and a great DM can be found in the fact that don’t know from where the great DM’s material originated from.

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