Best Falkreath Mods For Skyrim (All Free) : Everything You Need To Know

Falkreath is the most southern city in the open air of Skyrim located amid dense forests, and also the home of The Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary.

While it’s a small town with little to do, it’s also got an interesting story and is the location for two of the most intriguing Daedric quests available in the game.

However, there is an opportunity for improvement surrounding the city within the city itself.

By Brodual

We have mods for this!

I’ve searched the internet and came across this list of useful mods to enhance Falkreath From small tweaks to overhauls that will help transform it the city that it deserves to be.

JK’s Falkreath

It’s a friendly lore, script-free update, which means it’s an easy upgrade for your games that doesn’t eat up your system.

All the improvements and modifications that are made in the game work made with simple models.

As compared to the original version, this update gives the town a feeling more vibrant even in the graveyard!

How ironic.

It’s as if the town has merged to the elements surrounding it, with the overgrowth occurring in certain areas.

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The best feature is that vanilla is utilized to enhance the appearance of the city. The city gets a pass from me!

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2. The Falkreath Hauntings

If you’re looking to find some deeper “spook and terror” in the woods around Falkreath there’s a good resource to look into.

The mod adds three new enemies to be faced during the game. All of them increase in difficulty with player level.

There’s the Spectre of the Woods, an insane spriggan ghost, which strikes at the sight of a person, and vanishes after being hit.

Then we meet Lady Ilinalta, a wispmother who is residing inside an abandoned fort along the banks of Lake Ilinalta near the city and whose wisps lead her victims into her grasps.

Then there are and the Phantoms and the Phantoms Falkreath Cemetery is a story that is a supernatural mission to liberate the wandering spirits of those who are unable to lay in the graveyard.

All are fascinating initiatives that provide special rewards for those who pursue them and finishing them.

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3. Fortified Falkreath

Let’s make sure we add something to the town of Falkreath has required for quite a while: fortified walls.

Today Falkreath is able to build those secure walls and towers to climb.

The mod also includes an additional player house within the city, but it’s a lot smaller than Lakeview Manor set into the countryside.

Additionally, the graveyard is modified to eliminate some trees , and add graves in the empty spaces.

This makes the town more modern and somewhat urban look in a way that is more similar to similar walled counterparts in the region.

An easy method of completing the task at hand.

4. The towns have expanded and Cities

I’ve played with this mod myself prior to putting together this list. It’s a fantastic mod.

It’s very true to its title It expands on some of the towns (and many of the towns) across Skyrim.

For Falkreath it allows you to grow in a number of ways.

This mod adds a number of new elements , such as NPCs, houses and an Ayleid store as well as a larger cemetery and an altar.

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The interior also gets a makeover of the shop as well as the nearby farm, adding the possibility of pursuing a new quest and also includes smaller items which were previously missing such as a smelter, fletcher and stables.

The new changes are for the more favorable. They are all designed to help Falkreath appear more like a town, instead of being a forgotten town.

5. Cities in the North Cities of the North Falkreath

This is another major revamp to the downtown area that’s well worth a look.

It includes exclusive models of each building in the city, as well as new interiors, and a host of other levels of depth.

Instead of every town’s structure having the appearance of copy-paste with no effort, each building is unique and is distinct.

Even the smallest details such as interiors and music are altered to make the space seem like a new place.

As with other mods from this series, this mod provides Falkreath its own distinct identity and it does it in a shrewd manner, with an emphasis on care.

6. Falkreath, the Great City of Falkreath

Of all the revamp mods for Falkreath This one is my favorite in terms of the design as well as the features.

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It restructures several buildings and also adds some unique ones too.

The Jarl’s longhouse has become an unassuming castle home, and the gates are fortified and walled The graveyard has been transformed into an Nordic tomb!

The town is also feeling more populated, as there are many buildings being moved closer to each other.

Everything is infused with an Imperial sensation with a Nordic touch.

Since it is a city that lies near the borders of Cyrodiil It is logical to weave a variety of styles here to provide Falkreath its own distinct identity.

7. ImpeREAL Empire – Falkreath

This mod is able to modify Falkreath and gives it a distinct brand identity.

It is a great addition to improve the quality of the area:

Fortified walls and watchtowers, modern architectural designs, and improved small details on columns, stairs and walls.

The best thing of this mod the ease of in working together with the other City overhaul mods.

It’s compatible with all the other overhaul mods that have a total of 3,000 available – and doesn’t require adjustments or upgrades.

This amazing compatibility is one major reason I’ve added it in this list. Simply because simple changes are excellent, however, having them work with other mods that are more complex is awe-inspiring.

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8. Falkreath Reborn

Falkreath Reborn offers a significant amount of redevelopment and brings life to the city.

Despite having an enormous cemetery, this mod brings some more life into the city through an odd tale.

A waterfall has formed in the city and has allowed wildlife to flourish within and around the area quickly. The mod can make changes to highlight the abundant life and how people of the town are preventing this from blocking the city excessively.

Falkreath is now filled with vibrant greenery and fauna The locals also coexist with the abundant greenery.

9. Better Towns Textures

If you’re just looking for things to look nicer and look better, here’s the place to go.

The mod takes on the basic style of Falkreath and drops it back to the past.

Instead of being the carbon replica from Riverwood, Falkreath looks like an Imperial city!

Instead of straw and hay, the structures are now made of stone and tiles – with interiors that are as well.

The modern-day appearances of the structures are lore-friendly to reflect the history of Falkreath as an Imperial city.

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It’s definitely a small mod in relation to changes in gameplay.

The updated textures offer Falkreath an air of freshness and freshness that you will not discover anywhere else.

It’ll be just like the city it’s supposed to be.

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