Best Dark Elf/Dunmer Skyrim Follower Mods (Male & Female): Everything You Need To Know

Best Dark Elf/Dunmer Skyrim Follower Mods (Male & Female)

Best Dark The Nords like to talk about how hardy and gritty they are. But very few races from Tamriel have been through the same level of hardship as Dunmer. Dunmer which are also known in the form of Dark Elves.

Then they were cursed, and became red-eyed and dark following their rebuke to Azura, the Daedric prince Azura. Then, their entire community was destroyed and needed to be rebuilt following an comet hit their Red Mountain and caused a massive eruption that forced many Dunmer to run West towards Skyrim.

What did they have to face in Skyrim? The fear of discrimination and rejection by the inhabitants of Windhelm and the life in the ghetto referred to in the Gray Quarter.

By Kruger

They’re here trying their best to make a living and trying to make a difference for the future.

They’re exactly the kind of dependable companions that an hero such as the Dragonborn requires! And we’re looking at some modifications that will enhance their value.

Baloth Telvem – Male Dunmer Follower

Best Dark Baloth Telvem - Male Dunmer Follower

With stores like Grave Concoctions and Dead Man’s Drink close to the largest graveyard in Skyrim It’s not surprising that Falkreath is a magnet for shady characters.

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Baloth Telvem is one of these mysterious characters.

After being exiled from Winterhold because of the raising of too many bodies The master necromancer relocated his business to Falkreath in Falkreath, where you can be able to find him and even recruit him.

He’s a mage of combat who will attack the enemy with a the conjured sword and the two underlings in skeleton stop any attempt to flank.

9. Pandorable’s Heroines

9. Pandorable's Heroines

Pandorable is famous for its beautiful character overhauls.

However, their custom followers are as excellent, if not even better.

Pandorable’s Heroines contains eight hot and hot-ass female females Two of whom belong to Dark Elves.

Zusha is a tough half-Orc, half-Dunmer warrior who adheres to the Code of Malacath and never ever relents from fighting.

The Dunmer or rogue Orchid prefers a subtle strategy, employing deceit and sly tactics to obtain the things she desires.

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8. Pandorable’s Lethal Ladies – Jenassa & Karliah

If you’d like to explore the traditional Dunmer fans, Pandorable has you covered.

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This mod greatly enhances the facial face and facial appearance of Jenassa and Karliah The two most popular female Dunmer fans within vanilla Skyrim.

Jenassa has gained her acclaim due to how fast you can locate and hire her to be a formidable warrior. Jenassa is the ideal bodyguard for anyone Dragonborn who likes having others sweat their hands as casting spells out of their back.

Karliah is, on contrary, will only stay with you for a short time however, since she’s an integral part of the Nightingales questline, making her look beautiful will significantly improve your time within your time in the Thieves Guild.

7. Jenassa High-Poly Head & KS Hair

Another great option to revamp Jenassa that makes her appear slightly less as if she’s just stepped from the beauty salon is this modification by Wizwar.

It alters Jenassa’s facial form and expression, making her appear more delicate and refined. It’s possible that she’s a blood-sucking warrior today, but maybe she was a normal Dunmer girl prior to ending up as the character of the Drunken Huntsman.

One of my favourite features of this mod is the scarification of one side of the face. It’s probably the newest fashion in Morrowind!

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This is a great option for those who plan on taking Jenassa as your wife.

She’s charming and down-to-earth… to least , when she’s not ripping bandsits into pieces.

6. Virelda – The Heretical Soothsayer

Dunmer are known to have particular sensitivities to Daedric influence, particularly the influence of Azura who offers them visions of the future.

A few Dunmer have gazed so far ahead as Virelda, also popularly referred to for her role as Heretical Soothsayer.

The beautiful, but mysterious woman was evicted from Cyrodiil long ago because of her dire predictions and , like many Dunmer she was relegated to Solstheim. In Solstheim, she was a fugitive in an ancient temple until the arrival of the Dragonborn awakened her from her contemplation.

Creator Mlee3141 created Virelda an opponent to be reckoned by in combat in the range due to her mastery of Destruction magic. She may even teach you an interesting new trick or two!

5. Atvir Dres – The Last Prince of Tear

There are many Skyrim Dunmer reside in Solstheim.

A lot of them suffer from the unfortunate circumstance of being within the Windhelm’s Gray Quarter – including Atvir Dres.

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The sly Dunmer appears like every similar Windhelm street urchin, but conceals the exiled Morrowind prince beneath the cloak of sadness. With a dream of being a leader of an army of mercenaries to claim his rightful place in the world and his rightful place in the world, he continues to wander the streets for money.

The designer, Janus, was inspired by the iconic Companion Vilja mod for Oblivion. The detail level in Vilja’s background and character was amazing and they were determined to recreate similar things.

The album is packed with hundreds of dialogue lines that are fully voiced, and numerous natural interaction, Atvir Dres is the ideal party companion you’ll fall in love with while you hunt for dragons and save for an army.

4. Nether’s Karliah

I love mods for followers that allow vanilla NPCs an opportunity to try again to steal your heart.

Nether’s Karliah is exactly that for the participant of both the Thieves Guild as well as the Nightingales who’s incredible potential was squandered by her being only a temporary character of the vanilla Skyrim.

This enhancement makes her more attractive and allows her to be a constant companion and potential wedding partner. She’s also much more effective in combat.

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Karliah has a variety of fresh voice lines, which include specific locations and quests which make her appear natural and a part of the. You’ll be having a blast trying to win her over or earn her respect during your adventures.

3. Nereron – A Dunmer Companion

AngryKarakuri’s Nereron is yet another Dunmer criminal mastermind who will make your adventure more entertaining and give you an entirely new view of the world of Tamriel.

As a smuggler who travels between Morrowind and Solstheim his voice and attitude could bring back memories the story of The Elder Scrolls III. There are more than 400 lines of spoken dialog about his adventures and experiences in Morrowind that he’s willing to give you the traditional Sujamma.

This intriguing Dunmer is the ideal partner for stolen goods, necromancers, the mercenaries as well as morally grey characters that require a bit of help in the dark.

2. Interesting NPCs

Amazing NPCs is a fantastic mod that fills Skyrim with more than 250 voiced and fully animated NPCs with 25+ followers to make your army more diverse of sidekicks.

Of these of Dunmer, just three are Dunmer:

  • Erevan
  • Meresine
  • Raynes
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What a trifecta they make up.

Erevan is an ex-knight of the Order of the Rose who’ll make a great fit as a moral Dragonborn. However, Raynes is a bit of a psychopath, interested in the bloodshed of criminals to prevent them from committing further criminals.

If you’d rather concentrate on the mission of saving Skyrim from Dragons then make an appointment with Meresine. She’s been seeing visions of blood and flames and is determined to stop another catastrophe like the one that caused the Red Mountain eruption.

1. Teldryn Serious – A Teldryn Zero Backstory Quest

The most fascinating and intriguing Dark Elves in vanilla Skyrim is Teldryn Sero the greatest swordsman in Morrowind If you’re going to be able to believe his own accounts.

Best Dark In a complete costume made of Chitin clothing, Teldryn hides his face and his past.

Most likely, he’ll confess that he was born in Blacklight the capital city of Morrowind.

Teldryn Serious Undriel is a huge player and quest mode that will reveal more of Teldryn’s risky life as you work together to defend Raven Rock.

There are over 500 lines of fully-voiced with lore-friendly dialogue, the new questline, some of the dungeons, as well as some bosses. There’s tons of treasures to be found as well as new weapons and a brand new armor set.

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