Uthgerd the Unbroken Mods For Skyrim (All Free): Everything You Need To Know

It could be located it was in The Bannered Mare, the streets of Whiterun or in the vicinity of the stables. If you’re here, it’s likely that you’ve had a fight against Uthgerd who is unbroken.

I got by the second time due to the Healing spell, and the many potions of minor Healing I’d accumulated prior to running into Uthgerd.

Since the beginning of time, I’ve been prepping myself to talk to the sly Nord warrior who is now become one of my favorite fans.


With one-handed weapons and deadly bows Uthgerd has the reputation of a hard-hitting combatant (and is a perfect choice for a wedding partner as well). A warrior is never finished making improvements. Modifications can assist Uthgerd realize her full potential.

Uthgerd the Buddy

Uthgerd is a great travel companion. However finding her to follow you is not easy for a mage, or a character like a rogue or a different kind of character that enjoys the fight with no weapons.

In general, you could tackle it using an alternative method but it may distract you from your goal.

The “squishy” characters would benefit most from a strong protector such as Uthgerd and an Rjinthematrix-inspired mod such as Uthgerd the Buddy would be essential for any player who is planning a lengthy-ranged or magic playthrough.

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This mod doesn’t have the brawl and will make Uthgerd an admirer from the beginning. Imagine her as your pen-pal , or perhaps some other thing!

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2. Uthgerd the Criminal

One reason for traveling along with Lydia in place of Uthgerd in addition to the apparent age difference is how very loyal Lydia is.

Uthgerd However, he could betray you if you exhibit the signs of violence toward innocents or other unethical behavior.

The Uthgerd Updates mod by SterkOks is a straightforward method to influence Uthgerd to adhere to your morally flawed compass.

Uthgerd might be a revered warrior, but she’s also a human.

Maybe you gave her some money to help her out. Maybe you are in relationship.

No matter what you’ll be able to keep you from threatening her the next time you encounter the rabbit’s ear.

3. Uthgerd Refreshed

I understand why people aren’t seeing Uthgerd as a potential travel companion because of her age.

She may pull the lower portion of her back because of the weight on her armor.

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What will happen if she forgets that we’re allies next time she wakes in the early morning and decides to murder me?

Uthgerd Revived with Roniellio may aid in dispelling your doubts about the swordswoman’s skill by changing the space-time continuum and then bringing to life an older Uthgerd.

The mod increases her skill to sneak and enhances her combat performance to match her equipment. In particular it allows her to be better by using two-handed weapons instead one-handed weapons.

4. Chao’s Good-Looking Uthgerd (LE)

I find myself admiring Uthgerd enough that I am not in a position to say she is ugly.

We’re not likely to be attracted to stare at the eyes of her Bannered Mare.

The Chao’s Pretty Uthgerd alters this bleak reality by transforming this brawl-loving lady into a perfect Nord bombshell.

If that wasn’t enough to warrant a reason to be excited, this is the smoothest steel armor Skyrim has ever seen.

This new-and-improved Uthgerd also had her one-handed/two-handed confusion fixed for better immersion.

This mod can alter Uthgerd to an adventurer who has recently been exiled by the Companions instead of that bitter woman that we encounter in Skyrim. Skyrim.

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5. Maximillian’s Uthgerd

Check Out This Mod

Another fantastic method to make this powerful follower look more attractive, without losing her scars or changing the shade her locks is to use MaximillianPs’s Uthgerd.

MaximillianPs has explained his motivation for this mod being Uthgerd’s Italian voice actor who’s younger than usual Uthgerd appearances. He claims that it’s all about making it easier for Italian players.

In reality she seems like a tiny Italian however that could be my brain trying to fool me.

6. Younger Uthgerd

If you’re trying to take Uthgerd’s youthful look to its limits, you’ll definitely get by without the diminutive Uthgerd in Cicada3301.

It’s a cute rendition. Uthgerd is just too cute to be real.

The facial features of her are altered to give her a baby-soft facial skin, delicate lines, as well as the most small mouth. It appears like she just turned 18 and made the decision to explore her newfound freedom being an adventurer.

Uthgerd the Unbroken?

A little like Uthgerd with the spring break!

Make sure you are using Bijin Skin, as well as the CBBE installed to achieve the most efficient results.

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7. Pandorable’s Warrior Women

Creator Pandorable is well-known for her work with virtually every character in Skyrim as well as for several of the most renowned mods, such as Sofia Kaidan and Sofia Kaidan.

True, Uthgerd couldn’t be left out.

The Warrior Women pack overhauls Uthgerd and Mjoll and make them appear like Fox News anchors.

The style is available in different variations that have wrinkles and those without women and men. It works best with wrinkles.

The Hoodie provides Uthgerd the look of a 40-something gym mom who is conscious of her name and how many pounds she’s in the position to bench press. This is the kind of confidence you’ll want from your most trusted guardian.

8. Bijin Warmaidens

The most efficient method to deal with Uthgerd as well as the vast majority of warrior females on Skyrim is to set up Bijin Warmaidens by Rxkx22.

“Bijin,” a word in Japanese, “Bijin” means something that is similar as “beautiful person”.

This mod pays tribute to its name by creating gorgeous 22 women, including Lydia, Aela, Adelaisa and Uthgerd.

This is the right alteration to her appearance that will ensure she looks as gorgeous as an Hollywood actress, without losing her admiration for her brave warrior.

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It’s like an earlier Sandra Bullock playing Uthgerd the Unbroken.

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