When is Bna Season 2 Release Date ? : Everything You Need To Know

Bna Anime Season 2

Brand New Animal commonly referred to by the name of BNA is an action-oriented and fantasy-themed anime which was first released in the year 2020. The series, developed by Studio Trigger, the Japanese Studio Trigger, an animation company Studio Trigger and Studio Trigger, has finished their first series. We have also heard of the studio from the popular animated series Little Witch Academia

The show, which is also broadcast on Netflix was viewed by the public the 8th of April, 2020 by airing the show’s episode “Runaway Raccoon”. After 12 episodes in its initial season by airing the show’s episode “Anima-City”. The fans are unsure about the show’s renewing status for season 2 as well as whether or not it could be the start of a brand new season and more details. 

Bna Season 2 Release Date

The anime series, which is directed by Yoh Yoshinari originates from Kazuki Nakashima’s writing. The script, written specifically for the show which was later adapted into a manga as well as light novel. If we’re not used to it, you can’t take the script for the anime from a either a manga or light novel. On the other hand BNA was a popular series. BNA was among the most popular anime series that was launched in 2020 by Netflix.

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What Happened So Far In BNA

What Happened So Far In BNA

The story is set on the twenty-first century century. The plot is set in the 21st century in a world where animals that are human-like, called beastmen live alongside humans throughout the world. The show follows the story of Michiru Kagemori, a regular teenager in high school who is suddenly transformed into a tanuki beastman in the course of one day. She is terrified of monster hunter, and to find refuge she travels in the direction of Anima the town that was created specifically for beasts that can be in peace.

Within the town of Anima, Michiru meets Shirou Ogami, who is a wolf beastman. They begin to investigate together to determine the reason Michiru suddenly changed into a beastman. In the course of their investigation, Michiru and Shirou get involved in even more bizarre incidents and the mysteries of the origins of the city of Anima start to unravel.

What Is Going On With Studio Trigger?

What Is Going On With Studio Trigger? Brand New Animal

Studio Trigger finished the production of Season 1 only last year. Studio Trigger continued to work on other projects that included SSSS. Dynazenon and Star Wars: Visions. They are currently developing producing Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, which is scheduled to be released in 2022.

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What are we aware of regarding BNA Season 2 so far?

What are we aware of regarding BNA Season 2 so far?

Netflix and neither Studio Trigger has made any public announcements yet about the possibility of a new season. Netflix hasn’t canceled the series however, and it’s been long since the end of the first season and fans may have to be a little more patient in anticipation of the release of Season 2.

What do fans think of BNA Season 2?

What do fans think of BNA Season 2?

After the premiere season was over and fans began to explore their social media accounts for questions regarding BNA Season 2. The BNA forums on Reddit have been abuzz with discussion. BNA forum in Reddit are discussing launch of Season 2. They anticipate the second season to debut soon, as this season has been extremely popular, so BNA creators are motivated to create Season 2.

On contrary there are fans who aren’t confident about the second season’s launch because Studio Trigger doesn’t produce second seasons.

What do fans think of BNA Season 2?

The hashtag for BNA Season 2 has become well-known on Twitter, since the fans are demanding more for a new season via the site.

Retweet this to show you’d like to to be a part of #BNASeason2. If you’re interested, follow this link: BNASeason2.. It must be there for sure! !– DaylenTv Gaming (@DaylenTvGaming) July 20, 2020

Is there going to be BNA Season 2?

Is there going to be BNA Season 2?

BNA was among the most well-known shows of the year. The show was appreciated in the eyes of Lisa De La Cruz of CBR who was impressed by the series for its unique storyline and a good animation. The show was nominated for the Best Dramatic Series category for an Ursa Major Award and Best Character Design in Television/Media in the category of and Annie Award. BNA has gained global recognition after it started streaming on the renowned streaming platform Netflix.

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While disc sales don’t necessarily define the quality of the show in the present, disc sales figures remain vital to gauge the effectiveness of the show. It’s surprising that BNA did not perform as well with disc sales, since it recorded 436 discs per year on average and was ranked just 80 th out of the 109 anime. Additionally, Studio Trigger has always produced just one anime season.

Is there going to be BNA Season 2?

The producers or Netflix haven’t made an formal announcement about their second series. While this might be an indication of a negative outcome, the fans needn’t be worried about it since the show was so popular that the creators are likely to be looking to produce another season. The show was an excellent one that was available on Netflix and that’s the reason Netflix will likely continue to air the show.

It ended the first series with the same note it is possible that Season 2 may be released to tell the plot.

The date for when BNA Season 2 be released?

BNA Season 2 – Is Netflix Planning to Renew the Series? Video Made By DigitalWise

The official hasn’t announced the release date for BNA Season 2, its release date isn’t confirmed also. The first season concluded just one year ago, so it could be that the producers require some time before announcing the second season. Given the fan demand they should be able to make it long.

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If the producers decide to make another season, it’s likely to take place in 2022, or in 2023.


As as the 1st of December 2021Netflix or any associated company with the show has not yet extended the show for the 2nd season. But, there’s no confirmation of cancellation at this time. It was among the most popular series in 2020 on Netflix. There is a good chance that it will get another season.

It isn’t known whether the studio is developing another sequel. There isn’t any information that they have released on this topic as of yet. Though some loved the show quite a bit and everything is going well on the financial side. It appears that there aren’t any open questions that remain about the script currently. If the script gets expanded it could be a possibility of a continuation for the show, however, it is not about the situation but rather the financial aspects. Because of this, the all eyes are on the possibility of a statement from Netflix.


Sales of discs are vital for anime, but not as significant as they were before the growth in exclusive distributors, and on-demand streaming services in recent years. However, it’s still a good indicator to assess the popularity of the show of anime in Japan. In general, the show is predicted to sell at least 4000 copies in order to receive an official confirmation for the new season. However, the sales of BNA’s discs fell well short of this goal. 

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BNA has sold 4,36 discs per year was ranked 80th out of the 109 anime available for sale over the same period. While it has gained worldwide recognition through Netflix the sales of discs demonstrate that anime is marginalized in Japan. The fact that just 37k people are following its Twitter account on Twitter in Japan confirms the conclusion that we’ve obtained from sales of discs. However, the show was ranked the 621st position according to Myanimelist in terms of popularity, and this rank is uncertain when you consider it in conjunction with the sales of discs.

Because anime is not a manga adaptation, the source material quality won’t be a concern in a new season. In this situation, popularity is one of the important factor to ensure a fresh season. The fact that there hasn’t an announcement of cancellation by Netflix to date makes it more likely that we will see the second season of the show. Given that it takes a year to create an average anime show We believe we could expect a second season of the show sometime in 2022.


SSSS.DynazenonApril 2, 2021, to June 18, 2021
Star Wars: VisionsSeptember 22, 2021
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners2022
BNA Season 2It’s not in the plans at the moment. (Expected in 2022)


Michiru Kagemori: She was a student at high school before she turned into an unstoppable monster. Michiru is sweet, courageous and vivacious. She has a humanist character. She is adamant about protecting people by risking himself. She is a victim of unjustified violence.

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Shirou Ogami: A Wolf can be described as the Beastman. Shirou Ogami, who does not like people, is a fighter against people with the help of Beastmans. A rebellious character, Shirou is a wolf monster that was first seen about 1000 decades ago within the monster city known as Nirvasyl.

Nazuna Hiwatashi Michiru has been Kagemori’s most trusted friend. She was in high school. She enjoys hanging around and play music Michiru. One of their most-loved tracks can be found in Night Running.

Alan Sylvasta: Former CEO of Sylvasta Pharmaceuticals. Alan’s management style that is calm and has a logical structure is at the forefront. Alan’s words carry significant weight with his staff.

Marie Itami: She is a Mink Beastman. Affixed to her social and customs, Marie has an insidious and self-interested nature. Marie is not one to do unpaid favors. She is always rewarded for her actions.

Barbara Rose: She is the city’s mayor and is also the creator of Anima City. Barbara as a mole-rat Beastman is a kind nature , which she conceals beneath her sophisticated and serious look.

Kuro: Kuro is Shirou Ogami’s pet. It’s an owl.

Giuliano Flip: He is a Beluga Monster. He is a tough judge personality. His personality could make his coworkers anxious.

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What Can We Expect In Season 2 Of BNA?

What Can We Expect In Season 2 Of BNA Anime ?

There is no announcements about the second season as of yet and it’s not being based on any manga, so it’s difficult to forecast Season 2 in a precise manner. It is up to the creators of the show and what plot they choose to tell the story. However, the first season concludes with a dramatic conclusion that leaves a cliffhanger. Nazuna along with Michiru remain in humanoid form because their situation is not resolved.

They are unable to discover a solution to the transformation into a humanoid. Sylvasta Pharmaceuticals, however, have discovered the method of human transformation into an incredibly powerful Beastman. There are many ways the story might be taken after having seen season one. Since, eventually, the creators will have to reveal the truth about the mystery behind the transformation, the second season might provide more detail about the events that took place to Nazuna and Michiru and whether they’re capable of healing or not.

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