Bofuri Season 2 : Everything You Need To Know

Bofuri season 2

Every gamer hopes for a day when designers can create a truly virtual reality experience. This technology is not yet available, but we do have fiction that shows what our lives would look like if it existed. This might be the anime for you. It’s why fan expected Bofuri Season 2

Technically, this premise is common in many anime (e.g. “Log Horizon” or “Sword Art Online”). None of them have the same tone and identity as “Bofuri”: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out my Defense.” “Bofuri,” like its genre cousins, is all about experiencing an MMORPG within a VR environment. 

Bofuri Season 2

Shows like “Sword Art Online,” which focuses more on the experiences of gamers hardcores, are less relevant to “Bofuri.” “Bofuri” is about a cute, stupid noob who falls into the role of a powerful player in NewWorld Online’s VRMMORPG.

According to Anime News Network the original series was a web novel published by Yuumikan in 2016. Soon, the series gained popularity and was adapted into light novels, manga, and, most recently, anime. Although the first season of the show was completed in 2020, it was soon announced that a second season would be released. This is what we know about the “Bofuri Season 2”.

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When will the second season of Bofuri be available?

For Bofuri fans, we have some amazing news! The anime has been officially renewed for season 2, and will be released shortly. Silver Link revealed during the season 1 finale, that they plan to release a second series in 2022.

This is a remarkable feat, as not many anime get a second season right away. Many anime have to wait for renewals for a long time. “Bofuri” was the exception.

We are still waiting for Silver Link to announce a release date. However, we will update this space as soon as it is announced.

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What is the Plot of Bofuri Season 2 ?

What is the Plot of Bofuri Season 2 ?

Maple Tree was selected to participate in NewWorld Online’s newest community event. Season 1 concluded with Maple Tree being the last remaining team. 

Maple and Payne meet in the final round. Payne almost depletes Maple’s health. However, Maple manages to reverse the situation using her Atrocity ability, her newest OP ability. Maple Tree is placed third after Maple Tree wins the battle. Maple hosted a celebration for everyone after the contest ended.

Although the anime has not yet revealed the storyline of the next season, it will be continuing after Maple’s success in this game world.

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Who is Cast in Bofuri Season 2 ?

Who is Cast in Bofuri Season 2 ?

Kaede Hondo is the Bofuri anime voice cast as Maple in the Japanese dub. Megan Shipman plays the role in the English dub. If the anime returns for another season, we expect the two of them to reprise their roles.

Here’s a list of potential English dub actors for season 2.

Jas Saxton is Risa
Megan Shipman is Kaede
Kasumi: Tia Linn Ballard
Monica Rial as Dorazou
Anthony Bowling is Kuromu
Sara Ragsdale as May
Sonny Strait as Administrator
Lindsay Siedel as Frederica
Luci Christian is the Administrator
Ben Phillips is the Administrator
Kaedo Hondo as Administrator
Caitlin Glas as Iz
Mike Farland is Dread
David Wald is the Administrator
Kylie Stewart is Administrator

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Is there an official trailer for Bofuri Season 2 ?

Is there an official trailer for Bofuri Season 2 ?

Unfortunately, the official trailer for this movie is not yet available. Once it is released, we will update this area.

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